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  Entries from the London Gazette

2 October 1914

Issue 28922

Private George Oliver Crippen, City Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) to be Second Lieutenant, 5th Battalion, The Prince of Wales’s Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment).

27 October 1914

Issue 28953

Leonard Trehane Crippen, of 77 Lyveden Road, Tooting Junction, SW, Liquidator.

3 November 1914

Issue 28961

Leonard T. Crippen, Liquidator.

24 September 1915

Issue 29307

William Crippen, Notice of Dividend.

21 December 1915

Issue 29411

Lieutenant H. W. Crippin, Adjutant, to be Captain, Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery.

7 March 1916

Issue 29501

Captain Harry W. Crippin, Royal Artillery, from an Adjutant, and to be seconded, vice Major F. Rainsford-Hannay, Royal Artillery

16 April 1920

Issue 31867

Leonard Trehayne Crippen, Liquidator.

2 January 1940

Issue 34766

Cadets (ex-Gentlemen Cadets, Royal Military College) from Officer Cadet Training Unit, Sandhurst, to be 2nd Lieutenants – Infantry, K.O.S.B, Roy Crippin Gregson (114077)

19 February 1943

Issue 35914

Meteorological Branch, to be Flight Lieutenants (emergency), Thomas Crippin (132257)

27 April 1945

Issue 37057

Training Branch, Commission resigned, Plt. Offs.
J. F. Crippen (147327) 1st October 1944

3 July 1945

Issue 37162

The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the British Empire Medal (Military Division), in recognition of distinguished services during the raid on St. Nazaire on the night of the 27th March 1942, to S/136147 Corporal (now Warrant Officer Class II) Ronald Crippen, Royal Army Service Corps.

14 August 1945

Issue 37223

(Amendment) to S/136147 Corporal (now Warrant Officer Class II) Ronald Crippin, Royal Army Service Corps.

27 November 1945

Issue 37368

S/136147, W.O. II R. Crippen, MBE

16 April 1946

Issue 37536

S/136147, W.O. II R. Crippin, Substitute BEM

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