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This site is primarily for genealogy. I look at the study of family history as a big jigsaw puzzle. Our ancestors lived in different, often very exciting times, with different ideas and ways of doing things. To be involved in genealogy is to discover history in a more personal way than is otherwise possible.

Here are some of the family surnames: Creelman, Dexter, McCallum, Aldred, Johnson, Hamilton, Young, Ferguson, Tupper, Dunlap, Blanchard, Beazley, McCormick, Cameron, Smith, and Putnam.

I invite everyone interested in the families found here(especially at the 'Genealogy' link above), to add more or correct me, so the jigsaw puzzle gets more complete.

So, if you are a or an let me know what you have discovered. I welcome your questions too. After all we are all interconnected.

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