War of 1812 Cullumbers
Cullember- Cullumber

War of 1812 Cullumbers 

1812 Cullumber War Records:
No Pension Records for any of below

A. military Records from National Archive index
B. information from military record in National Archives
C. information from Roster of Ohio Soldiers in 1812. DAR Library
D. Unindexed Bounty Land Applications at National Archives when extant.
  No unindexed bounty land applications exist except as noted for any similar spellings according to file clerk. 

Note: From Ohio
Richard Collumber Renick's Reg Ross County, Ohio
John Collumbia McDonald's Reg [See Ferguson connection to McDonald]
Ponney/Fenney [Finney?] Cullumber, Ferguson's Reg, Ross County, Ohio
Phenes Cullumber, Odles' Co, same as John Cullumber
John Cullumber, Odles's Co, Ferguson's Reg, Ross County, Ohio

These seem to be in the same geographic area, basically from Ross County, Ohio. Note that John Cullumber of Franklin and Madison Counties, Ohio, had a son named Phenus. John also married a Ferguson. These people must be connected but I am not sure how. 

1. Richard Collumber
    A. Pvt/Pvt Renick's Reg, Ohio Militia
    B. Pvt Capt Robert Reid's Company of rifleman, Ohio Militia commanded by Col James Renick.  Muster Roll: 30 Aug 1812 to present(13 Oct 1812).  no date given for discharge. 
    C. Capt Robert Reid's Company, prob from Delaware Co. from 28 Jul to 6 Sep 1813.
    [This is the same Reg as Joshua and Solomon Clover served in.  They are known to have been in Ross County, Ohio at this time. ]

2. Aquilla Collumbia originally Aquilla Columber
    A. Pvt/Pvt 5 Reg VA Militia also 4th Reg VA Militia

3. Hesikiah Collumbia
    A. Pvt/Pvt 49 Reg (Veasey's) MD Militia
    B. Pvt/Pvt Cap Thomas Patten's Co, 49 Reg (Veasey's) MD MIlitia, 26 Aug 1814 to 27 Oct 1814,Resident of Hartford Co, discharged Baltimore (34 miles),

4. John Collumbian originally John Bowman [See also no. 7.]
    A. Pvt/Pvt McDonalds Reg OH MIlitia

5. Fonney Columber originally Fenney Columber
    A. Cpl/Cpl, 2 Reg Ferguson's Ohio Militia
    B.  Cpl/Cpl, Cpt John Entrekin's Co of Inf, 28 Jul to 7 Sep 1813, 2 Reg     (Ferguson's) of OH MIlitia
    C. Corp Finney Collumber, Capt John Entrekin's Company (prob from Ross Co, OH) served from 28 Jul to 7 Sep 1813

6. Phenhes Cullember
    A. no entry in index for Phenhes
    B. Request for record came back with no entry under this name in this organization
    C. Pvt in Capt Caleb Odle's Company, same company as John Cullumber

7. John Cullumber
    A. Cpl/cpl 2 Reg't Ferguson's Ohio Militia
    B. Cpl entered 26 Oct 1813, discharged 12 Nov 1813, Captain Caleb Odle's Company, 2 Reg't Ohio Militia.
    C. Capt Caleb Odle's Company prob from Ross Co, 26 Oct to 12 Nov 1813. Part of company served from 28 Jul to 18 Aug 1813.
    D. None

8. Henry Columbus
    A. Pvt/Pvt Hudspeth's and Brown's Regt KY MIlitia

9. Joseph Colombe
    A. De CLowt's Reg LA Militia

10. John Cullember
    A. Pvt/Pvt 31 Reg Hodgkin's & Tany's MD Militia
    B. Pvt John Cullember entered 10 Apr 1813, discharged 17 Apr 1813, due $2.13. On roll of Capt Charles Gantt's Detachment of the 31 Reg't of     Maryland Militia ordered on service in Apr 1813 stationed at Drum Point, Calvert County, MD
    d. no bounty land applications

11. Joshua Cullember
    A. Pvt/Pvt 31 Reg Hodgkin's & Tany's MD Militia
    B. Capt Joseph Griffiss' Detachment of 31 MD MIlitia (Taney's) ordered on duty 4 Jun 1814.  5 Jun 1814 to 6 Jun 1814 roll dated 10 Sep 1814 Calvert Co, MD from Capt Gantt's Co.  Also Pvt 1st Lt William K Fitzhugh's Detachment of same Reg't ordered on service in July 1814, served 30 Jul to 8 Aug 1814, Roll dated 5 Sep 1814, Calvert Co, MD. Also Lt William Clare's Detachment of same Reg't ordered in service JUn 1814, served 18 Jul 1814 to 22 Jul 1814, roll dated 10 Sep 1814, Calvert Co, MD.
    D. 11 Mar 1851 Joshua Cullumber aged 63, a resident of Saint Mary's Co, MD declares that he is the Joshua Cullumber who served in the company of MD Militia commanded by Capt William Clare commanded by Col Miley Taney in the war with Great Britain declared by the US on 18 Jun 1812, that he enlisted at Drum Point, Calvert Co, MD in 1813 for the war and continued in actual service in said war for about 12 months and was honorably discharged near St Leonard's Creek, Calvert Co, MD about Sept 1814 but received no written discharge.  He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may be entitled under the Act of 28 Sept 1850, Signed Joshua Cullumber, Sealed by Mw Maddox of St Mary's County Court.[MD]  Joseph Spalding of Leonardtown MD is listed as Joshua's Agent. 

13. George Cullenber
    A. Pvt/Pvt 31 Reg Hodgkin's & Tany's MD Militia
    B. Pvt/Pvt 31 Reg Taney's MD Militia, Cpt Benjamin Gray's Detachment, ordered on service in June, 1814.  Capt Hance's Co, Served 10 Jun 1814 to 12 Jun 1814, owed $.79.  Roll dated 2 Dec 1814, Calvert Co, MD.

14. Thomas Cullumber
    A. Pvt/Pvt 31 Reg Hodgkin's & Taney's MD Militia
    B. Pvt/Pvt Capt Joseph Griffiss' Detachment of the 31 Reg of Maryland militia ordered on duty on 4 Jun 1814.  (Taney's Reg't). Roll dated 10 Sep 1814, Calvert Co, MD. Served 5 days, 4 Jun 1814 to 8 Jun 1814.
15. Matthew Cullember
    A. Pvt/Pvt 4 Reg't VA Militia, (Boyd's)
    B. Pvt/Pvt, Lt Braxton Davenport, 4 Reg VA Militia (Boyd's) 20 Apr to 10 May 1814. Also Capt Thomas Cramer's Co of Inf, same Reg't, 10 May to 2 Aug 1814. Roll 10 May 1814 at Peach Orchard rear of FT Norfolk.  Discharged 2 Aug 1814, 320 miles from home on roll dated 2 Aug at Norfolk. 

16. William Cullembar
       A. Pvt/Pvt 4 Reg't VA Militia, LTC Huston and Wooding
       B. Pvt/Pvt Capt Jacob Fry's Co of Inf, 4 Reg't of VA Militia, Enlisted 15 Jul 1814 enlisted till 3 Feb 1815, discharged 1 Oct 1814. Also Capt John Sloan's Co of Inf formerly commanded by Capt J Fry, 4 Reg VA Militia (Lt Col Huston & Lt Col Wooding), 15 Jul 1814 to 1 Oct 1814. 
       D. 9 Mar 1855, Declaration and affidavit by William Cullumber aged 60  years on the 17 Jan 1855, a resident of Fairfield Co, OH, saying he is the person who served in Capt Fry's Co and, after Capt Fry's death, in Capt Sloan's Co in Reg't of VA Militia commanded by Col Huston, in Gen'l Parter's Command in the war with Great Britain declared on 18 Jun 1812. Under the Act of Sept 28, 1850, he received a warrant for forty acres but "does not recollect as how he has legally disposed of it".  He makes this declaration to obtain the bounty land to which he may be entitled under the Act of Congress passed the 5 Day of March 1855. He further declares that he has not received nor applied for bounty land under this or any other acts of Congress except as above stated.  Signed with William Cullumber's mark, witnessed by Geo Kaufman, Geo Smith. Wm Cullumber's address given as Lancaster, OH. [160 acres is written on a piece of paper but it is not clear what that is referring to.]

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