Craycroft Family Album

Craycroft Family Album

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Hackthorne Hall, Lincolnshire, England. Ancestral home of Cracroft family in England

Cracroft Hall, Hackthorne, Linc., England

Benjamin Craycroft's home in Vandalia, IL

Home of Harry B. Craycroft, Sr., in Vandalia, IL

Wm. and Robert Craycroft in Cicero, IL

William Clifton Craycroft

Bill, Margaret, Robert and Gary Craycroft, around 1952-53

Bill Craycroft and unknown friend

Bill, Gary and Bob Craycroft, Easter 1953

Christmas for Bill, Gary, and Bob Craycroft

Robert L. Craycroft, U.S.A.F. Basic Training, Aug. 1966

Bob Craycroft, U.S.A.F. Basic Training, Aug. 1966

Bob Craycroft, U.S.A.F. Tech School, Oct. 1966

Bob Craycroft, around 1954

Bill, and Gary Craycroft, Betty (friend), Margaret and Bob Craycroft, and Alice Bresnan

Margaret, Bob and Gary Craycroft

William and Gary, Theresa Gayle, Margaret, Robert Craycroft

Bill Craycroft and Howard MacIntosh, a Navy buddy

Bill, Margaret and baby Bob Craycroft, Florence, Cliff and Sharon Craycroft, and Paul Shelton and his child on left.

Bill, Ada Davidson Craycroft, Sharon and Wm. Clifton "Cliff" Craycroft
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