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Davis & Margaret (Kolb) Rich Home


Davis and Margaret lived near Raleigh, Rush Co., Indiana for many years.  They purchased land there in 1834.  There home was near State Highway 3 just off of U.S. 40 on E900N between Mays and Raleigh.  Most, if not all, of their children were born in the home reflected below.


Plat map reflecting where their land was located.  They lived in the Washington Township in section 22 of Rush County.  The Zion Cemetery where they were buried is on the same street. Notice on the plat that Davis's brother William Rich purchased the land after Davis.  The picture of the home above was probably taken when William Rich owned the home.


In 2005 I went to find this home.  The home is no longer there, however, the trees, shrubs and gate on the right on this picture was still there.  Here are pictures on the land taken in 2005 that use to be owned by Davis and Margaret (Kolb) Rich.


Josephus 'Joe' & Sarah Ellen 'Ella' (Henry) Rich Home


In 1893, Great Great Grandparents Joe & Ella purchased 85 acres of land from George & Sylvia Johnson.  The legal description of the land is section 29 of the Union Township 33 north, range 17 west.  This land is located on the corner of Birch Road and Millbrook Drive, Phillipsburg, Missouri.  Then Josephus & Ella lived in the house it was a log cabin.  Latter it was cover with stone.  In 1940, the land the Wilsonís purchased the land.


Joe & Ella's Home

Joe & Ella on porch

Joe & Ella's House

Photo taken August 2001

 Joe & Ella's Land

Photo taken August 2001

Joe & Ella's House

Photo taken August 2001


Lewis Elwood & Margaret (Barnes) Rich Home

Great Grandparents Elwood & Margaretís home once stood next to the Lilac bush in the picture below.  They had a white two-story house that burnt down several years ago.  Their Lilac bush is still there and is at least 60 years old.

They purchased this land just prior to their son Walterís birth in 1911.  Grandma Nora was also born and raised in this home.

The legal description of their land is section 20 of the Union Township 33 north, range 17 west.  This land can be found on Birch Road in Phillipsburg, Missouri.

Elwood & Margaret's Lilac Bush

Photos taken August 2001

 The original water well is reflected in the picture below.  The family had a motorized water pump.

Below is an oil painting of their barn that was painted from a picture taken of their barn.  The family's barn had  separators.


They had 120 acres of land.

The picture below reflects a section of their land that runs along Birch Road.

This is the south, section of the property, starting at the fence and ending directly on the other side of the house and trees in the distance.

The north section of their property was double the length of the south section.


Below is an oil painting of their old home that was painted from a picture of their home.  My Great Aunt Alberta Rich had both of these paintings painted.


Great Grandma Margaretís Last Home


Great Grandma Margaret (Barnes) Rich lived 10 years longer than Great Grandpa Lewis.  Sometime after he died, she moved into the house below.

In 1956, she move to a rest home and died there.

The house is located on 206 Center Street, Phillipsburg, Missouri.

It is around the corner from the Phillipsburg United Methodist Church.

The house is currently was as an antique store.


1912 Phillipsburg Plat Map

The plat map below reflects where the Rich family's land was located in 1912. 


Lewis Elwood's land was in section 20


Joseph's land was in section 29


Alfred Oscar's land was in section 28



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