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  Edward Frederick Crippen

The MI at Manchester Crematorium for Edward Frederick Crippin gives his address at the time of death as Brynn Hall Wigan. This is where he lived at the time of the 1881 census and where we assume he lived when he made the arrangements for his cremation.
The 1891 census shows that he moved later to
Bank Hall Bretherton, where he died the following year.

Born: 17 May 1848 at 13 Tonman Street, Manchester, Lancashire.
Father: William CRIPPIN (ca 1815-1879) Occupation - Coal Agent
Mother: Sarah CRIPPIN formerly BRETTARGH (ca 1815-1874)

Died: 3 Feb 1892 at Bank Hall, Bretherton, Lancashire.
Age: 44 years
Occupation: Colliery Proprietor
Cause of death: Pneumonia
Albert Oswald PIKE; Nephew; Present at the death; Bank Hall, Bretherton

Cremation at Woking Crematorium, Surrey.

He was Unmarried.

  On Friday August 22, 1890 he was involved in what was described by The Wigan Observer And District Advertiser, on Saturday, August 23, 1890 as an EXCITING SCENE IN WALLGATE

About noon yesterday (Friday), an exciting scene was witnessed in Wallgate, near the end of Queen-street. A girl named Ellen Moore, 13 years of age, of 54, Clayton-street, Wigan, was crossing the road, carrying a child two years of age, when she was knocked down by a hansom cab owned by Mr. Crippin, Brynn. The girl's attention was evidently attracted by something coming up Wallgate, for she did not appear to hear the cries of the driver of the cab, and before he could stop his horse the girl was knocked down and the wheels of the vehicle had passed over her legs. The baby was in great danger, and the spectators shrieked as they saw it down and the vehicle advancing. Fortunately Police-constable Wilkinson was at hand, and by his presence of mind and prompt action the child's life was saved. Springing forward he seized the horse and stopped it, just as the wheel of the cab was about to pass over the child's neck. Mr. Crippin was in the cab going to the London and North-Western Station, and he alighted and told the officer to get a doctor and he would pay the expense. When he had gone to the station, Mr. Crippin sent his cab back to take the girl and child home. The girl was taken to the surgeries of Dr. Berry and Dr. Bradbury, but they were not in, and they were removed home and attended by Dr. Timothy. No bones were broken, but the girl's left knee was badly injured, and the child's forehead was hurt. The cab was driven by Bernard Doodge, but he was in no way to blame for the accident.

I am indebted to John Marsden for supplying the digital photograph of the memorial inscription at Manchester Crematorium and to John Ramsdale for the above information about Edward Frederick Crippin.

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