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The following pages are dedicated to those interested in the CULBERT family, and related surnames such as:
and their various derivative spellings.

The reason I am including surnames other than my own family of CULBERT is because I have seen convincing evidence that the surnames of these families often changed over time.  As one example, my earliest known ancestor was shown as Moses CUTHBERT on the ship's passenger list when he emigrated from Ireland, however our family has always been known as CULBERT in America.  We may never know if changes such as this were intentional, or caused by the errors of those collecting this information.

Surnames began to be used in France about the year 1000 A.D., and in England in the century that followed. lrc  Most of the surnames found on this website are variations of the present day CULBERT or CUTHBERT.  For example, in an earlier time the son of a CUTHBERT father was called CUTHBERTSON.  There are many commercial histories available for these surnames, many of which jump to an etymological conclusion that these surnames are English.  In particular, they claim that CUTHBERT is Saxon in origin and CULBERT is Norman in origin.  Although these surnames are found in England, usually on the border with Scotland, the overwhelming majority of the families resided in Scotland.  One significant grouping was in the Highlands of Scotland at Inverness.

This research is also dedicated to those people who chose to emigrate from their homelands to seek a better life in America, as my immigrant ancestor did in 1828.  The following was found on a scrap of paper in a old family Bible from the Irish FINNIGAN family of Ron WILD  [Email: ronwild at], who stated that John FINNIGAN and Sarah GREEN did meet again, since Ron found them in an institution in Nottinghamshire, England in their old age.  They were his Ggrandparents.


bonnie lass I'm coming away
and what I'll find I canna say
a better life for me and thee
across the wild Atlantic sea
I nae know what awaits me there
but here it's poverty and despair
I'll see tha bonnie face nae more
Til we meet on yonder shore

I am interested in receiving additional information on any of the surnames shown here.  I am committed to maintaining and expanding this web site so that all may benefit from our collective information.

lrc Lewis R. Culbertson, M.D., 1893, Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families, Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio.


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