Military History

Military History

This page is under construction. There is a great deal of info on the families that participated in the Revolution ,Civil, World War1 and World War 2 .

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The Revolutionary War

Enoch Evans, JR. (ca.1760-ca.1820): He served as a 1st Lieutenant in the American Revolution in Captain Irby's Company, Hicks Regiment 1780 .

Thomas Robeson,Jr(1739-1785):was a Colonel. Robeson county bears the name of Col. Thomas Robeson, a hero from the Battle of Elizabethtown, fought in September 1781 during the Revolutionary War. According to Judge Henry McKinnon, a charter member of the Robeson County Historical Society: "Col. Robeson is said to have demanded that the new county be named for him as a condition for supporting its creation. But Robeson died in 1785, so he could not have had a final say. Robeson never lived in the area that bears his name."

Robeson County is bounded by the state of South Carolina and Scotland, Hoke, Cumberland, Bladen and Columbus counties.

Mathew Brunson (1758-1781): Dar ID# 105036, He served 1775,as a Private in Capt. Matthew Singleton's Company of volunteers.

Henry Cannon(ca1757-1802): Dar ID #92478,Henry served as private under Gen.Francis Marion, South Carolina Line.

Daniel Sparks(1740-1810): He commanded a company of South Carolina melitia during the revolution under Col. Lemuel Benton 1781-1782. Info from DAR ID# 105776

Alexander Morrison(1717-1805): was Captain of a company of 35 men in the Revolutionary War. Capt. Alexander Morrison , Alexander Murdoch, John McLeod, and John Bethune were taken prisoners of war in North Carolina and taken to Pennsylvania. In December 1776, the free and soverign state of North Carolina came into being with the adoption of a constitution. The Highland Scots were very influential in shaping the course of history for North Carolina and the other original colonies. September 3, 1782, the American Revolutionary War came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Peace.

John Alexander Leach(1765-1854):He served in the American Revolutionary War in North Carolina.

Calvin Spencer(1753-1801):He was an active Whig. Early in 1776 he enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served as a Lieutenant, and later Captain,under Colonel Montine of SC. He was engaged in the Battle of Fourt Moultrie and in the siege of Savannah. In 1776 he was appointed deputy Quartermaster General under General Drayton. At one time he served as captain of a privateer.In 1780 he was made aide under General Howe. In 1781, while Captain under General Francis Marion, he was captured near Georgetown by the British Dragoons, but after a few months imprisonment was exchanged. he served continuously from 1776 untill the end of the war.(copied from the record of the Department of Interior, Washington, DC, Verifird by National Number 226759. Also see National 55532 and 75783) The family account of Calvin Spencer's capture, and partially reported in the History of the Old Cheraws, by Gregg, records that " Calvin went home on a furlough and the route took him near his sweetheart's home in the vicinity of Georgetown. A detachment of British soldiers learned he was there and surrounded the house. He escaped and the British gave chase. His uniform was of heavy texture, and wearing hip boots his progress was slow. Finding the British gaining on him, he plunged into a mill pond to swim to the other side. The British officer called up him to surrender and Spencer replied he would if he would be treated as a prisoner of war. The British officer agreed, and Spencer waded out of the water. He wished to degrade Spencer as much as circumstances would permit, so he asked Rebecca Ford whether his soaking wet prisoner looked like Captain Spencer. She replied that she knew Captain Spencer was a gentleman and that was more than she could say about him(the British officer).Served as Colonel of the Cheraw militia .

John Colvin(1730-1793): Served in the Revolutionary War in South Carolina.

William Colvin(1762-1835): Served in the Revolutionary War in South Carolina.

Minson Brough Howard(1764-1829):Served as Private, NC Militia.

Thomas Howard(ca1744-):Served as Private, NC Militia.

John Parker(23February1753-7July1838):was a soldier in the American Revolution. He enlisted as a private in Feb. 1776 under Capt. Wm. Ellis and served three months. he also served seven months and fourteen days under Capt. Griffith J. McRee and three months under Capt. Ephrarm Muiford. He applied for a pension, Feb. 4, 1833, and his claim was allowed. Following his death, his widow applied for and received a pension on an application dated May 2, 1855. She was a resident of Bladen Co., at the time of application and gave her age as 76.PARKER, John, Private, NC Militia.

Jonathan Parker(ca1760-):Served as Private to Captain, NC Militia .

Sessoms Parker(1761-):Served as Private, NC Militia.

William Parker(25October1759-7August1829):Served as Sergeant Major, 7th Continental Line, NC Militia.

Joshua Chesnutt(ca1750-ca1790):Served as Private, NC Militia.

The War of 1812


The Civil War


The Spanish American War


World War 1

World War 2

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