Gen Viewer Applet Shareware

 Gen Viewer Applet Shareware 

Due to popular demand I have made the Gen Viewer Applet available as shareware. Shareware means that you may download the software and try it out free of charge. If you like it and want to keep it then you are expected to buy it. If you don't like it and don't want to keep it you are expected to remove it from your machine. If you decide to keep and use the Gen Viewer Applet then you have three easy purchase or registration plans to choose from:
  1. Send $5 US or the equivalent in the currency of your choice. ~ or ~
  2. Send a postcard that contains a picture of something from your locality.  ~ or ~
  3. Provide information that I do not already have on one of the individuals in my Help Wanted list.
    Please include the URL of the site where you are using the applet, I'd love to see it.

    Send to:

      Chris Stillwell
      2052 Mossberg
      Plano, TX 75023

Download the Gen Viewer Applet

Download the file 147K.
This file contains:

Technical Requirements

The Gen Viewer Applet requires a Java enabled web browser or other Java applet viewer that supports Java 1.5 or higher.
The Gen Viewer Applet supports the following files:

Reporting Problems

To report any problems you may have installing or running the Gen Viewer Applet, email Chris Stillwell at

Known Problems


04/17/1999 Not all of the continued notes were loaded when reading a GEDCOM 5.5 file. Also when viewing the imported notes some would become duplicated.
04/18/1999 Ensure that unprocessed GEDCOM tags for individuals are added at the end of the Notes display.
04/19/1999 Added applet paramater startWithID. This allows you to override the default person to initially display.
04/19/1999 Resolved NullPointerException when loading DIV records that had no data.
04/19/1999 Did not process BAPM tag. Now the BAPM tag is processed as equivalent to CHR.
04/20/1999 Added scrollbar to FamilyView if children extend past the bottom.
04/20/1999 The Statistics view would be blank if it was the first time viewed and the previous view was the Search view with no individual selected.
04/27/1999 Source records are now imported and source references are displayed in the Notes view.
04/27/1999 Added submitter information to the Statistics view.
04/27/1999 Removed PAF 2 support classes from the JAR file to reduce its size.
05/13/1999 Corrected a problem with assigning wrong families on gedcom imports.

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Last updated on February 22, 2001