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This web page is designed for anyone related to, or researching, the surname Crossnoe and wanting to know more about their ancestors. It should be noted that the surname may also be spelled as "CROSSNO", "CROSNO", or "CROSNOE". The spelling of the last name may vary even within the same family, from person to person, or from year to year, especially the further back you go in time. It is my belief that all "Crossnoe's", regardless of the spelling, are related. I am attempting to complete a family tree with all the descendants of our common ancestor. It would be very appreciated it you would share your own history with me. Attached is a form that can be used. Simply click on the the word "submit" at the top of the page.


Please feel free to contact me either by e-mail at or by snail mail: Mary Crossnoe 2086 New Harmony rd., Benton, KY 42025


Little is known for sure about the origins of the Crossnoe surname. The earliest known Crossnoe is "GEORGE CROSSNORE". It is believed by most researchers that he emigrated to this country in the mid to late 1700's, about the time of the American Revolution, from the German/Polish/Russian area of Europe. Within a generation or two, the "r" was dropped from "Crossnore". Some families also later dropped an "s" and/or the final "e". There is also a line of Crossnoe's who spell their surname as "CROSSKNO", and a line who changed their name to "KESNER" or "KESSNER". It is believed that these are also related.


If you are searching for your own family tree within my webpage, it is recommended that you go to the Index. This index lists individuals alphabetically by surname, and then alphabetically by given name within that surname group. Click on your ancestor, and it will take you directly to that person's family group sheet. You may then travel up or down your family line by clicking on the appropriate person within that line. Please note that information on living individuals is omitted except for name and relationship. Also, individuals I have not yet been able to "link" to my family tree are not listed. If you cannot find your family, find a non-working link, have a correction or an addition, please contact me.

One final point....this is very much a work-in-progress. Some of this information is not verified yet, but has been generously contributed by other researchers or family members. This webpage is subject to change based on new information, and will be periodically updated. As always, verifying for yourself any information found in this site is recommended.



Time marches on, and science presents opportunities never before available.  It is now possible to have Y chromosome typing done to determine genetic relationships.  This is NOT the same as paternity testing and is very easy to do; you need only order a testing kit, use the enclosed swabs to wipe the inside of your cheek, and send the kit back.  The recommended test is for males only, as the Y chromosome is passed only from fathers to sons.  Women would need to have a male family member do the test, for example a father, brother, grandfather, or uncle.  I won’t kid you… this test isn’t free or even cheap, but is within the price range of anyone serious about their family tree.  Prices vary based on which test kit you order.  Some are very basic,  others very detailed.  Why do it?  This testing can prove your relationship to others… the closer the match, the closer you are related to the person that you are compared to.  Hopefully, it will also help us to finally cross the Atlantic in our family tree and find Dear Old George Crossnore’s ancestors.  One of the most respected test sites is called Family Tree DNA.  You can get more information, prices, and order a test kit at   The more people who do this, the better our information will be on our family tree.  The company will contact you with any matches they find at the time of testing, and will continue to do so in the future.


Every effort has been made to make this information as accurate as possible; however no source is perfect, except possibly from the individual himself or herself. In addition, all information is subject to the interpretation of the researcher. I would appreciate knowing of any errors found in this web page, and will NOT be offended! This is still very much a "work-in-progress".


book graphicI have attempted to document the sources of all my information, even duplicate or conflicting information. These sources are available upon request, except in instances where the source was an individual. In that case, I will contact the individual and attempt to either get his consent to give out his name and how to contact him, or will ask him to contact you directly. In rare instances sources may be missing. For this I apologize. Early in my research I did not document my sources since I never expected to share my work with others. I have attempted to retrace my research wherever possible and include these sources, but have not yet succeeded in every instance.


Anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time to help this project is very, very welcome. What can you do? Submit your own information......Look for original information from the indexes I provide.....Search your own county's courthouse for information.....Watch your local newspapers for obituaries.....Let me know of other Crossnoe researchers.....any help would be appreciated.


If you are a genealogist, the following are several websites that I've found very useful. I use them over and over again. I hope that you find them useful too!


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Did you find your ancestor? Would you like more information? Please feel free to contact me either by e-mail at or by snail mail: Mary Crossnoe 2086 New Harmony rd., Benton, KY 42025