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  How long can we survive?

Having recorded Births, Marriages and Deaths of all Crippens & Crippins from the General Registers from 1837 to 1998 I wondered what was happening to the family population.

This was updated to the end of 2000 in January 2002.

A table from which the information has been drawn can be seen here

There are three graphs which show worrying trends for the future of the surnames CRIPPEN & CRIPPIN in the UK.

Apologies for the quality of these………improvements are being attempted.

Full size pages can be seen as MS Word documents:

Births 1837 to 2000

CRIPPEN Births Marriages & Deaths

CRIPPIN Births Marriages & Deaths


The reason for the apparent rise in the 1970’s is that two CRIPPENs married each other!

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