British Regiments in Canada - Artillery

Royal Artillery

The Royal Artillery in 1805 was composed of 9 battalions, each composed of 10-12 companies; by 1816 it had increased to 11 battalions. Each company moved independently through that period of time. For the period 1805-1816, indicated below are the companies of the Royal Artillery that were in Canada and the period that they were there ('Co' = Company; and 'Bn' - Battalion):

With the Royal Artillery, you have to look at specific companies.  Because there were RA companies throughout the empire, they are not as simple to peg down as regiments.  It was not for nought that their motto was "ubique" which means "everywhere."  To look at an ancestor in the RA you have to consult pay lists by Company to find the right one. What you would normally do is consult the "Distribution of Troops" records and these give the names of the officers.  Once you determine that your ancestor was in Upper Canada in the RA in 1812, for example, you look at the distribution of troops and see that Captain Holcroft's company was on the Niagara frontier.  Then you can go to the pay lists etc for Holcroft'c Company, and so on.


4th Co, 1st Bn: Halifax, NS, Jun 1814-Jul 1814; Moose Island, Aug 1814-Sep 1814; St. John, NB, Oct 1814- Jan 1816; Halifax, NS, Nov 1816-Dec 1816.

6th Co, 2nd Bn: St. John, Newfoundland, Jan 1805-Dec 1816.

9th Co, 2nd Bn: Halifax, NS, Jan 1805-Apr 1814; Canada, May 1814-Jun 1815.

1st Co, 4th Bn: Chambly, Canada, Aug 1814-Dec 1816.

2nd Co, 4th Bn: Quebec, Jan 1805-June 1815.

7th Co, 4th Bn: Quebec, Jan 1805 - Dec 1807; Ft. George, Jan 1807-May 1807; Amherstburg, June 1807-Dec 1807; Quebec, Jan 1808-April 1808; Amherstburg, May 1808-Dec 1808; Quebec, Jan 1809-Dec 1810; Amherstbury, Jan 1811-Jul 1811; Montreal, Aug 1811; Quebec, Sep 1811-Aug 1816; Montreal, Sep 1816; Kingston, Oct 1816-Dec 1816.

9th Co, 4th Bn: Quebec, Jan 1805-Sep 1812; Montreal, Oct 1812-June 1815.

10th Co, 4th Bn: Quebec, Jan 1805-November 1807; Montreal, Nov 1807-Oct 1808; Quebec, Nov 1808-May 1811; Kingston, Jun 1811; Fort George, July 1811-Dec 1814; Quebec, Jan 1815-June 1815.

1st Co, 5th Bn: Halifax, NS, Jun 1808-Sep 1810; St. John, NB, Oct 1910-Oct 1811; Halifax, NS, Nov 1811- Jul 1812; St. John, NB, Aug 1812-Sep 1814; Halifax, NS, Oct 1814-Dec 1816.

8th Co, 5th Bn: Queenston, Canada, Aug 1814-Aug 1816; Amherstburg, Sep 1816-Dec 1816.

2nd Co, 6th Bn: Halifax, NS, Nov 1811-Dec 1816.

7th Co, 7th Bn: Halifax, NS, Jul 1808-Nov 1808; Halifax, May 1809-Dec 1812; Quebec, Jun 1813; Kingston, Jul, 1813-Jun 1816; Fort Wellington, Jul 1816-Dec 1816.

6th Co, 9th Bn: Halifax, NS, Feb 1815-Dec 1816.

8th Co, 9th Bn: Kingston, Canada, Aug 1814-Sep 1816; Queenston, Oct 1816-Dec 1816.

1st Co, 10th Bn: Canada, Jun 1814-Dec 1816.

3rd Co, 10th Bn: Montreal, June 1814-Dec 1816.

6th Co, Invalid Bn: Fort George, Jan 1805-Dec 1816.

Captain R. Douglas's Company of the 9th Battalion, Royal Artillery embarked at Pymouth on HMS Melpomene on 4 March 1812 and landed at Lisbon, Spain on the evening of 15 March 1812. The company mustered at Alcarva, Spain on 12 May 1812; at Poilus, Spain on 16 July 1812 and at Madrid on 1 September 1812 and 1 October 1812. By November 1813 the company was stationed at Bordeaux, France. In early 1814 Captain R. Douglas exchanged companies with Captain G. Turner and the company became Capt. Turner's Company of the 9th Brigade, Royal Artillery. On 1 January 1814 the company mustered at Hasparren (France?) and remained in the Peninsula until May 1814. It embarked for Canada in June 1814 and was at sea through July 1814. It embarked in Canada in August 1814 and mustered at Quebec, Canada on 6 August 1814; at Montreal on 1 September and 1 October 1814; and at Fort Wellington, Canada on 5 December 1814. The company was in Canada through all of 1815, 1816 and 1817. In 1817 it mustered at Kingston monthly from January through September 1817, and at Queenston from October 1817 through December 1817.

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