Helston, St Cleer & St Martin in Meneage, Cornwall, UK Online Parish Clerk

Online Parish Clerk for Helston, St Cleer & St Martin in Meneage, Cornwall, UK


Donald E Curkeet

The transcriptions on this website were made by Don Curkeet who passed away in June 2011.

This website remains online in his memory and so that others can continue to benefit from the results of his countless hours of work.

For contact details of the current Online Parish Clerk for Don's parishes please se the Parish Pages at http://www.cornwall-opc.org/Par_new/parishes.php

No further changes/corrections will be made to this website but Don's transcriptions of Cornwall parish records will continue to be maintained/updated on the Cornwall OPC database.

Within these pages are transcripts of the Parish records and Bishops’ Transcripts on Helston, St. Cleer and St. Martin in Meneage. These Parishes are located in the County of Cornwall, England. The transcripts are from the original Parish Registers, the Archdeaconry Bishops' Transcripts, some church christening, marriage and burial records and various other records such as parish clerks records. 

There were other transcribed records used to understand the handwritings but for the most part are not included in these transcripts, with the exception of St. Cleer’s early christenings and burials records. If you have used the Phillimore, Ross, Boyd’s, IGI, CFHS, CFS, or any other transcribed records there may be a discrepancies. While I've taken every precaution to avoid mistakes, they may certainly occur. If this happens, your best avenue is to view the original records personally. You can order a copy from CRO (Cornwall Record Office), or rent and view copies of these records at one of the LDS Family History Centers, both for a small fee.

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All material on this website is Copyright © 2006 Donald E. Curkeet. Website by Bill O'Reilly, OPC for Gerrans