Columbiana, Esther Alma, Newton Soat, and Villulia Moore
children of Benjamin Moore & Catherine McCullough

Moores and McCulloughs of Mississippi

This page is dedicated to sorting out the ancestry of Benjamin Moore and Catherine McCullough. The McCullough and Moore families appear to be connected across three states, but sorting out who is who is a nightmare perplexing a great many researchers.

Five McCullough men appear in Chickasaw County, Mississippi in the 1840s: Irvin, Martin, Foster, Perryman, and Daniel. At least some, but probably not all of these fellows are brothers. At least four can be traced back to Pike County, Mississippi, and at least two went to Troup County Georgia. Another went to Tallapoosa County, Alabama as well as at least one of the men who went to Troup County, Georgia and another was in Alabama about the same time as well, presumably Tallapoosa County. The family of John F. Moore appears to be connected closely with the McCulloughs, appearing together in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. This is an attempt try to put all the information in one place where a maximum number of researchers can have all the information in front of them in some sort of coherent(or at least semi-coherent) whole.

Pike County, Mississippi

McCulloughs on Tax Rolls of Pike County:
From research of Joe C. Brown by way of Betty Summers

1818: James, Benjamin, William
1821: Benjamin, James
1825: James, Jos., Wm, Benj.
1831: Benjamin, John, Isaac, William
1833: Martin, Isaac
1834: Martin
1835: Martin, Isaac
1837: Martin, Foster
1838: Irvin, Perry
1839: William, Foster
1840: William
1843: William, Isaac

McCulloughs on the Pike County, Mississippi census
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Troup County, Georgia

Perryman McCullough married Frances Moore on November 28, 1839

McCulloughs and Moores on the Troup County, Georgia census
I'll get the details, but here's a summary:
A Daniel McCullough(who is reported to be the son of a James McCullough from Tennessee and is not the same as the Daniel McCullough who appears in Chickasaw County, MS) is on the 1840 census with what appears to be another couple living with him. If it's the recently married Perryman and Frances, they were enumerated a second time in Alabama, Martin McCullough is also believed to have been in Georgia at this time, having left Pike County, MS in 1839 in the company of a Henry Rollins. There is also a John F. Moore who is a good match for the John F. Moore found in Chickasaw County, MS in 1850.

Tallapoosa County, Alabama

1840 census of Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Again, full details are coming
Perryman, Martin and Irvin are all found on the 1840 Tallapoosa County census.

William O. Moore and Sarah Griffin were married in Tallapoosa County, Alabama in September 1841.
From Irma Templain

Chickasaw County, Mississippi

1850 census of Chickasaw County, Mississippi
Perryman, Irvin, Martin and Foster are on the 1850 census, as well as John F. Moore, John W. Moore and William O. Moore

Moores and McCulloughs on the Chickasaw County, Mississippi Tax Rolls
From Ted Brasfield and from Betty K. Summers
1844: Martin, Foster, Perryman and Irvin McCullough(spelled McCuller)
1845: Foster, Irvin, P., and Martin McCullough; J. F. Moore
1848: Perry, Martin, Foster, Irvin and Daniel McCullough; J. W., John B, and John F. Moore
1851: Martin, Irvin, Perryman and Foster McCullough; John F., John F., and John W. Moore
1852: Foster, Martin, Irvin and Daniel McCullough; John F. Moore

Daniel married Martha Gilliam in Chickasaw County on January 21, 1868.

Midway Baptist Church records, Chickasaw County, Mississippi

From Jane Phillips

The Moores and McCulloughs are both tied to the Midway Baptist Church, which was established in March of 1848. Irvin, Perryman, Foster and Martin were all members of the church, and Foster is known to have been a member of the Bogue Chitto Baptist Church in Pike County, MS. Church records indicate Martin's wife Sarah had the maiden name MOORE. Irvin was buried at the Midway Cemetery.

Other items

William O. Moore would appear to be a brother of Frances Moore who married Perryman McCullough, as Perryman's son James wrote a letter to Mary Ann Rovenna Moore Sheppard, daughter of William, in which he addresses her as a cousin. I received a copy of the letter from Jane Phillips who obtained it from Irma Templain.

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