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The Gen Viewer Applet is a Java applet which allows you to browse a GEDCOM file from the web. This applet provides five different views of the genealogy data.
  1. Family Group

  2. All of the detail information for the individual being displayed including parents, spouses, and children. Clicking on a parent, spouse, or child will display the family group view for that selected parent, spouse, or child.
  3. Pedigree

  4. Displays a five generation pedigree chart for an individual. Also lists spouses and children of the individual at the root of the tree. Birth and death information is displayed for a person as the mouse cursor travels over that individual. You can navigate up the tree by clicking on an ancestor or travel down the tree by clicking on a child.
  5. Alpha List

  6. Lists all individuals in the data base in alphabetical order by last name. This allows you to search for a particular surname of interest.
  7. Notes

  8. Displays any notes that I have included for the currently selected individual. Generally this includes source references for the information gathered about the person.
  9. Statistics

  10. Shows counts of all unique surnames contained in the file displayed in list form. The list can be ordered alphabetically by surname or by the frequency the surname appears in the file.

Technical Requirements

You must have a Java enabled browser that supports Java 1.1.5 or higher.

Starting the Viewer

Just click on the button below to start the Gen Viewer Applet. The applet will be launched in a new browser window. Just close the new browser window to terminate the applet.

Start the GEN Viewer


Contact me at [email protected] if you would like another language added and you help with the translation.

Comments Appreciated

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have. Also, please let me know any problems that you may experience in trying to run the applet. Email Chris Stillwell at [email protected]

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all of those who have tried out the applet so far and for the many compliments and words of encouragement I have received.

Chris Stillwell

Now Available as Shareware

I have just seen what is probably the most high-tech add-on utility in existence for Personal Ancestral File. ... This is a cool program.   Dick Eastman
Version 1.0    -    January 31st, 1998.
PAF Viewer version 1.0 was made available as shareware after being favorably reviewed in the January 19, 1998 edition of Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Version 1.1    -    March 31st, 1999.
It has been slow in comming but I finally updated the applet to read GEDCOM files, including compressed GEDCOM files created by a utility such as WinZip. The appearance has been slightly updated and enhancements for both performance and capability have been made to the Search screen. Since the applet is no longer restricted to reading only PAF files I have chosen to rename it the Gen Viewer Applet.

Go to the  Gen Viewer Applet Shareware  page to get your copy now !

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