John Cullumber of Madison County, Ohio


John Cullumber of Madison County, Ohio.

1.    John Cullumber was born ca. 25 December 1778, as he died 11 April 1845, aged 66 years 3 months 17 days, and was buried in West Jefferson Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio.(1) His place of birth is not certain.  He died before the 1850 U.S. census and no county history articles have been found which give a place of birth for him.  Those of his children who survived to appear in the 1880 U.S. census give various places of birth for their parents.

Geography of Madison County, Ohio

    John Cullumber purchased land in what is now Madison County, Ohio. The land is partly in Franklin County and partly in Madison County.  This explains why we records of the family in both counties.  In addition the boundaries of the county changed.  This is important partly because we need to remember that boundaries changed constantly in the early years.

History of the area
1784 Virginia Military Reserve ceded to Virginia for payment of soldiers from the Revolutionary War.
1787 Northwest Territory created.
1795 Indian permanently ceded the land.
1798 Ross County was created from Adams and Washington Counties and covered a very large area from Highland County North to Union County east to Knox and south to Jackson County.
1803 Ohio became a state and Franklin County, Ohio was formed from Ross County. [Earliest records burned.]
1810 Madison County formed from Franklin County
1818, 1820, 1827, 1845 Adjustments to boundaries In 1845, Madison County gained some land from Franklin County.  John Cullumber's land had been in that area.  I also believe that this explains why we cannot find a number of people in the 1850 census.  They were living close to that border which changed.  The Franklin County census takers thought these people were in Madison and the Madison census takers thought they were in Franklin.  See the map below.  

The heavy dark line is the boundary between Franklin and Madison Counties.  
This is from the 1862 Plat Map of Madison County from FHL no. 6079886. It shows where Thomas Cullumber was living which was also where John Cullumber lived.  In the estate records, you will see that he had purchased some of the land.  His land was in two townships in Madison County as well as in Franklin County.

Boundary Changes
boundary changes

West Jefferson Cemetery
New Hampton Cemetery

In Memory of John Cullumber died 11 Apr 1845, aged 66-3-17 (Birth date would have been 25 Dec 1778)
Patsy Cullumber, wife of John, died 19 Jul 1841 aged ?16-4-9
    ---" Monumental Inscriptions, West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio," p 273 of Ohio Cemetery Records, originally read 1904, published in the Old Genealogical Quarterly, v 2, p 62 per Jefferson Township Records. In March 1991, the stones were very weathered, The Patsy stone was almost blank, Jefferson Township records show ? beside the 1 in aged 16 years.  The cemetery is now called Hampton Cemetery.  Stones read from left to right: Martha, spaces, John, Patsy, Malinda, Rebecca, spaces, Phenus stone no longer there.  

There is no doubt that Patsy's stone was misread in 1904 and it is 99 % blank now.  Later census records suggest she was younger than John.

New Hampton Cemetery contains about 2 acres near village of Jefferson, started 1823, grounds never regularly laid out or maintained until recent years.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located about one mile west of Jefferson and contains five acres, started 1864.
Blair Cemetery located 4 miles NW of town [Jefferson] contains 1 acre, about 200 interments. Sometimes called Pleasant Hill.
Calvary Cemetery is 3/4 of mile S of Catholic Church on the Lilly Chapel pike and consists of two acres donated in 1877. 
Town of Jefferson was formerly New Hampton.
Methodist Episcopal Church at Lilly Chapel was organized about 1828.  Present Church built about 1850.
----History of Madison County, Ohio, (Chicago: W.H. Beers, 1883), p 641, 801.

 Children of John Cullumber who survived to 1880

I tried to find all of these children in 1880 to see where they said their parents were born.  I was surprisingly successful which did me little good.  You will see that there is no consensus.  
        Allen Cullumber died on 21 June 1880. (2) The census was actually taken on the 21 through 24 June which was after his date of death.  However, the instructions to the enumerator said to include any person living in that household on 1 June 1880, and to give the age at the last birthday,(3) so Allen was included on the population schedule. The question about his parent’s places of birth was presumably answered by Allen’s widow who said that the places were unknown.(4) In Thomas Cullumber’s 1880 U.S. census, his father’s place of birth was given as Ohio.  His mother’s place of birth is very faint, but appears to be Kentucky.(5) Mary (Cullumber) Morford’s 1880 census entry has both of her parents born in Ohio. (6) John Cullumber’s 1880 U.S. census said that both of his parents were born in Kentucky.(7)  John’s 1890 census survived and in it, the birth place for his father was given as Virginia, and that of his mother was given as Ohio.(8) William Cullumber’s 1880 U.S. census entry has both of his parents born in New Jersey.  In 1900, William was living with his son, James Cullumber.  James was the census enumerator so he might have been expected to be accurate about his own family. However, he noted the birth place for his father’s father as Ohio and the birthplace of his father’s mother was unknown. (10)
        Although a number of these entries say that the parents were born in Ohio, this is actually very unlikely.  It appears that John would have been born ca. 1778, and there simply was not much in the way of white families in Ohio at that time. Consequently, it would seem more likely that he simply moved to Ohio at a very young age.  Since the answers in 1880 were so varied, no conclusions can be drawn from the answers.  So it is necessary to look elsewhere for his antecedents. 
        The surname Cullumber is an unusual one.  A search of early census indexes and tax records showed that the only place this surname appeared before 1800 was in Calvert County, Maryland. In 1800, the name also appeared in the U.S. Census in Wilkes County, North Carolina. This may represent a migration to North Carolina from Maryland.  Just after the Revolutionary War, there were a large number of families who moved from southern Maryland area to North Carolina.  Cullumber is an unusual name and it simply does not appear in other states.  There is a long list of Cullumbers who were in the revolution from Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties in Maryland. However, there is no way to prove John’s parentage or place of birth, because of the repeated destruction of the Calvert County Courthouse and records. Even though the 1790 Maryland census survived, the Calvert County census did not.  In 1800, there are two households with male children between the ages of ten and sixteen.  Those households are both in Calvert County. Rebecca Cullumber and Jesse Cullumber both had males the right age.  Since it is the sole piece of evidence, I am mentioning it here even though I see no way to prove if either of these children was John. John did not name a child Rebecca or Jesse unless that child died early and did not leave any record.  There are a large number of Rebeccas among John’s grand daughters.  However, this is probably due to that fact that several of his children married the children of Armiger Lilly and Rebecca Hutchinson and presumably named children after her.  See Appendix A: for an extract of all of the Cullumber records I have been able to locate from before 1800.

    John married (1) 24 November 1814, in Franklin County, Ohio, Patsey Forguson. They were married by John Turner, Justice of the Peace.(11) There is doubt about both the date and the place of birth of Martha "Patsey" Forguson. There was a consent form for the marriage in which Thomas Ferguson says that her family has no objections to her marrying.(12)  This suggests that she was not yet eighteen years of age so that she was born after 24 November 1796.  However, the consent form does not specifically say she was underage.  According to the 1840 census, the oldest female in John’s household was born between 1790 and 1800. A date of birth for Martha in that decade fits well with their marriage in 1814. There is a tombstone for Patsy Cullumber in West Jefferson Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio was read in 1904 as: died 19 July 1841, aged 16? years, 4 months and 9 days.(13)  The ? indicates that the number of years was not clear even then. The tombstone was of sandstone and was so blank in 1990 that I could read only a hint of the name. Consequently, it is not even absolutely sure that this is her tombstone. If this is her tombstone, it is obvious that the reading is wrong, but no proof has been found of her actual age at death. If the tombstone actually read aged 46, 4 months, 9 days, she would have been born in 1795 which would mean that she was actually over 18 at the time of her marriage and did not need the consent form so that is also unlikely.  
    The entries for her place of birth in the 1880 censuses of her children are mostly divided between Ohio and Kentucky. There were several Fergusons in Franklin County in this time frame. For those whose birth place was known, it was Kentucky.  She may have been the daughter of Thomas and Mary Ferguson. Her name is Patsey on marriage record and the tombstone which is attributed to her. Malinda Cullumber's tombstone reads: daughter of J. and M. which presumably refers to John and Martha.  Patsy was a common nickname for Martha, so this is all reasonable.
    The only other evidence of her date of birth is the consent form which was filed. The DAR published an extraction of all of the consent forms for Franklin County, Ohio. The consent form read: Thomas Ferguson says there is no objection on the part of her family for her to marry. John’s surname appears as Collumber only because we know what it says.  If you don't it is easy to misread as something else in the marriage record, Calhernsten in the index and as Cullumber on the original piece of paper from which the records in this book were copied.  Unfortunately, the clerk at the probate court denied all knowledge of the present day whereabouts of these consent forms. She thought they were thrown away when the new courthouse was built. Many of their records were sent to the Ohio Historical Society which also denies all knowledge of these. In any case, if she was not 18 on 24 November 1814, she must have been born after 24 November 1796. 

Looking at the following photocopy of the Franklin County, Ohio marriage record, I think you can see why it has been consistently indexed incorrectly and transcribed incorrectly..

John Cullumber marriage

Second marriage
     John married (second) 1 August 1842, in Franklin County, Ohio, by Wm. Walker, J.P., Matilda Stone.(15) Martha Matilda (–?–) Stone, born 12 May 1799, Pennsylvania, died 8 October 1877, Pleasant Township, Madison County, Ohio, aged 78.(16)    Miss [sic] Martha Cullumber married (third) 3 May 1848, in Madison County, Ohio, by George J. Archer, Minister of the Gospel, Mr. Samuel Ogilesvie.(17)            
    Matilda Stone in the marriage record, later turns up as Martha M.  So her name may have been Martha Matilda Stone. Martha Cullumber married Samuel Ogilsvie 3 May 1848 in Madison County, Ohio. She is in census with him in 1850, but appears to have separated from him by 1860 living elsewhere in 1860.  Possible Stoner connection but there is no proof.: Edward Stone m. Matilda Mason 27 Feb 1831, Clark County, Ohio.
1860 Pleasant Twp, Madison County, Ohio; Roll: M653_1004; Page: 457; 323: Mount Sterling: James Graham 22 OH; Elizabeth Graham 18 OH; Martha M Oglesbee 61 PA.

1870 Pleasant Twp, Madison County, Ohio; Roll: M593_1238; Page: 702B: Martha M Cullumber 70 Pennsylvania $1800 200. She was living alone but there were several Grahams living nearby.   

Estate Records:

Madison Co, OH Probate Count Case # AA133-Estate Papers and will show children Madison Co, OH Common Pleas Case Bk 2 p 8407 book 3 p 337-44 shows children.

See copy on Estate Records of John Cullumber

Probate Court Case AA981, Madison County Courthouse, London, OH
   John Cullumber: dated 1 Feb 1845, proved 17 Apr 1845
        Know all men by these presents that I, John Cullumber, of Madison County of Fairfield Township do appoint George G McDonald of said county administrator of my estate and the said George G McDonald is to go on and settle my estate after my decease.
    I will that my widow have all the house furniture and property which she had before I married her and after all debts are paid she is to have all that the law will allow her and pay eleven dollars for two tombstones out of her share.  Again I will that the rest of the heirs have an equal share as they become of age except Allen and Thomas who have had their share of land and money. Witnessed by Armiger Lilly and George Archer.        my
                             John    x    Cullumber

Property sold by Executor of the Estate of John Cullumber 13 May 1845
1 Copper Kettle             .45  William Gardner
1 vinegar barrel             .57  John Thomas
1 lot of Harrow Teeth ____     1.14  Thomas Cullumber
1 big wheel                 1.00  Enos Rapp
1 Auger                    .56  Frederick Morford
2    Do [ditto]            .62 1/2 Henry Jonas
1 drawer knife            .51  Enos Rapp
1 Bark Pealer                .12  Thomas Cullumber   
2  Do    Do                     .08  Moses Byers
1 Iron 2 shovels            .26  Daniel Durflinger
1 lot. shoe Makers Tools        .68  John L. Chenworth
2 Sickles                .55  Moses Byers
2   Do                    .40  Enos Rapp
2   Do                    .12  Joel Painter
1 lot old iron 2 hammers        .56  John Thomas
1 bundle of leather            .80  Moses Byers
1 shovel & 2 corn hoes        .12  Enos Rapp
1 saddle & bridle             3.95   Do   Do
1 lot of old chains            .51  John Chenworth
1 log chain                 1.25  John Penke
1 shovel plough            .62 1/2 Henry Jonas
1 Mattock                 1.06  William Ferguson
1 choping ax                .51  Daniel Durflinger
1   Do    Do                    .50  Henry Jonas
1 Scyth & corn cutter        .41  John Thomas
1   Do     Do   Do            .13  Samuel Benjamin
1 hand saw                .44  William Ferguson
1 ____ cut saw             3.62  George Frances
1 grind stone                .84  Joel Painter
1 bedstead                .61  William Gray
1   Do                    .20  Henry Jonas
1 Bed Beding & Bedstead         6.56  James Morse
1  Do   Do      Do              7.31  John Morford
1 Table                 .51  Henry Jonas
1 griddle                .76  William Durflinger
1 dutch oven                .41  John Thomas
1 copper pot and lantern        .41  George Frances
1 Sad Iron & candle Stick        .13  Henry Jonas
1 hazel hoe                .38  William Cartmill
1 Rifle Gun & moles             8.00  Silas Benjamin
1 par sheep shearer & _______   .62  George Thomas
1 par steelyards            .62  Benjamin Ferguson
1 ____                    .26  John Thomas
1 dining table             5.06  John Chambers
1 Ham Barrel                .06 1/4  Thomas Cullumber
1 Beaurau                 5.12  Martha Cullumber
1 Mantle clock             8.81  John Chambers
1 new _______                 3.06 1/4  John Thomas
1 old   Do                .50  Abner Bradfield
1  Do   Do                 .87 1/4  James Morse
1  DO   Do                .19  John Thomas
1  Do   Do                .76  Henry Jonas
1  sheet                .29  William Gray
1 Table Cloth                .50  George Frances
1 candlestand                .25  George Cly
1 Big plough                 7.01  John Chenworth
1 iron kettle                 1.38  John Thomas
1 brush scyths             1.51  William Ferguson
1 shovel plough             1.75  George Harris
1 half bushel measure        .12 1/4  Henry Jonas
1   Do   Do    Do            .16  Daniel Durflinger
1 two horse wagon            27.25  Samuel Hunter
lot flax _______             2.25  Daniel Jacobs
1 set horse gears             2.40  James Davidson
1 DO   Do   Do                2.26  George Norris
1 iron tank                  .14  Moses Byers
1  Do   Do                .12    Do   Do
1  Do   Do                .15  George Archer
1  Iron Tank                .52  Moses Byers
1  Cutting Box             2.82  George Archer
lot of rye in the sheath    2.70  Henry Jonas
4 1/2 bushels rye             2.00  John Chambers
1 windmill                 1.81  Thomas Cullumber
1 Stone box                .25 John Byers
1   Do   Do                .30  John Chambers
1    Roan Horse            47.75   Benjamin Gardner
1 gray mare not sold
1 sorrell catt            10.06  John Cullumber
1 bay filly                11.50  William Godfrey
1 milch cow with _____        11.00  James Morse
1 spotted heifer             8.00   Do    Do
1 blind bridle            .25  James Davidson
1 yearling bull             4.00  John Hunter
1   Do     steer             4.75   Do    Do
1   Do      Do             2.25   Do   Do
1   Do     heifer             2.94   Do   Do
1  Do      steer             4.00  James Johnson
7  shoats                15.75  Peter  Firman
21   Do                    30.24   Do      Do
6 sheep                       9.12  Thomas Young
6  Do                     8.64  Jonathon Hancock
6  Do                     6.00    Do      Do
1 _____ wheat growing         3.40  Wesley Lilly
1  Do     Do    Do             4.00  Do      Do
1  Do     Do    Do             4.12  Joseph Ballence
1  Do    Rye    Do             6.00  Daniel Durflinger
1  __________                .25  John Byers
1 trace chain                  .37 1/2 John Chenworth
4 Barrel & keg            .53  Henry Jonas
                 335.44 1/2
July 1/1845  sold the sick cows  31
                  336.44 1/2
 The above sale Bill is correct John W. Simpkins Clerk of Sale

Case Book 2, Court of Common Pleas, Madison Co Courthouse, London, OH, p 84-7:
Petition for Dower Matilda Cullumber vs. William Cullumber et al
30 Aug 1845 Matilda Cullumber represents that John Cullumber departed this life on or about 15 Mar 1845 leaving the petioner his widow and relict and William Cullumber, Phenis Cullumber, Tobitha Cullumber, Margaret Cullumber, Alpheus Cullumber, Martha Gardiner formerly Martha Cullumber and Benjamin Gardner, her husband, John Cullumber, Mary Moreford formerly Mary Cullumber and John Moreford her husband and Thomas Cullumber all of Madison Co, OH Nancy Lilly formerly Nancy Cullumber and Elijah Lilly her husband of the state of Indiana and Allen Cullumber of the territory of Texas his heirs at law (John Cullumber's heirs)  .....petitioner requests dower right in 149 acres of land in survey 6570 less 27 1/2 acres sold to John W Simpkins leaving 121 1/2 acres.  Petitioner was granted full equal third as dower.

Sept term 1845- p 510 June 1846
Matilda Cullumber vs George McDonald adm of John Cullumber dec'd petitioned for further allowance on motion to the court by Mr Smith, counsel for petition.  It is ordered that the Petitioner be allowed the further sum of 40 dollars for her year's support.

Case Book 3, Court of Common Pleas, Madison Co Courthouse, London, OH p 337-44:
Petition for partition 5 Apr 1853 Thomas Cullumber Plaintiff, Wesley Lilly et al defendents: Your petitioner Thomas Columber of the county and state aforesaid respectfully represents that your petitioner together with Allen Columber who resides in the state of Texas, Nancy Lilly wife of Elijah Lilly and formerly Nancy Columnber who resides in the state of Indiana, Mary Morford wife of John Morford formerly Mary Columber who resides in the state of Illinois, John Columber, Tobitha Gardner wife of Benjamin Gardner and formerly Tobitha Coluber, Alfred Columber, Margaret Columber and Wesley Lilly who reside in Madison Co in the state of Ohio are seized of an estate as tenants in common in the following land...121 1/2 acres.  That your petitioner demands that partition be made of said premises as follows:
     Thomas Cullumber    2/63
     Allen Cullumber     2/63
     Mary Morford        2/63
     John Cullumber      2/63
     Nancy Lilly         2/63
     Alfred Cullumber    1/9 + 2/63
    Margaret Cullumber  1/9 + 2/63
    Wesley Lilly the remainder
    [Note from June Byrne: Wesley Lilly had previously purchased parts from John and William and others. According to John's will, Thomas and Allen had already had their share so this 2/63 is the part inherited from their sibling, Phenus, who died after John's death and before the settlement. ]

Your petitioner further represents that Matilda Oglesvie who was the widow of John Cullumber dec'd is entitled to dower right in the whole thst dower right has been assigned to her in the same by a proceeding in the court upon her own application, that she has intermarried with  [blank area] Oglesvie since the assignment of said dower, that the following premises a part of the above described lands was set off and assigned to the said Matilda in said proceedings as her dower estate in said premises.......containing 20 acres.  That your petitioner Thomas Cullumber and all the defendents except Wesley Lilly devise title to said premises as heirs at law of John Cullumber who died seized of the same, that said Wesley Lilly derives title to same by purchase from John and William Cullumber.........Ammended petition as follows.... That your petitioner Thomas Cullumber, Allen Cullumber, Mary Morford, Nancy Lilly and John Cullumber derive title to said premises as heirs at law of Fenas Cullumber and Martha Gardner; that said John Cullumber purchased of John Morford and Mary Morford one undivided ninth of said premises and of Nancy Lilly and Elijah Lilly one undivided ninth of said premises that said John Cullumber has since sold one third of said premises to Wesley Lilly that William Cullumber, one of the heirs at law of said John Cullumber dec'd has since the death of Fenas Cullumber and Martha Gardner sold his entire interest in said premises to said Wesley Lilly
.......Report from commissioners that premises cannot be divided according to the command of this court without manifest injury to value thereof and estimate the value at 11 dollars per acres, 16 Nov 1852, land advertised for public auction
Dec 1852,...April term of 1853, Thomas Cullumber and Wesly Lilly elect to take said estate at said evaluation of said commissioners..sheriff to provide deed in fee simple. 

[Note that Thomas purchased part of John's land.]

Probate Court Case # AA133, Madison County Courthouse, London, OH
17 Mar 1846 Court appointed Thomas Cullumber to be the guardian of Phenas Cullumber, Wm Cullumber, Althea Cullumber and Margaret Cullumber
enclosed documents:  Various receipts including one from John and Mary Morford of Dewitt County, Illinois, dated 8 Dec 1865 for her share of estate. Also E. and Maggy Horn for shares.  Also Benjamin and Tobitha Garner [his signature is clear] Also charge on estate for Expenses of Alfred Cullumber Deceased charges covering 1860 and 1861 for doctor's care, funeral, tombstone and expense of waiting on him while ill.  Final estate settlement 8 Dec 1865.

John may have been in Ross County, Ohio befure he moved to Madison.  Madison County was formed in 1810 from Franklin. There are records of some Cullembers there in the War of 1812.  A John Cullumber was in the same unit as Thomas Ferguson. There was also a Phenus Cullumber in Ross County in the war. I haven't been able to prove who is who.

Madison County, Ohio Land Records:               
12 January 1833 Matthew and Ann Bonner to John Cullumber (of Franklin Co) 149 acres in Madison Co.
1 June 1837 Matthew and Ann Bonner to John Cullumber of Madison Co, 64 acres. Madison Co
26 June 1835 John and Patsy Cullumber to Joseph Ferguson 30 acres Madison Co
29 March 1837 John and Patsy Cullumber to John Simpkins of Madison Co 27 1/2 acres Madison Co
8 July 1843 John and Matilda Cullumber to Thomas Cullumber 63 acres Madison Co

See also Other Cullumbers page.  There are some items that could be our John or another John.  

1920 Census of Franklin County, Ohio did not survive.  

    ∙    1830 Franklin County, OH Pleasant Twp, M19 roll 131, page 54: John 20110001-111001 [Note boundary lines changed shortly after this. His land actually laid across the border of the two counties.]
1830 Federal Census shows John Cullumberhousehold:
    2     free white males under 5    Wm, John Jr
    1             male 10-15        Thomas
    1             male 15-20        Allen
    1              male 50-60        John
    1             female under 5    Martha
    1             female 5-10        Mary
    1             female 10-15        Nancy
    1             female 30-40         Martha "Patsy"
              ---Pleasant Township, Franklin County, OH, roll 131, p 54.

    ∙    1840 Madison County, OH Jefferson Twp, M704 roll 411, page 9, line 6:  John Columbar 01110001-1111001
1840 Federal Census shows John Columbar household:
    1      free white male 5-10        Phenus
    1             male 10-15        William or John
    1             male 15-20        William or John
    1             male 50-60        John           
    1            female under 5    Margaret
    1             female 5-10        Tobitha
    1             female 15-20        Mary or Martha
    1             female 40-50        Martha "Patsy"
    ---- 2 farmers, Jefferson Township, Madison County, OH, roll 411, p 9.

Children of John Cullumber and Martha "Patsy" Forguson


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