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David C. (Carroll) Haggard

David C. Haggard

   My third great-grandfather, David C. Haggard, was also known as David Carroll Haggard. The usage of D. C. or David C. is common throughout his documents, but the middle name "Carroll" is not found in any of the primary records that have been researched. It is also interesting that his middle name has not been carried forward by any of his descendants. The only source for his middle name seems to be family members, who have submitted undocumented family group sheets to Ancestral File or Latter Day Saint (LDS) temples for church ordinance work.

   David's baptismal record shows his parents were "Sarah Pace and Wm Haggard". This seems clear enough-but this is a little known record. The name more commonly known for David's father is John William Haggard. The most frequently cited source for this information seems to be a Winston County history that has no documentation. The history states,

"Sarah Pace Haggard, widow of John William Haggard, Jr., came to Winston Co. [Miss.] from Greene Co., TN, with her five sons in the 1830's, after her husband had been killed by Indians."
Sarah is found as head of household on the 1840 census of Winston County with five younger males, which helps to support this statement, but a limited search of Greene County census records for the period of 1800-1820, did not turn up any Haggards. It is probable that another prior residence is more likely.

   After searching census indexes for 1830 and 1840 time periods, no other Haggard families are found in Winston or surrounding counties. Alsa Pace is found in the 1840 census for Kemper County and he is believed to be Sarah's brother, but I have not substantiated this claim.

   Determining who David's parents were and where they came from needs further research. A thorough study of David's siblings would be beneficial and it is imperative to prove his mother's parentage.