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Surname Origins

CUTHBERTSON is derived from CUTHBERT, meaning "son of CUTHBERT."

St. CUTHBERT, briefly bishop of Lindesfarne in the 7th century A.D., the most well-known and venerated saint in the north of England, was renowned for miracles of healing.  His body was laid in Durham Cathedral during the Middle Ages, making it a popular pilgrimage site.

Many followers of the Saint located on both sides of the border, in northern England (Northumberland & Durham) and in southern Scotland, named sons after the Saint.  Later, when surnames came to be used, "son" would have been added to the name of descendants of anyone named CUTHBERT.  From Saint CUTHBERT also came the name Kirkcudbright, a shire and town in southern Scotland.

There were CUTHBERTSONs in the Lothians -- around Edinburgh -- and in Angus and Aberdeenshires.  The CUTHBERTSONs of Castlehill, who held the title "Lord Castlehill," lived in the highlands, and the CUTHBERTSON coat of arms is believed to belong to them.  There were also many CUTHBERTSONs in Ayrshire, in the region of Kilmarnock and its surrounding parishes such as Kilmaurs, Fenwick, Stewarton, etc.  Variant spellings of the name include CURBETSON, CURBISON, CORBETTSON, KIRBETSON, and KIRBITSON.

Although the CUTHBERTSONs today have no arms of their own, they do have a slight claim to a tartan.  Kilmaurs lies in the district of Cunningham, and that tartan may be worn by them as a district tartan, rather than as a family tartan.  James CUTHBERTSON I (The First) and Margaret TODD are buried in the Kilmaurs Kirkyard just outside the "aisle" of the church where the headmen of the CUNNINGHAM family, the Earls of Glencairn, are buried. mc

One of the earliest records was of John CUTBERDSON, 1410 rfcy as referenced in: dbs, p. 92.

Other early records include:

John CUTHBERTSON, of Aberdeen, Scotland, was a Burgess there in 1444. nor

Mary CURBETSON, m. August 26th 1781, Thomas BURT, at St. Andrews, Enfield, Middlesex. nor

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mc Michael Cuthbertson  [Email: mjc at]  Last Contact: Aug 2003.

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