Have you been to Crippen Corner or Crippen Siding?

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  Have you been to Crippen Corner or Crippen Siding?

Yes? Then you will know that the junction of US highway 18 and Iowa State Highway 4 is about four miles west of Emmetsburg and is still called "Crippen Corner". A branch of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad runs nearby, parallel to Highway 18.

It is thought that a family named Crippen operated a gas station and small country store but these were torn down when the highway intersection was changed from a Y in the road where the two highways came together. It was a very dangerous junction and there were several serious automobile accidents at the corner. There was also a grain elevator at Crippen Corner at one time. These changes probably took place in the mid 1950's.

Crippen Siding, in Palo Alto County of which Emmetsburg is the county seat, was a small town that started in the late 1800's. It was located about a half mile south of Crippen Corner, where the railroad tracks cross the road. It had a grain elevator and a general store and post office, and blacksmith shop. Even though the railroad did go through it the town did not make it and disappeared in the early 1900's except for the grain elevator which was torn down about 60 years ago (1940’s) but the cement foundation is still piled in a pile along the railroad tracks to this day.

I am indebted to five individuals who either lived nearby or have an interest in the history of the area and took the time to respond to my message on the Palo Alto county forum……If you know more I would be pleased to hear from you as would Tillford and Ella Rae Egland

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