St Cleer Transcription Reference Codes

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This is a list of the various codes that I have used in the reference column of my transcriptions.

1PR not used -
2PR Baptisms, Marriages, Burials bapt. 1678-1796, mar. 1678-1754, bur. 1675-1796
3PR Baptisms, Burials bapt. 1797-1815, bur. 1797-1812
4PR Baptisms bapt. 1813-1838
5PR Baptisms bapt. 1838-1901
6PR not used -
7PR Marriages mar. 1754-1812
8PR Marriages mar. 1813-1837
9PR Marriages mar. 1837-1901
10PR not used -
11PR Burials bur. 1813-1854
12PR Burials bur. 1854-1872
13PR Burials bur. 1872-1901
BT Bishop's Transcripts bapt., mar., bur. ca.1699-1805
BTT Bishop's Transcripts transcribed by others
IGI LDS International Genealogical Index -
PBCR Public Baptisms Church Records bapt. 1809-1867
UMFC United Methodist Free Church bapt. 1868-1888
WMCC Wesleyan Methodist Chapel bapt. 1856-1959

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