Voters List for St Martin in Meneage 1834

St Martin in Meneage Voters List 1834

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A List of PERSONS entitled to VOTE in the Election of Two Knight of the Shire for the South Western Dividion of the County of Cornwall in respect of Property situated within the Parish of St. Martin in Meneage

BISHOP JamesGearOccupier of Tenent above 50 p yearGear
BANFIELD JohnTrewinceOccupier of Tenent above 50 p yearTrewince
BERRYMAN HenryTrelaminneyOccupier of Tenent above 50 p yearTrelaminney
CARLYON WilliamTregiddon T. K.FreeholdGwealamine
DONHAM James M. D.St. Martin GreenFreeholdPart of Curvallack
DAVIES JohnSt. Martin GreenFreeholdBarromilor
DAVIES ThomasBarromilorFreeholdBarromilor
HENDY JosephGwillsFreeholdTrevedder
JOHNS TobiasMudgeonOccupier above 50Mudgeon
LAWRENCE JohnTretheweyFreeholdTrethewey
LYNE HenryTregeavisFreeholdTregeavis
LUGG JamesTreziseOccupier of Tenent above 50Trezise
LOBB JohnTregarnFreeholdCarnbargies
MICHELL ThomasSt. Martin GreenFreeholdTrelow
OATER JohnSt. Martin GreenFreeholdpt of Gwealamene
PASCOE JosephTreveadorOccupier of Ten't 50Treveddor
RALPH HenryCarvallackOccupier of Ten't 50Carvallack
RANDLE AlfredTretharrupOccupier of Ten't 50Tretharrup
SAUNDER ThomasWithernOccupier of Ten't 50Withern
SMITH CharlesVanceOccupier of Ten't 50Vance & Nathiana
TRERISE JohnTudoarFreeholdTredoar
TREWIN WilliamGwealumeneFreeholdPart of Halliggy
WINN Joseph Eq.TremaynFreeholdTremayn
WILLIAMS JosephGwelemeneFreeholdGwelamene
WILLIAMS ThomasGwelemeneFreeholdGwelamene
WILLIAMS SimonTredaurFreeholdGwelamene

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