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  Royal Australian Navy

Steward Edward John CRIPPIN (PM3071), born 30 July 1913 at Clifton Hill, Victoria
Next of Kin John CRIPPIN
Enlisted at Port Melbourne 14 October 1940, from Malvern, Victoria
Discharged 13 May 1946 from HMAS Cerberus

  Australian Commonwealth Military Forces

Private James CRIPPIN, (NX28988), born 3 August 1899 at Forbes, NSW
Next of Kin Catherine CRIPPIN
Enlisted at Paddington, NSW 6 June 1940, from Forbes, NSW
Discharged 12 October 1940 from 2 R R D Infantry

Lieutenant Archibald James CRIPPEN, (NX131604), born 22 March 1916 at Forbes, NSW
Next of Kin Adelaide CRIPPEN
Enlisted In the Field, WA, 2 October 1942, from Leichhardt, NSW
Discharged 4 January 1946 from 35 Australian Infantry Battalion
(Additional Service number N118419)

Sergeant Donald William CRIPPIN, (NX191603), born 12 August 1917 at Forbes, NSW
Next of Kin Adelaide CRIPPIN
Enlisted In the Field, NSW, 26 January 1944, from Leichhardt, NSW
Discharged 17 November 1945 from 36 Australian Infantry Battalion
(Additional Service number N22059)

Staff Sergeant Ronald William CRIPPIN, (VX74102), born 27 January 1922 at Maryborough, Vic
Next of Kin Mary CRIPPIN
Enlisted at Caulfield, VIC, 30 January 1942, from Toorak, Vic
Discharged 14 February 1946 from 4 Aust Inf TPS Wkshop A E M E (A I F)

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