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LETCHER HISTORY 1883- Centennial-1983

Compiled by Kay Lucid, Kathy Northrup, Vanetta Shawd and typist Helen Zoss

Letcher, South Dakota 57359

On the occasion of the Letcher centennial 800 copies of local history were printed of which this is number 193


The records are meager, dealing with the growth of Letcher, over the past 100 years. It is difficult to cull the truth from the stories handed down from family to family through the years. We sincerely think these histories of the town, and townships are quite close to fact. Even if not, they made for interesting reading.

There have been many hours of research, typing and proofreading done by many people, to put this book together. A great big heartFelt THANK YOU is extended to all those who helped in any way to make it a success.

Other than personal histories, sources of information were: Study of Place Names in Sanborn County by Anne Holland; History of Pioneer Sanborn Co. by the County Historical Association; Dakota Panorama by J. Leonard Jennewein and Jane Boorman; "The Letcher Blade" and "The Letcher Chronicle; The Letcher Independant Consolidated School District 1882-1951 by L. C. Marek; The Woonsocket News; The Evening Republic and the Daily Republic.


This book is dedicated to everyone who helped make it possible by their contributions of information, time and helpfulness.


(This site does not cover all the information from the book. Some areas are mainly pictures of which I do not have copies of. Other parts have been left out with the idea of saving space and time. For the purpose of genealogy research I have not include the family stories but have included the facts from those stories into a researchable database.See:Family Histories under Table of Contents.)

Table of Contents

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