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Below is a quick overview of our first ancestors to settle in the New World from Europe.

Picard/Pecore Family Ancestry 

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Picardie, France

Josephte Amable Daust's great great grandparents survive the Lachine massacure



The Picard name most likely came from the province of Picardie, France.  At this time I have been unsuccessful in determining the ancestor that made the voyage to the New World.  Their seems to be some thought that our direct Picard ancestors from France were Louis Lenoir and Marie Louise Braillon.  The earliest confirmed direct ancestors are William Belin Noirette dit Picard and Elise Ouellette (aka Alexis Noelet) from Ontario, Canada.


The earliest confirmed Meloche relative is Mathilda (Mathilke) Meloche born 12 Dec 1860 in Ontario, Canada.  Their is evidence to suggest that her parents were Magloire Meloche and Mathilda Pare.  If this is true then the Meloche ancestor to first settle in New France would be Francois Meloche married to Mary Mouflet dit Champagne Rousse.


Andre Poutre dit Lavigne was born in 1646 in St. Gery, Valenciennes, France.  His wife was born in 1648 in St-Denis De Duclair, Rouen, France.  They were the first Lavigne ancestors to travel over to New France prior to their marriage in Quebec, Canada on 3 Nov 1667. 




Mitchell Family Ancestry 

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Family Legends or Lore
The Story of Toussaint and Marie


The first Mitchell ancestor to settle in New France was Andre Michel dit St. Michel.  Andre made his voyage sometime after his birth in France and before his marriage on 17 Oct 1718 in Montreal to Marie-Francoise Valade.  Marie-Francoise was born in Canada.  Her parents were Guillaume Valde dit Asselin and Francoise Ancelin from LaRochelle, Aunis, France.


Guillaume Cartier, born in Bretage, France, traveled to New France in the late 1600's.  He married Marie Etiennette Garnier in 1684/1685 in Montreal, Canada.  Marie Etiennette was born in Sillery, Quebec, Canada in 1666.  Her parents Francois Garnier and Jacqueline Freslon settled in New France sometime prior to their marriage in Quebec in 1662/1663.


The Myers have been a bit of a mystery.  I am currently researching the ancestors of Nicolas Mahair and Felicite Doutre Larose, who are the parents of Francois Myers. 




Girard Family Ancestry (view direct descendant table)

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LaRochelle, France

The Story of the White Princess.

Possibly of the Hart Dynasty?


The first Girard ancestor to travel to New France was the sailor Pierre Girard.  He evenually married Suzanne Lavoie dit DeLavoye on 11 Aug 1669 in Quebec, Canada.


Aaron Hart arrived in Canada with the English army in 1760.  His son Moses Hart is believed to be the  father of Louis Hart, but we have no knowledge about Louis mother.  Confirming this connection is still being researched.


All indications point to John Baptiste Campbell Primeau of Scotland being the first Primeau ancestor to settle in New France.  Their is reason to believe that Primeau was an adoptive name.




Amo Family Ancestry 

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Family Legends or Lore
Martel - Soldiers from France.

Valiquet Banned from Montréal.


The Amo name is still being researched.  The last known ancestor is Lawrence Amo born in 1813 and married to Sophia Belair.  It is believed that the Amo name was spelled Emond in Canada.  Sophia's great great grandparents Charles Belair dit Janvry married to Marie Lefebvre, Louis Martel married to Francoise-Marie Legare, and Augustin Merlot and Louise Amable Aumay settled in Canada in the early 1700's.  Sophia's great great grandparents  Michel-Mathieu Brunet married to Marid Blanchard,  Jean Valiquet dit LaVerdue married to Renee Loope, and Etienne Campeau married to Catherine Paulosettled in the New World in the 1600's.  Sophia is also a descendant of Guillaume Valde dit Asselin and Francoise Ancelin from LaRochelle, Aunis, France which are listed in the Mitchell notes.


The last identified Rouselle ancestor is David Rouselle married to Ida Elizabeth Mitchell of Massena, New York.  These names are still being researched.


The first Leclerc ancestor to travel to New France was Jean Baptiste Leclerc.  He voyaged from Brittany, France to Quebec, Canada prior to his marriage to Marie Madeleine Langlois on 22 Nov 1691.  Marie Madeleine's grandparents, Noel Langlois married to Francoise Grenier and Francois Belanger married to Marie Guyon, settled in New France prior to 1634.


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