Crippentown, USA

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  Crippentown, USA

To those who asked what I know about Crippentown: I quote the following from a short bio contained in Charles F. Sedgwick's 1842 "History of Sharon" (CT)

"CRIPPEN, JABEZ was from Colchester, and was an original proprietor of
the township. He drew the twenty-first home-lot, and his house stood on
the ground now occupied by the Grosvenor house, so called, nearly
opposite Governor Smith's. He was the first selectman ever chosen in the
town. He had sons, Jabez, John, Samuel, Thomas and Joseph. His son
Thomas lived where Russel B. Calkin now lives. About the year 1752, the
father removed with several of his sons, into Amenia, N. Y. near where
the late Jonathan Pennoyer lived; and that neighborhood was formerly
called Crippentown. Mr. Crippen died at Manchester, Vermont, about

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