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  42 and 43 Northgate Street, Canterbury, Kent, UK

  Then -  

42 & 43 Northgate on far left, during the late 1930s

In the late 1940s, with tarpaulin over the roof following bomb damage in the June 1942 Blitz

Many of these premises were demolished during the early 1950s to be replaced by shops set well back from the road to allow for street widening, that never happened.


Both 42 and 43 Northgate (sometimes Northgate Street) was the home and business for many generations of CRIPPEN.
Earliest references appear in the 1881 Census where WILLIAM CRIPPEN, Greengrocer Dealer aged 56 lived at number 43 with wife LIDIA aged 58 and unmarried son WILLIAM CRIPPEN, being a Labourer aged (according to the Census 2)
The 1891 Census has WILLIAM CRIPPEN, Wholesale Fruiterer, a widower aged 64 at number 42. Whilst at number 43 lived WILLIAM CRIPPEN, Greengrocer aged 32 with wife ROSE aged 27 and son WILLIAM aged 5.
In 1901 WILLIAM CRIPPEN, Fruit/Greengrocer Merchant, aged 76 resides at number 42 with his wife EMMA aged 55. Number 43 continues to be occupied by WILLIAM CRIPPEN, Greengrocer now aged 41 with wife ROSE aged 35 and son WILLIAM aged 16.
Kellys Commercial Directory from 1899 through to 1922 has WILLIAM CRIPPEN (Junior) as a Greengrocer at number 43.
From 1924 to 1940 it shows WILLIAM T CRIPPEN as Greengrocer.
The 1958 and 1964 editions of Kellys show A E CRIPPEN Greengrocer at number 43/45 Northgate Street.

  Now (1998)

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