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Chambers men are welcome to participate in this surname DNA study to determine family relationship.   It will only cost $99 each plus postage for the 12 marker test, since this is a group study.   Chalmers, Chambres, Chamberlin, and Chamberlain are welcome to participate, see my Chambers Surname Origin page that reflects why these surnames Y-DNA results should be compared.  The Chamberlin and Chamberlain have started there own study, however, their results can also be reflected here if desired.

bulletInstructions for Joining
bulletProject Goals
bulletEarly Settlers

Instructions for Joining

To join the this Surname DNA Project, please follow these instructions:
  1. Read up on Y-DNA testing.  See this page on the FamilyTreeDNA site:  FamilyTreeDNA 101
  2. & FAQ
  3. To participate, you must be a man with one of the last names sited above and you will need to order either a 12, 37 or 67 Y-DNA kit from FamilyTreeDNA by clicking on this link  'Y-DNA Kit Order'   This link also contains more information about test costs.  After you order your kit,  you will be mailed a DNA kit and an invoice  to cover the expenses.  The DNA sample and the money must be mailed  directly to FamilyTreeDNA for processing by the participant. 
  4. After you order your kit, please email me  your pedigree that includes your earliest male ancestor's name, (approx) birth date and birth place.   Please put your kit number in the title of the email.  I will need this information to post your results on this site. Your pedigree should be sent in this format (no file attachments):

    gggrandfather name was b. birth date, birth place and d. death date, death place.

    ggrandfather name was b.  birth date, birth place and d. death date, death place.

    grandfather name  was b. birth date, birth place and d. death date, death place.

    father's name was b. birth date, birth place and d. death date, death place.

    participants/DNA submitter's name

  5. To learn more about Genealogy DNA testing, click on the 'DNA Project Info ' button below. 


As results are received, they are posted on the Chambers DNA Results page.  Your personal information (your name, etc.) will be kept confidential since you will be assigned a kit number that will be used to post the results.  All test results will be published on this site by kit number and your earliest ancestor data.  

The benefits of participating in a group study is that everyone gets to know the results.  If you order a kit directly from the company, you will only be notified if someone matches your results exactly.  Another benefit of participating in this group study is that the group prices are about $50 less than if you were to order directly from the company.

Please see my 'DNA Project Info' page that should answer any questions you may have.  To get to this page, click on the  button at the top of of this page. 

To learn more about what can be learned when the DNA results are received, see my Barnes and Mills DNA Results pages (links to these pages are also at the top of this page).

Project Goals

The Chambers DNA Project was started with the vision of assisting Chambers researchers worldwide with the follow:

bulletIdentify others who are related
bulletSolve brick walls in your research
bulletValidate existing research


Our Project Goals are:

  1. Identify and document worldwide relationships.  This will be accomplished by having participants join with the name variations of Chalmers, Chambres, Chamberlin, and Chamberlain.  Once this goal is met project participants will have a better understanding of possible name changes that may have occurred in their line.  This will assist in identifying relationship where names changes occurred.

  2. Identify and document the different Chambers family lines in the US.  This will be accomplished by having at least 50 Chambers men tested.  These 50 men should have at least 4 generations of their Chambers family documented.  Once this goal has been met the project participants will have gained a better understanding of the different family lines and will narrow down their research efforts since they will not need to research unrelated families any further.

  3. Identify and document the Y-DNA of early the Chambers settlers reflected below.  This will be accomplished by having at least 3 Mills men tested, for each early settler, that has documented their ancestry back to the early settler.  Once this goal is met the project participants will have understanding of their family lines, relations and ancestry.  This will also help many identify their early settler which will narrow down their research efforts.

Early Settlers

Identify early Chambers/Chalmers settlers and find descendants to be tested and prove these lines:

  1. Benjamin Chambers who came from Antrim, IrelandHad sons James, Robert, Joseph, and Benjamin.  Youngest son Benjamin Chambers b. 1708 founded Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in 1730 - see CHAMBERSBURG
  2. Reynolds Chambers b. abt 1700 Scotland. His father was Alexander Chambers. Reynolds' son David Chambers b. abt 1725 immigrated to Philadelphia (via Ireland) in 1743. Son Samuel Chambers, born about 1720,  came from Ireland to Philadelphia about 1765. Moved to Blue Ridge Country (Virginia) and later settled in Kentucky and Tennessee area.  Son James Chambers, born March 28,1728, in Scotland; died April 15, 1828, in Spencer, Owen Co., IN.
  3. Henry Chambers b. 1708 Northern Ireland, d. 1782 in Iredell Co., North Carolina.  Immigrated to Lancaster Co, PA before 1744.


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