Children of John Cullumber

Children of John Cullumber and Martha "Patsy" Forguson

The obituary of Thomas Cullumber stated that he was one of 12 children of John and Patsy Cullumber.  Therefore we have all of the children.


1.  Allen Cullumber   1815? Married (1) Nancy Lilly.  I have found no Allen's in the Cullumber family nor in the Forguson group.  Possibly it is a last name used as a first name.  All records show his year of birth as 1815. It is possible that Allen and Nancy were twins. .

2.  Nancy Cullumber 1815 married Elijah Lilly
3.  Thomas F. Cullumber 1817 married (1) Emily Lilly.  Possibly named after Martha Ferguson's father? Thomas Ferguson?
4.  Mary Cullumber   1821 married John Morford.      There was a Mary Ferguson in the county
 5. Martha Cullumber ? possibly named after her mother.
Martha Cullumber, married 24 July 1843, in Madison County, Ohio, Benjamin Gardner. Martha died before January 1851, because Benjamin married her sister Tobitha.  See Tobitha.  Benjamin and Martha are not known to have had children. Much info from Furnas County Family Genealogy FAMILY GROUP SHEET Benjamin Gar(d)ner, born 10 May 1819, died 21 April 1876, Beaver City, Furnas County, Nebraska, buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Furnas County.
6.   John Cullumber 1828 married Drisilla Anderson Possibly named aftr father.
7.  William Cullumber 1829 married Louisa Fleming William Ferguson
8.  Phenus Cullumber  1831 Possibly named after the Phenias Cullumber in the War of 1812, served out of Ross County, Ohio where a John also served.
Phenus Cullumber, born ca. 1831, as he died 1848, aged 17 years, buried West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio. His tombstone read: son of.  He is buried next to John Cullumber [ “Monumental Inscriptions, West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio, copied 23 July 1904, by D. E. Phillips,” Ohio Cemetery Records, (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1984), 273.]  
 9.   Tobitha Cullumber  1834 married Benjaman Gardner who had previously married her sister Martha.  
10.  Malinda Cullumber  1836 possibly named after Malinda Ferguson
Malinda Cullumber was born ca. 1836, as she died 1837, aged 1 year 1 month. According to the published account, her tombstone in West Jefferson Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio, read: daughter of J. and M. [ “Monumental Inscriptions, West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio, copied 23 July 1904, by D. E. Phillips,” Ohio Cemetery Records, (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1984), 273.] The stone is now almost blank.
11.    Margaret Cullumber  1836-1837  Possibly named for Margaret Ferguson who married John Chenoweth. She was living with them in 1850. She may have been a twin to Malinda.
12.   Alfred Cullumber  1840
Alfred Cullumber was born ca. 1840, Ohio, died 1861, Madison County, Ohio according to a note in his father’s probate file. In one paper he was referred to as Alpheus.
1860 Madison County, OH Fairfield Twp page 437B, 719/732 NARA M653 roll 1004: Thomas Cullumber 44 Farmer OH $4000/1400; Emily S. 44 VA; Mary 14 OH; Rebbecca A. 12 OH; Margaret 10 OH; Willliam 8 OH; Sarah C. 7 OH; Thomas A. 4 OH; Alfred Cullumber 20 OH Farmhand $577 personal property; Armiger Lilly 78 VA Retired; William Lilly 56 VA Farmer [no property values listed].  

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