Wiggins Bible


Family Bible of John C. Wiggins & Isabella Sparks, Clarke, Marengo, and Wilcox, Alabama

This file was contributed by: Cindy Patterson December 1998

Wiggins/Sparks & Wiggins/Skelley Family Bible

This is the bible originally owned by John C. Wiggins & Isabella Sparks. It was passed on to Jean Brodhagan of Tulsa OK who is a descendant of Talitha Wiggins Skelly. Information on the Skelley family was also recorded.

John C. Wiggins was bornd September 15 1782.

Isabel Sparks was bornd Novemer 13 1787.

John C Wiggins & Isabella Sparks was married March 7 1805.

The first child Stephen S. [L.?] was borned June 26 1806.

The second child Sarah T. Wiggins was bornd Febrary 18 1808.

The third child Margaret Wiggins was bornd December 27 1809.

The fourth child Necy Ann Wiggins Wiggins was bornd January 5 1812.

The fifth child Mary C. Wiggins was bornd March 13 1813.

The sixth child George F. Wiggins was bornd May 31 1815.

The seventh child John T. Wiggins was bornd May 3 1817.

The eighth child Joshua L. Wiggins was bornd May 25 1819

The ninth child William W. Wiggins was bornd November 25 1821.

The tenth child Talitha F. Wiggins was bornd June 25 1824.

The eleventh child Christopher C. Wiggins was bornd Febuary 27 1827.

Isabela S. Pope was born December 26 1843.

Luke Skelley was born Apr 28 1826.

Talitha F. Wiggins was born June 23 1824.

Luke Skelley and T. F. Wiggins was maried December 28 1852.

John William Skelley was born Oct 6 1854.

John William Skelley departed this life May 24 1858.

Victoria Ann Skelley & Theodosia Talitha Skelley were born December 3 1858.

Lovey Isabel Skelley borne March 6 1863.

T.F. Skelley with her 3 daughters Annie Theodosia & Belle moved to Texas in 1878.

Lovey Isabel Skelley & Capt.J. H.(?) Williams was married June 8, 1898.

Victory Ann Skelley & W. F.(?) Mansker was married. [no date]

Theodosia T. Skelley & S. W. [looks like] "Hanson"? married [no date]

Isabel Wiggins departed this life August 16 1864, aged 77 years 9 months & 3 days.

T. F. Skelley departed this life September 7 1885 aged 60 years 2 months & 14 days.




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