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About the Barnes DNA Surname Project:


Larry Bowling is performing a study on the Barnes DNA testing. All Barnes men are encouraged to participate.  To participate you must order a kit directly through him.  Test results are back on both of my Barnes lines and the results are reflected below. 


Here is a link to the results he has published so far:



Barnes DNA Project Test Results


Barnes DNA testing is being performed by


My Barnes lines in the DNA Project:


John Barnes was born about 1796 in PA and he is kit # 4635 on the DNA study.  John Barnes is on my maternal side.  My grandpa John Barnes, shown in the picture below holding a fish, is a direct descendant of John Barnes of PA.  His  family tree can be viewed at the link below:



John & Rebecca Barnes


Samuel Barnes was born about 1773 in NC and he is kit # 4612 on the Barnes DNA study.  Samuel Barnes is on my paternal side.  My grandma Nora Rich is a direct descendant of Samuel Barnes of NC.  The Samuel Wilson Barnes, shown in the picture below, is a son of Samuel Barnes of NC  His family tree can be viewed on the link below.



Samuel and Nancy (Stephenson) Barnes


My interests in having both lines in the study was to identify if both of my Barnes lines were related since I was have not been able to identify they are related performing traditional genealogy methods.  I was especially interested since both Barnes lines are quite similar in appearance.  Pictures of my Barnes ancestors represented in this study show how similar John's and Samuel's facial structures are below.  It is also interesting that they both have gray eyes.  The DNA results show they are closely related and their common ancestor may be as far back as 100 generations or more.


My Barnes Results

Click on 'My ancestors' results to see their  Y-DNA 25 Marker test.  Both ancestors' test results reflect that they are part of Haplogroup R1b (HG1) which is the Atlantic Modal Haplogroup, AMH.  The AMH includes Irish, Welsh, Basque, Flemish, and Bretagne.  In the report, Semino's 2000 paper, "A Genetic Legacy of Homo Sapiens Sapiens in Extant Europeans: a Y Chromosome Perspective"  a map reflecting the distribution of haplogroups in Europe is given on page 1156.  R1b (HG1) is reflected on the map in green.


Samuel and John's 12 Marker test reflects a distance of 3 single step mutilations.  Their 25 marker test reflects a distance of 8.  They have 6 single step mutilations (389-1 and 389-2 count as 1) and 1 two step mutilations.  These differences are reflected in red.


Distance Report

The chart below reflects the genetic distance between the participants 12 Y-DNA results to John and Samuel Barnes.  A distance of 0 is an exact match, a distance of 1 is a single step mutation, etc..  The distance calculation was provide by Family Tree DNA group administration page or by manual calculation.  By viewing the table below and the results table above we can conclude the following:


Match - Samuel Barnes descendants, Kits 4612 and 5752 reflect a distance of 0.


Closest match for John Barnes are kits 4598 and 6921 that reflect a genetic distance value of 1 to John Barnes (kit 4635). 


Closest match for Samuel Barnes is kit 7255 that reflects a genetic distance of 1 to Samuel Barnes (kit 4612). 


Using the 25 Y-DNA Marker test results for John and Samuel they reflect a genetic distance of 8 one step mutations for the.  Therefore, if they are related, it would be many generations ago since the genetic distance is so high.  To learn more about Y-DNA match probability of having a common ancestor, see my page called 'Y-DNA Close Ancestor?' by clicking the button at the top of my page.


12 Marker Comparison to John Barnes and Samuel Barnes

Kit# Earliest Ancestor



Birth Place Y-DNA








4635 John Barnes b. abt 1796 Go!  Pennsylvania HG1 0 3
4598 Samuel Barnes of Burkesville, KY   of Kentucky HG1 1 3
6921 Jordan Barnes of Blount Co., AL   of Alabama HG1 1 4
6159 David Barnes, Sr.  1765-1832   New Jersey HG1 2 4
4612  Samuel Barnes b. 1773 Go! North Carolina HG1 3 0
5752  Samuel Barnes b. 1773   North Carolina HG1 3 0
7255 Frederick Barnes b. c 1792   North Carolina HG1 3 1
1291 James Barnes & Ketura Shipley m bef 1698 d 1726    of Maryland HG1 3 4
5616 Loftin Barnes, Sr. 1766-1865   ? HG1 3 4
1292  Ephraim Barnes c1774-c1831   Maryland HG1 3 4
2425  Ephraim Barnes c1774-c1831   Maryland HG1 3 4
4539  James H. Barnes 1822-1872   Kentucky HG1 3 4
4730  Jacob Junius Barnes b c1815-19   Darlington, SC HG1 3 4
4958  William M. Barnes c1756   of Wayne Co., KY HG1 3 4
7161 George W. Barnes b. 1838   Alabama HG1 4 2
2780  Thomas Barnes b c1615 d1688 CT   Essex Co., England HG1 4 5
5211  Myron W. Barnes 1811   Columbia Co., NY HG1 4 5
2795  Thomas Barnes b c1615 d1688 CT   Essex Co., England HG1 4 5
4727  David A. Barnes 1801   Genesee Co., NY HG1 4 5
5521  David Barnes A. 1801   Vermont HG1 4 5
5441 John Barnes b. 1756   ? HG3 4 8
4979  John Barnes m Betsey Haley 1756   ? HG3 4 8
7006 John Jasper Barnes   ? HG1 5 6
8043 William L. Barnes b. c1835   Kentucky HG2 8 12
4700  John Barnes b c1860   New Jersey? HG2 11 10
4839  Edward Barnes b c1620   England HG2 13 16
4560  Nathaniel Barnes b c 1710   of ME HG2 14 13
5247  Nathaniel Barnes b c 1710   of ME HG2 16 15
4599  John Barnes b1810-20 (using the 6 markers to determine haplogroup, John is in HG2 which seems more likely to me)   Pennsylvania HG3 19 20


All Y-DNA project participants with results should enter their results into the Ybase database so that they can search for others that have the same Y-DNA test results.  Use of the Ybase site is free.  If you choose to enter your results data into Ybase, I can add a Ybase Search hyperlink in the results table once you provide me your record ID.  To see how Ybase works, click on the Go! hyperlink for kit 4635 and 4612.


Y-Chromosome Haplogroups

The Barnes Y-DNA results received so far reflect ancestry in three Haplogroup classification.  I used the method reflected on the site Y-Chromosome Haplogroups to determine each participants' Haplogroup and added the groups to the table above.  Click on the button at the top of this page called 'DNA Haplotypes' to learn more.


Y-Chromosome Family Comparison

Samuel Barnes' 25 Marker test results were submitted to L. David Roper so that he could use the results to reflect how they compare to other family surname results.  View the link below to see how the results:



Barnes on the Y-Chromosome Markers Families Comparisons


L. David Roper reflects that Samuel Barnes is part of the Paleolithic group.


Samuel is genetically close to the MacTiernan and McCeny surname results.  From reviewing the results, it is possible that Samuel is of Irish descendant.  The Irish name for Barnes is Berrane, therefore, the last name may have been changed from Berrane to Barnes upon coming to the US.


Time to Closest Ancestor

Using the genetic distance table described above project participants can learn more about the probability of having a common ancestor by clicking on the button at the top of this page called 'DNA Close Ancestor?'.


Y-STR Database

Participants with results in can enter their alleles into this Y-STR site and obtain information on where others in Europe and the US have the same alleles.  To learn more about this and review an example, click on the button at the top of the page called 'Barnes Y-STR'.


Barnes Surname Origin

Surname History from Genealogy Research


Barnes : [ Barns ] Meaning from Barnes, Surrey, England. The name like most is found in the 1300's with a Phillip De Bernes


 Family Chronicle

BARNES (British).  "Of the barn (originally 'barley house')."

House of Names

Spelling variations include: Barnes, Barns, Barnis, Bernys, Bernes, Berner, and others.

First found in in Cambridgeshire where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Barnaby Barnes who settled in Virginia in 1635; also settling in Virginia were, Charles 1653; Dorothy 1653; Edward 1623; Francis 1651; George 1654; Henry 1635; James 1635; Jonathan 163 and others.


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