Criscuolo/Benvenuto Genealogy

Criscuolo/Benvenuto Genealogy

This site contains Genealogy for the family of Edward Criscuolo Jr. and Joan Benvenuto

It is the result of my research for the last few years. Some of the family names it includes are:

Atella, Benvenuto, Bruno, Cotugno, Criscuolo, DeCola, DeSantis, DeAngelis, Dement, Frangiosa, Longo, Lucenteforte, Marino, Palombo, Ratino, Ricci, Rocco, Salomone, Sapienza, Scafidi, Solla

These are primarily from the Italian towns of:

Casalduni, Napoli, Naso, Pontelandolfo, Venafro,

Updated on 21-Jan-2007

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Researched and Published by Edward Criscuolo Jr.
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