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elcome to the CROMPTON surname web page. This site is mainly for the 48 members of the roots CROMPTON  surname mailing list. To display their questions and what interesting findings they find about the CROMPTON surname.

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There seems to be a number of reasons to the formation of the Crompton surname. The way it is said has given rise to a combination of alternative spellings. 

A Cheshire Norman family named de la Legh moved to Lancashire in the early 1100s and settled at Crompton in Prestwich Parish taking the name of the place, i.e. they became De Crompton.

"crumbe" = a bend (in a river)

"tun" = a farm

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 ThomasBonsar CROMPTON. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cromptoninfo/Crompton,%20ThomasBonsor(1792-1858).html

Samuel Crompton inventor had a married daughter Betty. Any info on her and family welcomed.

Who was the first Crompton to arrive in North America? 

Is there any CROMPTON with a DNA known line back before the 1500hundreds.?

Who was Sir Thomas Crompton ?

Who was Sir Samuel Crompton ?

Here are some CROMPTON books to look out for.

 A Chronicicle of Crompton by Elsie BALLAND

Cromptons of Crompton by

Richmal Crompton by Mary CADOGAN

The Tale of Beatrix Potter by Margaret LANE

Samuel Crompton Inventor of the Spinning Mule by Dobson & Barlow

Life & Times of Samuel Crompton by Gilbert J FRENCH

 CROMPTON family websites

The parish of Shaw and Crompton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


Family History by Richard Crompton and maintained by Chris Glass



Family History by JJ Heath-Caldwell


See also http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ 

Joseph CROMPTON (1840 - 1901) 


Samuel CROMPTON (1753-1827) 



RookesEvelynBell CROMPTON (1845-1940)


*The picture of Gooseberry 'Crompton's Sheba Queen', a hand-coloured engraving after a drawing by Augusta Innes Withers (1792-1869), from the first volume of John Lindley's Pomological Magazine (1827-1828)  Wiki. 



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