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  George William Crippen

Newspaper extract from the Croydon Post April 1947

Death sequel to manís slight accident

How a fractured spine, sustained in an accident last October, was undiscovered until February of this year, was related at the lnquest on Monday on Mr. George Wllliam Crippen, 64-years-old furniture remover, of Woodville Road, Thornton Heath.

Mr E. S. Crippen, a son, said that last October he was driving a pantechnicon in Streatham with his father in the back. At a cross-roads he had to stop dead to avoid a collision, and his father complained that he had banged his back. He went to a doctor and was treated for bruising and shock.

Later, being unable to walk, he was sent to Mayday Hospital. An operation was performed on April 8th, but he died on the 16th.

Dr. C. F. Swinton, Medical Superintendent at Mayday Hospital, stated that Mr. Crippen was admitted with a fractured dislocation of the spine.

The operation was the only way of saving his life.

Cause of death was said by Dr. Haler, pathologist, to be hypostatic pneumonia following fractured dislocation cf the sixth vertebrae. The injury was consistent with a violent blow in the back, and the pneumonia to being immobilised in bed for a long period.

The jury returned a verdict of "Misadventure."

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