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Revolutionary War Service 

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See also Maryland Militia Records on Pre 1810 Research. These names are from army records and are separate from militia records.

The following records are from  They were sent to me by Nedra Brill.

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From Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, index p 198
Cullember, John 7 Cl, E [I was sent this and don't know what the abbreviations are. Presumably it refers to the following record.]

John Cullumber in company of Wm/Will Johnston in the 7th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan.  Morgan was from Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia.  He was one of the really famous generals of the war. This regiment, as nearly as I can tell, was supposed to have come from the Berkeley County area.  We need to research some of the other names in this to tell if this is true or not. There is a lot of information about names from that area and time period in Historic Shepherdstown by Danske Dandridge. It is out of copyright and available free on Google Books. There are rent rolls which were a type of tax list on pages 62-73.  I do not see these names in these lists.  But the rent rolls were the land owners and this muster roll is more likely to be single men without land.  There are other tax lists starting in 1783 and I have searched them for Cullumber, I have not searched them for these other names.  

Payroll Record of Captain Wm. Johnston's Company in the 7th Virginia Regiment for the month of July 1779
Cover page

John Cullumber, no. 31, July 1779
July 1779

Jno Cullumber no. 20, September 1779
September 1779

Jno Cullumber, no. 20 October 1779
October 1779


John Cullumber:
From Pension file of Basil Hatton of Piscataway, Prince Georges County, MD,
pension record S. 8665.
John Cullumber: This is a list of names which appears to be people Basil served with that heis trying to contact to prove his service.
Hatton Pension Record


Thomas Callumber
Served in the Maryland Artillery.  A Matross is a person who aids in preparing the gun to fire. There are an additional 10 pages of pay cards which I am not including here.
He was wounded and paid through 1 January 1782.

page 282 

Acct of sundry soldiers on half pay

Thomas Cullumber Service Record

Charles Cullumber:
Charles Cullumber no. 18, draft "draught" return.  Note he was from in Calvert County, Maryland.
Draft Return

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