Family of William Culumber of Fairfield County, Ohio
Cullember- Cullumber

William M. Culumber

The following information is courtesy of Robert Roth of California.  If you have further information about this family, please contact him at []
From Robert Roth: lists William Culumber as the son of John Cullumber born 1750 who fought in the Revolution in Virginia. Robert doubts this link and believes that William Cullumber/Culumber was the son of Nathaniel Cullember of Calvert County, Maryland.  William's mother was Cassandra Bowen of Calvert County. This agrees with what is in and with the research of Robert's aunt. [Note: See link to 
Cullumber Revolutionary War Service Records:]  Nathaniel's  censuses show young males of the right age. See Early Cullumbers for more on Nathaniel.

        William M Cullumber, was born January 17th, 1793 in Frederick, Maryland. He married Katherine Cameron in Virginia on December 21st, 1820. Katherine was born on May 6th 1797 in Virginia also. Her father, Thomas Cameron, was an immigrant from Perthshire, Scotland and died in Ontario, Canada. Some time after their marriage in 1820, the two moved to Ohio. They were farmers. Both died a day apart, April 8th & 9th, in Lancaster, Ohio, 1868. I can't find the reasons of their deaths.

        William & Katherine had many children, and one younger son was Jesse Amos Cullumber, born in Hocking, Ohio on March 3rd, 1833. Jesse married Rachel Elizabeth Lane, herself born in Ohio on May 12th, 1838. Rachel's lineage is impressive; I've traced her family back to the Lanes and Parrs of Tudor times in England.

        Jesse fought in the 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiment during the Civil War, taking part in quite a few actions over 3 years. After the war, the family moved to Illinois. They were farmers there. Jesse died in Nov 18th, 1904, Rachel died in Illinois in 1914.

        One of their many sons was Emmit William Culumber, dropping an "L" from the surname, born in Illinois on Feb 2nd, 1869. He married Caroline Cox, herself born in Illinois on Jun 21st 1878. They too had many children. One son, Jesse Loys Culumber, was born in Illinois on October 14th, 1897.

        Jesse Loys Culumber is my grandfather. He married Della Jeanette Griffin who was herself born in Indiana on Jun 9th 1902. They had five daughters, no sons.

Additional Virginia Information 

These may be connected to the above family. Since William married in Jefferson County, this is possibly the same family group.

FHL 0831292, Berkeley County, Virginia court orders 1795-1815, page 21. 
Orders of February Court 1798: 
Order to bind Cullumber
This would have been an order to bind a Cullumber as an apprentice.  No further information is in the court order book.  Another branch of my family was in Berkeley County and I have had an opportunity to search a lot of books and records.  I found no further Cullumber records in the County.

Since Jefferson County, Virginia was formed from Berkeley in 1801, these two census records are probably connected to the record in Berkeley County.
There are two census records for Cullumbers early in Virginia.  1810 has Jesse Cullumber in Jefferson County. 1820 has Jeremiah Cullumber in Jefferson County.

There was also a John Cullumber in the 7th Virginia Virginia Regiment See
Cullumber Revolutionary War Service Records 
This man may be connected to the Berkeley County records. He was in Captain Will Johnston's company in the 7th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan.  Morgan County was named after this man. The 7th was supposed to have come primarily from around the area of Frederick and Berkeley Counties.  We need to track down some of the other people in this unit to see if the members of this company were from Berkeley County also. In 
Historic Shepherdstown, by Danske Dandridge, there are many mentions of soldiers in Colonel Daniel Morgan's troops in this time frame.  It specifically says that he raised 11 companies from this area in 1777-1778. However, there is no mention of Wm/Will Johnston's Company, nor of a Cullumber. This book is on Google Books and available free. It has a transcription of the early rent rolls from the 1770s but there is no Wm/Will Johnston on the list. 

Jesse Cullember of VA
1810 Federal Census of Jefferson Co, VA
    Jesse Cullember
    1 Free White Male 26-45
    1   "    "   Female 16-26
    also 3 persons except Indians not taxed 
    ---this entry form Fay Cullunber, cryptic comment hers
1820 Federal Census of Jefferson Co, VA
    Matthus Cullumber
    1 m under 10
    1 m 26-45
    2 f under 10
    1 f 16-26
    engaged in manufacturing
    ---this entry from Faye who comments that this may be Matthew of Union Co and son of Jesse but the ages look wrong for that. They look more like brothers.  They may also have been brothers of the William Cullumber who married in 1820 in Jefferson County.  
William Cullember

William Cullunber mar Katherine Cameron 21 Dec 1820-marriage license Charles Town, West VA, Jefferson CO---Information sent by Faye Cullumber

War of 1812 Record:
Pvt in Capt Jacob Fry's Co Inf 4 Reg VA Militia, Col Huston under General Parter, Enlisted 15 Jul 1814, Discharge 1 Oct 1814, age 60 years on 17 Jan 1855, in 1851 a resident of Fairfield Co, OH.  PO Lancaster, OH, signed with mark, witness by Geo Kaufman, Geo Smith
    Unindexed bounty land record for William Cullember, National Archives. 

1850 Federal Census of Fairfield Co, OH, Hocking Twp, p 319
    William Cullember    54    M Farmer    2500    MD
    Catherine          53    F            VA over 21, can't read/write
    Rachel        21    F            VA
    Saul H        19    M     labor        VA
    Jesse A          16    M            OH
    Dorah E         12    F            OH   

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