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St Mary's Parish Church, Kinwarton, Warwickshire, England

St Peter's Parish Church, Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, England

Crowley Family

Notes from C. Edward Saville on the Crowleys of Kinwarton

Sir Ambrose Crowley III

Jeffrey and Effie and Mrs. Martha Edwards Crowley

Samuel Crowley and Elizabeth Strong

Benjamin Crowley I and Sarah Strong

Benjamin Crowley II and Catherine Annie Wiley

Wiley Crowley and Lucy Capps Mellon

Samuel Jefferson Crowley and Nancy Jane Sutfin

John Welch Turpin and Sarah Jane Crowley

The Wiley Crowley House

The Crowley Cemetery located at Walcott, Arkansas

The Crowley Cemetery Graverobbing

HOPKINS FAMILY of Kinwarton, Warwickshire

Jeffrey Hopkins Sr d. 1653

Jeffrey Hopkins III - possibly the father of Jeffrey Crowley


The Wiley Family

The Sharkey Family

The Hyde Family

The Tweedy Family

The Morgan Family

Burzealy Stone and Nancy Holmes Family

Michael and Phoebe Smith Family

William Kenley Smith and Gabrilla Augustine Underwood Family

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