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  Various Individuals

  Catherine Hayes, daughter of John Crippen Canterbury, Kent, UK 1790

  Edward Frederick Crippin Manchester, UK 1847 to 1892

  Individuals mentioned in the London Gazette 1914 to 1946

  William Crippin, owner of the Oxnoble Inn, Manchester, UK 1777 to 1835

  Frederick Crippin New Zealand - 1863

Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1883

Name: CRIPPIN, Frederick
Arrived: Auckland - Apr 28 1863

A search on the vessel found 147 records for this journey. The ship's name is unusual and very close to NIMROD. I have asked for confirmation of spelling.

  Access to Archives project

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The following are in copyright to the organisations quoted.
Permission has been sought to reproduce the information here. (21 August 2002)

Those held by the Centre for Kentish Studies are reproduced by kind permission of Kent Archives Service and those by the London Metropolitan Archives with their kind permission (8 September, 2002)

FILE - Examination of Henry Crippin, husbandman, for sheep stealing - ref. QM/SB/476 - date: Oct 1602
FILE - Information of David Hooker regarding the theft of two lambs accusing Thomas Crippin - ref. QM/SB/1188 - date: 25 Dec 1615
FILE - Examination of Thomas Crippin regarding the same - ref. QM/SB/1189 - date: 25 Dec 1615

FILE - Henry Lees of Ospringe, husbandman, in 10, to appear, to prosecute and give evidence against Henry Crippin, a prisoner in the gaol without Westgate, Canterbury, for feloniously taking 17 sheep. - ref. QM/SRc/1602/209 - date: 8 Dec. 1602

FILE - File for Epiphany 1602/3 [? gaol delivery sessions] - ref. QM/SI/1603/3 [n.d.]
Item: Henry Crippen [as above] for entering the close of William Henman of Ospringe, yeoman and taking four 'Rambe Lambes' worth 20s. [Claims benefit of clergy] - ref. QM/SI/1603/3/8 - date: 1 Nov. 1602

FILE - Inquisition that Nicholas Dering of Lenham, gentleman, Thomas Riche of Charing, linen weaver, Joa[h]n Crippen of Lenham, labourer, with other unknown wrongdoers to the number of seven persons riotously assembled together and at the instigation of Nicholas Dering broke into and entered the house of Nicholas Mason, clothier, in Charing and damaged the walls of the same to the height of four feet and assaulted Nicholas Mason. [Taken at a Special Sessions before the same three justices in 1609/22; fined as follows:- Nicholas Dering, 6s. 8d., Thomas Riche, 3s. 4d., John Crippen, 3s. 4d.] - ref. QM/SI/1609/23 - date: 25 Sept. 1609

FILE - Luddenham Court, by J. Crippen - ref. U120/P19 - date: 1725

GAOL DELIVERY; Informations

FILE - 7. John Crippin v Nathaniel Shrimpton - highway robbery. [no ref. or date]

FILE - MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT, by assignment of mortgage - ref. 2589/S/3 - date: 20 May 1640 from Scope and Content] Richard Crippin

FILE [no title] - ref. 796/207 - date: 31 May 1633 8 Charles I
[from Scope and Content] Memorandum of acknowledgement by Andrew July 1655, witnesses: John Mason, Joane Overton (mark), Richard Medlicott, John Medlicott (mark) Teige O'Ruerke (mark), Elizabeth Synge, Joyce Crowder (mark) Richd. Crippin.

Hodgkiss and Hotchkiss family

FILE - Copy will of William Cox of Madeley - ref. 1681/152/27 - date: 26 Dec 1770
[from Scope and Content] Wife - Hannah - the house in which he lives in Madeley Wood with the garden, the house in Madeley Wood adjoining the house of William Crippin (Beriah Baugh); 2 houses at the Brockholes, Madeley Wood (Gabriel Dixon, Edward Plimmer).
[from Scope and Content] Samuel to pay the testator's daughter Elizabeth Crippin 5.
FILE - William Crippin not to require any acknowledgment of Christopher Cox for the gable end between them. - ref. 1681/152/28 - date: 27 Jul 1772

Crippen, Thomas George (1841-1929) Antiquary 1595-1917: corresp, papers and antiquarian collections
NRA 43256 Congregational


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