Cummins Families of County Carlow, Ireland
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Parish Register of Ballon

The records of four Roman Catholic parishes in County Carlow - Ballon, Rathvilly, Tinryland and Tullow - have not been made accessible to the LDS Church. The microfilms of these parish records can only be accessed by researchers at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin. The Carlow Heritage Center has added these parish records to their database, and, for a fee, will search a particular family that may be found in these parish records. 

We are pleased to have been able to access these records of Ballon, courtesy of Michael Purcell.

Roman Catholic Parish Register of Ballon, NLI Microfilm Reel #1330
These are the extracts of all Cummins entries from the parish registers of Ballon. The images of the register pages were generally quite clear, and the handwriting was fairly legible for the most part. There were only a few pages or parts of pages that were too faded to read. There are no registers on the film for the years 1796 to 1815. However, the film does contain some other interesting information for various years - Burials, Confirmations and Catechism teachers. It appears there were a significant number of Cummins families living in this parish. (Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible in these transcriptions. However, these are interpretations of the original handwritten entries, and, there may be errors. We recommend a check of the microfilm to verify the information.)

Baptisms, January 2, 1785 - September 10, 1795
1785, 8th February, Bapt Bridget Cummins, PP George & Mary, Castle More
SS, Michael Nowlan & Mary Marshall

1785, 16 Augt, Baptd John Roche, PP Thos & Mary, Templepeter
SS Michael Cummins & Ann Roche

1785, 22d Augt, Bapt Ann Cummins, PP Michael & Margaret, Kellistown
SS Walter Roche & Mary Donoly

1785, 13 September, Bapt Mary Ryan, PP Jno & Mary, Kelistown
SS Jno Lawler & Bridget Cummins

1786, 24th May, Bapt Mary Nowlan, PP Wilm & Mary, Kellistown
SS Jno & Margaret Cummins

1786, 13 August, Bapt Elizabeth Byrne, PP James & [blank], Balylean
SS Phelm Nowlan & Cathrine Cowman

1786, 22d September, Bapt Mary Kinsella, PP Michael & Cathrine, Kellistown
SS James Kinsella & Bridget Cummins

1787, 20th February, Bapt Matthew Cummins, PP George & Margaret, Castlemore
SS Jno MacDaniel & Mary Redmond

1788, 18 January, Baptd Mary Byrne, PP Michael & Mary, Moyle
SS Murtagh Murphy & Mary Cummins

1788, 12 October, Bapt Cathrine Cummins, PP Patk & Ann, Kelistown
SS Daniel Clear & Bridget Cummins

1789, 23 February, Bapt Jas Nowlan, PP Wilm & Mary, Kelistown
SS Thos Rorke & Mary Cummins

1789, 9 March, Bapd, Elenor Cummins, PP George & Margaret, Castle More
SS Richard Nowlan & Cathrine Dawson

1790, 11 April, Bapt Mary Connor, PP Edward & Mary, Sragh
SS John Cummins & Mary Nowlan

1790, 30th June, Bapd Cathrine Cummins, PP Jno & Mary, Sragh
SS Bryan Shortal & Ann Nowlan

1790, 10 July, Bapd Joanna Dowling, PP Maurice & Mary, Lisgarvin
SS Thos Cummins & Mary Sommers

1790, 19 August, Bapd Elinor Cummins, PP Owen & Ann, Monemore
SS Cornelius Brenan & Cathrine Keho

1790, 24 August, Bapd Anne Maher, PP Darby & Bridget, Castle More
SS James Donne & Margaret Cummins

1790, 26 November, Bapd James Huges, PP Edward & Winnefred, Kellistown
SS Patt Huges & Mary Cummins

1791, 24 January, Bapd Patrick Byrne, PP Laurence & Sarah, Grange
SS Thos Cummins & Mary Thorpe

1791, 7 October, Bapd Charles Cummins, PP David & Winnefred, Garreenleen
SS Owen Nowlan & Mary Murphy

1791, 27 October, Bapd Margaret Cummins, PP George & Margaret, Castle More
SS Darby & Bridget Maher

1791, 4 December, Bapd Darby Maher, PP Timothy & Margaret, Lisgarvin
SS Owen Cummins & Elizabeth Tracy

1792, 22d June, Bapd Margaret Kelly, Parents Michael & Mary, Kelistown
SS Timothy Hughes & Elinor Cummins

1792, 29 August, Mary Heyden, PP Hugh & Ann, Grange
SS Thos Cummins & Sarah McDonnel

1792, 10 September, Bapd Michael Kelly, PP Owen & Ann, Kellistown
SS Tim Hughes & Mary Cummins

1792, 20th December, Bapd Elizabeth Smyth, PP Jno & Allice, Moyle
SS Michael Ennissy & Mary Commins

1793, 28 January, Bapd Mary Nowlan, PP Thomas & Joanna, Conaberagh
SS Patt Nowlan & Margaret Cummins

1793, 4 February, Bapd Elizabeth Cummins, PP Owen & Ann, Mone More
SS Patt and Mary Nowlan

1793, 22d August, Bapd Edward Crow, PP Wilm & Mary, Kilane
SS Jas Kelly & Mary Cummins

1793, 20 December, Bapd Bridget Cummins, PP Jas & Mary, Bogin
SS Michael Brophy & Elizabeth Raymund

1794, 26 May, Bapd Elizabeth Byrne, PP Patt & Margaret, Garreenleen
SS David & Winnifred Cummins

1794, 6 July, Jno Bolger, PP Cornelius & [blank], ?Kellistown
SS Thos Cummins & Rose Pendergast

1794, 7 July, Bapd Daniel Nowlan, PP Gerald & Anastasia, Killkey
SS Patt Margrath & Mary Cummins

1794, 23 August, Bapd Ann Maher, PP Thos & Joanna, Castle More
SS Richard Nowlan & Mary Cummins

1794, 7 September, Bapd Mary Cummins, PP Patrick & Ann, Rathoe
SS Jas Keef & Mary Carthy

Marriages, August 10, 1782 - December 10, 1795
1783, 23d February, Married Patt Cummins & Mary Nowlan
Pst. Peter Cummins & Michael Nowlan

1783, 6th November, Married David Cummins & Winnefred Neal
Pst. Jas Neal & Michael Cummins

1784, 19th October, Married Michael Cleer & Mary Cummins
Pst. Michael Cassin & Patt Doyle

1785, 17th March, Married James Cummins & Eleanor Dowling
Pst. Laurence Dowling & Thos Moor

1786, 22d October, Married John Cummins and Mary Fitzpatrick
Pst. John Dolan & Michael Kelly

1787, 21st January, Married James Doyle & Winnifred Coughlan
Pst. Jno Cummins & Thos Coughlan

1790, 23d January, Married Tim Hanlon & Ann Neary
Pst. Patt Cummins & Jas Nowlan

1790, 15 February, Married Thos Nowlan & Judith Cummins
Pst. Richard Cummins & Denis Nowlan

1790, 2d November, Married John St. Leger & Bridget Cummins
Pst. Mary Nowlan & Bridget Cummins

1791, 24 November, Married Patrick Cummins and Mary FitzPatrick
Pst. Michael Cullen & Jno Lawler

1792, ?8 January, Married Thomas Nowlan & Mary Cummins
Pst. John Nowlan & Thomas Whelan

Baptisms, July 2, 1816 - Dec. 26, 1830
1816, 23 Sept, Bapt Laurence of John FitzPatrick and Mary FitzPatrick
Sprs. Laurence Commins and Elizabeth Cod

1816, 26 Nov, Bapt Mary of Pat and Mary Commins
Sprs William Byrne and Mary Murphy

1816, 25 Dec, Ballykealy, Bapt Thomas of Arthur and Ellen Commins
Sponsors Pat Nolan & Ann Nolan

1817, 8 March, Bapt Michael of James and Mary Garret
Sponsors Patt Commins and Mary Ryan

1817, 2 April, Bapt Bridget of Pat and Catharine Nolan
Sponsors Charles Commins and Bridget Roach

1817, 6 June, Bapt Michael of Brian and Ann Commins
Sponsors Peter Kelly and Ellen Henesy

1818, 27 December, Killane, Bapt Honor of Fargus and Bridget Commins
Sponsors Michael Roach and Catherine MacGrath

1819, 30 January, Rathrush, Bapt Patrick of William and Mary Pender
Sponsors Michael Cummins & Mary Nowlan

1819, 2 May, Bapt Patrick of Patrick and Mary Cummins
Sponsors William Dwyer & Elliza Headon

1819, 14 Sept, Rathrush, Bapt Rose of Patrick and Rose Wonohon
Sponsors Michael Commins and Ann Headon

1820, 25 June, Bapt Joanna of Terrens and Mary Commins
Sponsors John Nowlan and Mary Nowlan

1820, 23 November, Bapt Joney of Patrick and Mary Commins
Sponsors Peter Eustace and Ellen Kelly

1821, 3 April, Bapt Mary of Thomas and Ally Shenihan
Sponsors Michael Darcy and Eliza Commins

1821, 10 Sept, Bapt Murthew the natural Child of Michael Cummins and Mary Brian, Killane
Sponsor Mary Gregogry

1821, 9 Nov, Bapt Anne of Terrence and Ally Commins
Sponsors Patrick Nolan and Elizabeth Crow

1821, 5 Dec, Bapt Thomas of Larry and Mary Neile, Ballon Hill
Sponsors Charles Whelan and Mary Commins

1821, 23 Dec, Bapt Timothy of Patrick and Mary Commins, of Grange
Sponsors Peter & Bridget Dwyer

1822, 18 March, Bapt Patrick of Michael and Mary Commins, Castlemore
Sponsors Michael Nowlan & Mary Byrne

1822, 29 March, Bapt Thomas of Patrick & Mary Ryan, Castlequarter
Sponsors Robert Hacket & Bridget Commins

1823, 20 July, Bapt Elizabeth of John Neile and Elizabeth Byrne, Capa
Spr Charles Comins & Judy Byrne

1824, 11 Jany, Bapt Michael of Michael Byrne and Margaret Commin, Ballygarret
Spr Patrick Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Murphy

1824, 23 Jany, Bapt Michael of Patrick Commins and Mary Haydon
Spr William McCan and Catherine Haydon

1824, 1 March, Bapt Thomas of John Whelan and Eliza Brian, Gilberstown
Spr John Commons & Mary Brian

1824, 23 May, Bapt James of William Dwyer and Mary Eustace, Castlemore
Spr James Dwyer & Margaret Comins

1824, 14 August, Bapt George of Michael Commins and Mary Kaher, Castlemore
Spr George Marshall and Ann Marshall

1824, 15 Octob, Bapt Owen of Terence Commins and Ally Nowlan
Spr Thomas Crow & Anne Commins

1824, 14 Decr, Bapt William of James Crow and Eliza Commins, Killane
Spr Catherine Commins

1824, 21 Decr, Bapt Mary of Patrick Commins & Mary Hickey, Grange
Spr Mary Bulger

1825, 6 May, Bapt Margaret of Peter Henesey & Ellen Doine, Templepeter
Spr Mary Commins

1825, 4 July, Bapt Catherine of Arthur Commins & Ellen Whelan, Ballykeely
Spr Thomas & Mary Doyle

1825, 14 August, Bapt Mary of Michael Commins & Anne Haydon, Monmore
Spr Peter Kelly and Margaret Commins

1825, 11 Sept, Bapt Anne of John Commins and Eliza Kavanagh
Sp James Murphy and Ann Kavanagh

1825, 11 Sept, Bapt William of James Kenny and Margaret Commins
Spr Charles Conroy & Mary Aughney

1825, 11 Sept, Bapt Anistitia of John Kenny & Anistitia Lennon
Spr Charles Commins & Bridget Fitzpatrick
Ballen Hill

1825, 9 October, Bapt Eliza of Peter Dwyer and Ally Haydon
Spr James Commins & Mary Nolan

1826, 3 Feby, Bapt William of Francis Coghlan & Mary Doolan
Spr Michael Scully & Eliza Commins

1826, 15 March, Bapt Patrick of Brian Connors & Catherine Nolan
Spr James Commins & Nessy Connors

1826, 25 March, Bapt Mary of William Curigen & Catherine Commins
Spr Patt McGra & Mary Dargen

1826, 28 May, Bapt Teresa of Thomas Poor & Ann Boyle
Spr John Lawler & Bridget Commins

1826, 3 June, Bapt Thomas of James Cooper & Margaret Commins
Spr Thomas Murphy & Mary Byrne

1826, 25 June, Bapt James of Edward Byrne & Margaret Murphy
Spr William McCain & Bridget Cummins

1826, 12 July, Bapt Ellen of John Hill and Mary Whitty
Spr Michael Clowrey & Ellen Cummins

1826, 21 Sep, Bapt Matthew of Michael Cummins & Mary Kehoe
Spr James Maher and Elizabeth Aughny

1826, 7 Oct, Bapt John of Ferdinand Cummins & Bridget Lennon
Sp Patrick Nowlan and Margaret Nolan

1826, 29 Dec, Bapt Ellen of Patrick Nolan & Catherine Commins
Sp Michael Doyle & Bridget Fitzpatrick

1827, 28 Jany, Bapt Elizabeth of Michael Doyle & Mary Doolan
Sp Timothy Doolan & Mary Cummins

1827, 15 February, Bapt Patrick of Terence Cummins & Ally Nolan
Sp Patrick Cummins and Margaret Nolan

1827, 7 March, Bapt Catherine of William Dwyer & Margaret Neile
Sp James & Mary Cummins

1827, 21 March, Bapt James of Thomas Walsh & Ellen Byrne
Sp Lawrence Cummins & Margaret Brian

1827, 3 June, Bapt Ellen of Arthur Cummins & Ellen Whelan
Sp John Neille & Bridget Cummins

1827, 10 June, Bapt Mary of James Crow & Eliza Cummins
Sp Patt and Margaret Nolan

1827, 1 September, Bapt Margaret of James Hooper & Margaret Cummins
Sp Richard & Mary Murphy

1827, 19 September, Bapt Mary of Patrick Dwyer & Anne Lawler
Sp James Cummins & Winifred Dwyer

1827, 29 September, Bapt Michael of Patrick Harris & Mary Cummins
Sp Michael Harris & Mary Aughny

1827, 4 December, Bapt Catherine of William McCain & Catherine Eustace
Sp John Lawler & Bridget Cumins

1828, 20 April, Bapt Mary Anne of Patrick Walsh & Bridget Dwyer
Sp John Nolan & Mary Cummins

1828, 20 April, Bapt Mary the natural child of James Dwyer & Anne Hanlon
Sp Patt Walsh & Mary Cumins

1828, 16 June, Bapt Gerald of James Blanch & Winifred Coughlin
Sp John Behan & Eliza Cummins

1828, 20 August, Bapt Mary of William Byrne & Anne Cummins
Sp Peter Eustace & Bridget Cummins

1828, 28 Sept, Bapt Michael of Patrick Cummins & Ellen Keegan
Sp James and Catherine Lawler

1828, 8 Oct, Bapt Patrick & Thomas twins of William Reilly & Catherine Salenger
Sp Maurice Nolan & Mary Cummins
Sp to Thos Patrick Clowry & Mary Darcy

1828, 20 Oct, Bapt Ellen of Michael Cummins & Anne Haydon
Sp James Kelly & Eliza Caufile

1828, 1 Decem, Bapt Lawrence of Nicoles Nolan & Mary Kealy
Sp Lawrence Cumins & Mary Nolan

1828, 7 Decem, Bapt Thomas of James O'Neile & Margaret Keary
Sp Mary Cummins

1829, 12 January, Bapt Allisia of Patrick Nolan & Catherine Cummins
Sp Michael and Mary Cummins

1829, 25 January, Bapt James of Ferdinand Cummins & Bridget Lennon
Sp John Cummins & Catherine Carty

1829, 10 Feby, Bapt Mary of Michael Cummins & Mary Kehoe
Sp Margaret Cummins

1829, 21 Feby, Bapt Elizabeth of John Geehan & Ellen Quinn
Sp Richard Cummins & Margaret Murphy

1829, 28 Feby, Bapt Patrick of William Corigan & Catherine Cummins
SP Mary McClain

1829, 11 April, Bapt Margaret of John Neill & Nessy Berny
Sp Patrick Farrell and Catherine Cummins

1829, 4 May, Bapt William of Patrick Harris & Mary Cummins
Sp Sally Githins

1829, 30 May, Bapt Richard of Arthur Cumins & Ellen Whelan
Sp Edward Neil & Bridget Doyle

1829, 29 June, Bapt Catherine of Patrick Ryan & Mary King
Sp James Cummins & Mary Ryan

1829, 4 July, Bapt Ellen of Terence Cummins & Ally Nolan
Sp William & Ellen Nolan

1829, 1 November, Bapt Thomas of James Hanlon & Bridget Caufield
Sp John Lawler & Mary Cummins

1829, 7 November, Bapt Catherine of Michael Geehan & Ellen Cummins
Sp Patt Cummins & Bridget Lennon

1830, 23 January, Bapt John the natural son of James Cummins & Bridget Kelly
Sp John Connors and Mary Hill

1830, 24 March, Bapt Patrick of James Hooper & Margaret Cummins
Sp Denis & Catherine Murphy

1830, 21 July, Bapt Edward of William Byrne & Ann Cummins
Sp Lawrence Dwyer & Mary Byrne

1830, 1 Octr, Bapt Anne of John Farrell and Bridget Poor
Sp Patt & Margaret Cummins

1830, 10 Decbr, Bapt Michael of James Crow & Elizabeth Cummins
Sp James Kelly & Ellen Nolan

A List of Females who teach Catechism at Ballon
(This list is included at the end of this register book, but is not dated. There is also a list of those who teach Catechism at Rathoe, also undated, but there are no Cummins names on that list.)

3. Mary Cummins
6. Mary Cummins
20. Ellen Cummins

Baptisms, January 9, 1820 - Feb. 14, 1825
1820, 24 Jany, bap Honor prts Michael Thumkin & Mary Brian
Sprs Morgan Byrne & Mary Cummins

1820, June 3rd, bap Patrick, Michael Leany & Anne Nowlan
Sp Own Donn & Nessy Cummins

1820, Sep 22, bap Mary of Art Cummins & Margaret Doil
S [?Charles] Nowlan & Mary Cummins

1820, Sep 22, bap Johanna, Art Cummins & Margaret Doil
S Hugo Cummins & Margaret Nowlan

1820, Sep 24th, bap Eleanor, Fergus Cummins & Briget Linon
S Jno Ryan & Catherine Nowlan

1821, Jany 19th, bap Mary, James Ftzpk & Ann Dillon
S Andy Nowlan & Elin Cummins

1821, Augst 26, bap Mary of Art Cummins & Nelly Phelan
Sp Patt Nowlan & Margret Doil

1821, 30 November, bap Ellen of [?Thos] [___] & [___]
S [?William] Cummins & Margaret Nolan

1822, 31st March, bap Michael of Thos Lawler & Brigit Swain
Sp Stephan Swain & Mary Cummins

1822, 13th April, bap Mary of Patt Carole & Mary Wall
S Jno Cummins & Brigit Nowlan

1823, 6 Jany, bap Richard of Laurence Young & Jane Hacket
S Morace Kealey & Mary Cummins

1823, 15 Jany, bap Mary of Patt Nowlan & Judith Ready
S Larry Cummins & Mary Dowlon

1823, 28th April, bap Patt of Patt Bulger & Honor Tool
S Own Cummins & Eliza Fenton

1823, 12 May, bap Catherine of Fergus Cummins & Honor Lennon
S Patrick Cooper & Marth Roach

1823, 24 Sept?, bap Johanna of [_____] & Nelly Green
S Michael Cummins & Cathrine Nowlan

1824, 24 Octbr, bap Mary of Henry Shiel & Mary Cummins
S Patt Nowlan & Elin Cummins

Burials, August 9, 1825 - December 6, 1834
1825, 10 September, obit John Cummins, Sraugh

1826, 23 May, obit Thomas Cummins, Ballykealy

1826, 13 June, obit Margaret Cummins, Kellistown

1826, 1 September, obit John Cummins, Ballen

1827, 18 May, obit Anne Cummins, Rathoe

1829, 16 March, obit Terence Cummins, Ballen

1830, 29 July, obit George Cummins, Castlemore

1832, 20 Feby, obit Bridget Cummins, Ballykealy

1833, 28 March, obit Winifred Cummins, Ballykealy

1834, 3 May, obit Owen Commins, Byrne Side

1834, 29 June, obit Anne Commins, Monmore

Burials, January 15, 1861 - December 28, 1871
1861, 23 February, obit James Cummins, Rathrush

1862, 30 October, obit Laurence Commins of Sraugh

1862, 13 November, obit Ellen Commins, Killane

1863, 27 January, obit Patt Commins, Killane

1863, 19th June, obit Cath Cummins, Killane

1863, 26th July, obit the infant child of Larry Cumins, Kilcool

1865, 26th November, obit Michl Cummins, Castlemore

1866, 31st July, obit Ellen Cummins, Bally[nas?]

1869, 21 April, Anne Cummins, age 55, Sraugh

1870, 12th May, Michl Cummins, age 60, Sraugh

1870, 9 October, Alicia Cummins, age 3 months, Killane

1871, 10 July, Bridget Cummins, age 75, B. Hill

List of Children who received the Sacrament of Confirmation
5th of October 1880
by Right Revd. James Lynch, N.N., Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
Maurice Kealy acting as Sponsor for the Boys
Margaret Hoey acting as Sponsor for the Girls

Owen Cummins, Killane
Patrick Cummins, Burren Side
James Cummins, Ballon Hill
Laurence Cummins, Kilcool
Johanna Cummins, Burrin Side
Margaret Cummins, Ballon Hill
Selia Cummins, Castlemore
Anastasia Cummins, Castlemore

Signed by John Kehoe, P.P.

Marriages, January 8, 1820 - February 14, 1825
[First page of register headed "Jacobus Commins pastor"]

1820, 24 Janry, Married Michael Cummins & Judith Mcavoy
Wit Charles Onahan & Mary Nowlan

1820, 29th Octbr, Married Jno Cullen & Briget Fitzptk
W Jno Cummins & Mary Cummins

1820, 2 December, married Jno Headon & Anne Maher
W Patt Brady & Biddy Cummins

1821, 27 Sep, Married Patt Rafter & Mary Dowlan
Wt James Dowlan & Mary Cummins

1822, 9th Febry, Mard Michael Cummins & Ellen Maher
Wit James Tallon & Mary Cumins

1822, 17 Febry, M Patt Nowlan & Cathrine Nowlan
Christy Ryan, Biddy Cummins

1822, 2 May, M Edward Byrne to Mary Wall
W James Kinsala & Bridget Cummins

1822, 8 Octbr, Maried James Hooper & Mary Cummins
W Garret Lyons & Winforde Byrne

1824, 10th Febry, Married Laurence Kelly & Elizabeth Foster
Wit Terence Cummins, Cathr Bow

1825, 7 Janry, Married Michael Gehan to Ellen Cummins
W [___] Gehan & Cath Cummins

Marriages, August 10, 1816 - November 26, 1868
1816, June 11, Married Denis Delany to Ellen Commins
Wit George Commins & John Marshall

1819, Feby 23, Married James Crow to Elizabeth Commins
Wit Owen and Terence Commins

1825, September 10, Married Peter Murphy to Margaret Whelan
Wit Edward Murphy & Ellen Commins

1825, October 26, Married Patrick Commins to Ellen Keegan
Wit John Hanlon and Michael Lawler

1826, February 5, Married William Corrigan to Catherine Commins
Witnesses Henry Neill & John Nolan
Ballen Hill

1826, September 15, Married Patrick Harris to Mary Cummins
Wits Patrick Walsh & Michael Byrne

1828, August 4, Married Francis Dillon to Margaret Foley
Wits Patrick Cummins & Jain Murphy

1829, Feby 3, Married James McCain to Mary Murphy
Wits James Cummins & Ellen McCain

1829, Feby 28, Married Denis Nolan to Margaret Nolan
Wits Michael Cummins & Jony Gorman
Fighting Cocks

1830, June 13, Married John McDonald to Anne Kavanagh
Wits James Murphy & Bridget Cummins

1831, May 5, Married James Kenny to Bridget Commins
Wits James Commins & Catherine [Faril?]

1831, August 9, Married Terence Slatery to Mary Mohan
Wits James Comins & Catherine Byrne

1832, March 3, Married John Commins to Bridget Lennon
Wit Lawrence & Elizabeth Sulivan

1833, Jany 29, Married Timothy Murphy to Margaret Commins
Wits James Murphy & Eliza Augny

1833, Feby 12, Married Thomas Hogan to Eliza Commins
Wits James Fallon and James Hayden

1833, Feby 18, Married Thomas Fitzpatrick to Margaret Doolan
Wits Lawrence & Ellen Comins

1833, April 30, Married Lawrence Commins to Catherine Hogan
Wits Patt Hogan & Margaret Lyons

1834, Jany 8, Married Michael Jordan to Mary Fitzpatrick
Wits Gerald Foley & Ellen Commins

1835, June 4, Married Patt Commins to Ellen Byrne
Wits Owen and Elizabeth Lyons

1835, Nov 25, Married John Murphy Bulger to Mary Nolan
Wits James & Mary Commins

1836, January 11, Married Patt Deering to Catherine Commins
Wits Philip Nolan & Ellen Dwyer

1836, Feby 15, Married James Byrne to Sally Kelly
Wits James Commins & Margaret Fleming

1836, Nov 22, Married Owen Commins to Ellen Green
Wits Stephen Aughny & Margaret Neill

1837, Jany 26, Married James Nolan to Bridget Nolan
Wits William Nolan & Bridget Commins

1837, April 25, Married William Maher to Elizabeth Doyle
Wits James and Joeanna Commins

1837, Nov 30, Married Patt Kelly to Catherine Doolan
Wits James Kelly & Ellen Cummins

1838, Feby 27, Married Michael Byrne to Ellen Doyle
Wits Joanna Commins & Mary Hines

1838, November 14, Married James Conroy to Anne Fitzpatrick
Wits Richard Conroy & Ellen Commins

1838, November 29, Married Maurice Doyle to Catherine Nolan
Wits Patt Connors & Mary Commins

1839, May 22, Married Terence Hologan to Mary Commins
Wits Patt Commins & Nessy Laler

1840, May 13, Married Michael Commins to Eliza Donoho
Wits Fergus & Mary Commins

1840, June 11, Married James Commins to Mary Kelly
Wits John & Margaret Nolan

1841, Feby 20, Married Thomas Eustace to Mary Commins
Wits Michael Doyle & Athur Commins

1841, Aug 23, Married Pierce Byrne to Joanna Commins
Wits John & Margaret Nolan
A Dispensation was obtained.

1841, Sept 1, Married Murt Kepple to Ellen Commins
Wits Michael Commins and Bridget Comins

1842, Feby 7, Married Edward Kinsella to Honor Kelly
Wits Mary Commins & Catherine Kelly

1842, Feby 7, Married William Whelan to Margaret Kavana
Wits Charles Whelan & Mary Commins

1842, Nov 17, Married Stephen Feterson to Mary Nolan
Wits Richard Commins & Mary Brophy

1843, [April 1?], Married John Kavanagh to Anne Commins
Wits Michael & Bridget Commins

1843, Dec 30, Married Denis Murphy to Mary Commins
Wits William Kehoe & John Hughes

1844, November 28, Married John Curry to Bridget Eustace
Wits Patt Poor and Jouanna Commins

1845, April 15, Married John Eustace to Eliza Garrett
Wits John Garrett and Joeanna Commins

1846, July 21, Married John Fitzpatrick to Bridget Doyle
Wits John Commins & Ann Byrne

1846, Nov 28, Married John Carney to Anne Commins
Wits Patt and Ally Commins
Byrne Side
A Dispensation was obtained

1848, October 2, Married Charles Commins to Catherine Dauson
Wits Denis Dauson & Anne Nolan

1849, May 1, Married Peter Murphy to Winifred Nolan
Wits Stephen Murphy & Ellen Commins

1849, May 8, Married John Nolan to Mary Lawler
Wits John Smith and Ellen Commins
Ballon Hill

1851, March 4, Married Thomas Nolan to Catherine Connors
Wits John Commins & Mary Nolan

1855, January 3, Married Thomas Frankly to Bridget Byrne
Wits John Kelly & Bridgt Commins

1856, October 29, Married Laurence Commins to Esther Doyle
Wits James Wonohon and Anne McCain

1857, November 18, Married John Commins to Anne Lennon
Wits Owen Commins and Maria Lennin

1858, February 14, Married Michael Kealy to Margaret Commins
Wits James Kinsella and Margaret Commins

1858, February 15, Married Michael Keet to Mary Commins
Wits Richard Mcgill and Margaret Commins

1858, February 18, Married John Noonan to Mary Commins
Wits Owen and Alicia Commins
A Dispensation was obtained

1858, October 23, Married Thomas Noonan to Martha Commins
Wits Patt and Alicia Commins
A Dispensation was obtained

1858, November 4, Married James Commins to Bridget Brennan
Wits Michael Carroll and Joanna Kelly

1861, October 6, Married Thomas Brennan to Johanna Commins
Wits Charles Suttin & Winifred Whelan

1862, November 26, Married Patt Commins to Mary Dwyre alias Connors
Wits Pierce & Bridget Byrne

1863, July 20th, Married Patt Nolan to Alicia Cummins
W.W. John Nolan & Cath Kealy

1864, Nov 20th, Married (dispensation prius obtantu to impediments procuiente ex gradu quarto Consanguinitatis) Willm Nolan to Mary Cummins alias Connors
W.W. Joseph Nolan & Mary Nolan

1865, Octobr 1st, Married Wm Nolan to Mary Cummins
W.W. Patrick Walshe & Bridget Byrne

1867, February 28th, Married George Cummins to Eliza Nourse
W.W. Patt Cummins & Eliza Nourse

1867, Octobr 3d, Married Edward Ocallaghan to Margaret Dunne
W.W. Denis Ocallaghan & Ann Cummins

1867, Octobr 3d, Married Terence Cummins to Kate Brophy
W.W. John Nolan & Mary [Brophy?]

Baptisms, January 6, 1831 - December 27, 1868
1831, February 12, Bapt Eliza of Richard Eustace and Jane Bulmer
Sp Charles Cummins & Elizabeth Bulmer

1831, February 20, Bapt Margaret of John Commins & Anne Nolan
Sp Patt Commins and Mary Nolan

1831, June 11, Bapt Anne of Patrick Nolan and Catherine Commins
Sp Michael Nolan & Catherine Commins

1831, June 20, Bapt Mary Commins of Terence Commins & Ally Nowlan
Sp Joeanna Nowlan

1831, July 17, Bapt Peter of John Geehan & Ellen Quin
Sp Peter Nolan & Anne Comins

1831, August 15, Bapt Edward of Edward Pender and Anne Summers
Sp Alichia Commons
Byrne Side

1831, Sept 18, Bapt Patt of Patt Commins and Ellen Keegan
Sp Patt Conroy and Mary Whelan

1831, October 14, Bapt Bridget of Michael Commins & Mary Kehoe
Sp Catherine Kehoe

1831, October 23, Bapt Patrick of Arthur Cummins & Ellen Whelan
Sp John Byrne & Mary Nolan

1831, Novbr 27, Bapt Margaret of Ferdinand Comins & Mary Lennon
Sp James and Margaret Commins

1831, Decembr 24, Bapt Thomas of Patt Connors & Ellen Nolan
Sp Thomas Murphy and - Commons

1832, Feby 5, Bapt Bridget of Patt Harris & Mary Commins
Sp Thomas Githens and Margaret Walsh

1832, March 3, Bapt Joseph of John Fitzpatrick & Mary Connors
Sp Michael & Ellen Commins

1832, March 4, Bapt Mary of John Commins & Anne Nowlan
Sp James Byrne & Bridget Nowlan

1832, April 7, Bapt John of William Corrigan and Catherine Commins
Sp John Nolan & Eliza Connors
Ballen Hill

1832, April 9, Bapt Mary of Michael Nolan and Mary Coogan
Sp John McSey and Mary Commins

1832, May 8, Bapt Elizabeth of Patt Walsh & Bridget Dwyer
Sp Patt Kelly & Ellen Commins

1832, September 4, Bapt Margaret of Michael Neill & Anne Hayden
Sp Owen Hayden & Ellen Comins

1832, Novbr 26, Bapt Patt of John Commins and Bridget Lennon
Sp Patt Hologan & Mary Commins

1832, December 31, Bapt Thomas of Edward Hayden & Margaret Fitzpatrick
Sp Owen Commins & Mary Brian

1832, December 31, Bapt James of William Byrne & Anne Comins
Sp James and Mary Commins

1833, Feby 25, Bapt John of Patt Nolan & Ann Pesly
Sp James & Eliza Commins

1833, March 4, Bapt Michael of Thomas Walsh & Ellen Byrne
Sp Michael Kinsella & Mary Commins

1833, April 13, Bapt Ellen of Patt Nolan & Honor Smith
Sp Hugh Comins & Eliza Murphy
Ballon Hill

1833, April 24, Bapt Bridget of Terence Commins & Ally Nowlan
Sp James and Bridget Coogan

1833, May 16, Bapt John of Patrick Nolan and Maddge Doolan
Sp Terence and Johanna Commins

1833, Nov 28, Bapt James of James Crow & Eliza Commins
Sp Morry Nowlan and Ann Cloury

1833, Decbr 29, Bapt Mary Anne of Patt Cloury & Mary Dauson
Sp Edward Kinsella & Margaret Commins

1834, Jany 10, Bapt Mary of Thomas Hogan and Eliza Commins
Sp John Tallon & Mary Pender

1834, Jany 15, Bapt Margaret of Edward Pender & Ann [___?]
Sp John and Joanna Commins

1834, Jany 16, Bapt Mary of Patt Feterson & Ellen Cosker
Sp Michael Cummins & Bridget Oneill

1834, April 6, Bapt Anne of John Commins and Anne Nowlan
Sp Martin & Ally Nowlan

1834, April 6, Bapt Patt of Lawrence Commins & Catherine Hogan
Sp Thomas & Catherine Commins

1834, Augt 3, Bapt Michael of Michael Leary and Anne Nolan
Sp Michael Doyle & Mary Commins

1834, August 19, Bapt James of James Hooper and Margaret Commins
Sp James Byrne & Catherine Murphy

1834, September 7, Bapt Margaret of Arthur Commins & Ellen Whelan
Sp James Byrne & Catherine Doyle

1834, November 12, Bapt Martha of Terens Commins & Ally Nolan
Sp Thomas Nolan & [__?] Redmon

1834, November 23, Bapt James the natural child of Denis Dauson & Bridget Summers
Sp Mary Commins

1834, November 24, Bapt Catherine of Thomas Fitzpatrick & Margaret Dowling
Sp Mary Commins

1834, Decembr 28, Bapt John of James Shrennan & Sally Bohen
Sp Edward Maher & Mary Commins

1835, Feby 8, Bapt William of William Keple & Anne Lenord
Sp James Kealy & Bridget Cummins

1835, Feby 10, Bapt James of James Eustace & Mary Dwyer
Sp Owen Cummins & Ellen Murphy

1835, March --, Bapt Mary of John Commins & Bridget Lennon
Sp Henry Sheile & Eliza [Kavana?]

1835, April 30, Bapt Patt of Patrick Hologan & Joney [Melone?]
Sp Patt Commins & Anne Kealy

1835, August 13, Bapt Richard of John Nolan & Ann Coughlan
Sp Michael Whelan & Eliza Commins
Ballon Hill

1835, October 4, Bapt Judith of John Hayden & Mary Darcy
Sp Michael Clowry & Ellen Commins

1835, October 27, Bapt Patt of John Brian & Catherine Nolan
Sp James Cummins & Anne Nolan

1835, Decbr 6, Bapt Anne of James Scully and Hanna Byrne
Sp James Kelly and Bridget Commins

1835, Decbr 13, Bapt John of John Wonehan and Esther Brown
Sp Margaret Commins
Byrne Side

1836, March 6, B. John, Brian Connors & Catherine Nolan
James Commins and Mary Nolan

1836, March 22, Bapt Thomas of Lawrence Commins & Catherine Hogan
Sp James Commins and Mary Lyons

1836, April 22, Bapt Anne of Thomas Walsh & Ellen Byrne
Sp Thomas Comins & Lucy Dillon

1836, June 11, Bapt William of William Corrigan & Catherine Commins
Sp Thomas Lawler & Mary Nolan
Ballen Hill

1836, Sept 4, Bapt Catherine of [Patt Hayden?] & Eliza Eustace
Sp Michael Eustace & Mary Commins

1836, September 11, Bapt Mary of Patt Commins and Ellen Byrne
Sp Michael Lyons and Mary Byrne

1836, October 15, Bapt Anne of John Doyle and Sally Nolan
Sp Daniel Neill & Mary Cummins

1837, Jany 22, Bapt Thomas of Patt Commins & Ellen Keegan
Sp John Kenny and Ellen Lawler

1837, Jany 29, David of Arthur Commins & Ellen Whelan
Sp James Commins & Ellen Geehan

1837, Feby 13, Bapt Alicia of Terence Commins & Alicia Nolan
Sp James Commins & Jony Nolan
Byrne Side

1837, April 2, Bapt George of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp James and Joeanna Maher

1837, April 9, Bapt James of Patt Deering and Catherine Commins
Sp Patt Swain & Anne Nolan

1837, May 21, Bapt James of Michael Morrisy & Sally Murphy
Sp James Breen & Mary Commins

1837, June 1, Bapt Catherine of Peter Eustace & Ellan Pender
Sp John Eustace & Mary Commins

1837, August 2, Bapt John of Patt Ryan Mary King
Sp Lawrence Commins and Catherine Lawler

1837, November 3, Bapt John of John Commins and Bridget Lennon
Sp Lary Sulivan & Mary Sheill

1838, Feby 13, Bapt Mary of William Maher & Eliza Doyle
Sp Hugh & Joeanna Commins
Byrne Side

1838, June 10, Bapt Catherine of William Byrne & Anne Commins
Sp Tery Hologan & Joney Commins

1838, July 6, Bapt Thomas the natural Child of Thomas Lawler & Mary Maher
Sp Patt Murphy & Margaret Commins

1838, July 30, Bapt Anne, Patt Byrne and Ellen Confry
Sp Thos Curren & Mary Cummins

1838, Sept 23, Bapt Anne of Patt Hologan & Joeanna McClain
Sp Brian Connors & Catherine Commins

1838, October 18, Bapt John of Henry Sheill & Mary Commins
Sp Michael Connors & Mary Comins

1839, Jany 22, Bapt Mary of Peter Fitzpatrick and Catherine Keating
Sp Richard Comins & Mary Keating

1839, Jany 25, Bapt Catherine of Terence Slatery & Mary Mohan
Sp Lawrence Commins & Mary Roche

1839, Feby 16, Bapt Anne of Lary Commins and Catherine Hogan
Sp John Quinn & Mary Commins

1839, Feby 24, Bapt Corny of John Kenedy and Winy Dauson
Sp Owen and Mary Commins

1839, Feby 27 Bapt Mary of Michael Commins & Bridget Hologan
Sp Patt Commins & Eliza Hologan

1839, March 16, Bapt Ellen of John [Leeny?] & Jony Robbin
Sp James Commins & Catherine McCain

1839, April 5, Bapt Catherine of John Byrne & Ally Kelly
Sp Dennis Kelly and Joanna Commins

1839, June 9, Bapt John of Peter Drumgoold and Mary Whelan
Sp Patt Commins & Margaret Brenan

1839, Oct 24, Bapt Walter of Patt Deering and Catherine Commins
Sp Patrick & Anne Commins

1839, Oct 27, Bapt Catherine of Henry Townsend & Ellen Byrne
Sp Martin Maher and Mary Commins

1839 Debr 7, Bapt Catherine of Thomas Headon & Catherine Burk
Sp James Fitzpatrick & Bridget Commins

1839, Decbr 29, Bapt Catherine of John Maher & Honor Habitt
Sp Patt Clourey & Catherine Commins

1840, Feby 2, Bapt Mary of Timothy Summers & Ellen Kealy
Sp Michael Murphy & Jony Commons

1840, Febry 24, Bapt Mary of Terence Hollogan & Mary Commins
Sp Thomas Ryan & Nessy Lawler

1840, April 19, Bapt Anne the natural Child of James Commins & Margaret Doyle
Sp James Maher and Mary Carty

1840, May 7, Bapt John the natural Child of John Nolan & Bridget Commins
Sp Mary Pender

1840, May 22, Bapt Mathew of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp James & Bridget Kelly

1840, June 14, Bapt Elizabeth of Patt Kinsella & Anne Byrne
Sp Patt Finn & Margaret Commins

1840, July 12, Bapt William of William Wonohon & Mary Manahan
Sp Patt Manahan & Ellen Commins

1840, July 16, Bapt Joseph James of James Fallon & Eliza Doyle
Sp John Hologan & Ellen Commins

1840, Sept 2, Bapt James of Patt Headon & Eliza Eustace
Sp James Commins & [___?] Lawler

1840, Sept 6, Bapt Mary Anne of Thomas Farrell & Ellen Redmon
Sp Timothy Walsh & Mary Comins

1840, Decembr 24, Bapt Margaret & John Twins of John Commins & Bridget Lennon
Sp to Margaret, Michael Connors & Margaret Nolan
Sp to John, Patt Clowry & Bridget Commons

1841, Jany 28, Bapt Anne of Peter Fitzpatrick & Catherine Keating
Sp Martin Nolan & Ellen Commins

1841, Feby 24, Bapt Thomas of Thomas Hegarty & Mary Porter
Sp John Commins & Catherine Kehoe

1841, April 2, Bapt Anne of John [Urterian?] & Mary Murphy
Sp James Murphy & Jone Commins

1841, April 5, Bapt Catherine of Patt Kealy & Margaret Dargon
Sp James Kealy & Mary Commins

1841, April 24, Bapt Patt of James Commins & Mary Kelly
Sp Thomas Ryan & Mary Power

1841, Sept 8, Bapt Michael of Laurence Commins & Catherine Hogan
Sp Thomas & Nessy Pender

1841, Sept 24, Bapt Anne of Michael Commins & Bridget Hologan
Sp John Dooly & Anne Connors

1841, Novr 7, Bapt Anne of Michael Leary & Anne Nolan
Sp Michael Doyle & Mary Commins

1841, Decbr 4, Bapt Mary of Thomas Maher & Bridget Kelly
Sp Patt Neill & Mary Commins

1842, March 17, Bap Anne of Timothy Commins & Ellen Kealy
Sp [illegible]

1842, May 20, Bapt Eliza of Thomas Eustace & Mary Commins
Sp John Fizpk & Anne Commins

1842, August 28, Bapt Mary of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp William and Eliza Dwyer

1842, August 31, Bapt Patt of Terence Hologan & Mary Commins
Sp Patt Byrne & Eliza Lawler

1842, Sept 4, Bapt William of Murt Kepple & Ellen Commins
Sp Martin Murphy & Ally Redmon

1842, Oct 26, Bapt Anne of Patt Kinsella & Anne Byrne
Sp Patt Commins & Mary Finn

1843, Feby 5, Bapt Mary of James Commins & Mary Kelly
Sp Thomas Power & Joanna Commins

1843, April 2, Bapt Ally of John Commins & Anne Nolan
Sp John & Anne Byrne

1843, May 28, Bapt Anne of James Kavana & Mary Murphy
Sp Marks Cummins & Mary Headon

1843, June 4, Bapt Catharine of Michael Commins & Bridget Hologan
Sp Michael Byrne & Mary Dillon

1843, June 17, Bapt Eliza of William Maher & Eliza Doyle
Sp Marks & Margaret Commins
Byrne Side

1843, June 25, Bapt Margaret the natural Child of James Commins & Margaret Doyle
Sp Jony Sulivan

1843, July 27, Bapt Terence of Terence Commins & Ally Nolan
Sp Owen and Margaret Commins
Byrne Side

1843, Sept 24, Bapt Eliza of Michael Eustace & Mary Connors
Sp Lary Commins & Mary Murphy

1843, Oct 8, Bapt Joanna of Stephen Feterson & Mary Nolan
Sp Richard Commins & Mary Nolan

1843, Dec 12, Bapt Thomas of Thomas Kavana & Ann Commins
Sp Michael Frankly & Eliza Power

1844, April 17, Bapt Michael the natural Child of Murt Commins & Ann Swain alias Slatery
Sp Margaret Slatery

1844, August 25, Bapt John of Murtha Kepple & Ellen Commins
Sp Michael Hologan & Bridget Sheill

1844, Sept 20, Bapt Thomas of Terence Hologan and Mary Commins
Sp Lary Commins and Bridget Headon

1844, October 28, Bapt Mary Anne the natural Child of Michael Fitzgerald & Ellen Redmon
Sp Patt Commins

1844, Nov 1, Bapt Michael of Michael Deegan & Eliza Whelan
Sp Michael Commins & Margaret Feterson

1844, December 1, Bapt Catherine of John Headon and Mary Darcy
Sp Thomas Commins and Anne Walsh

1844, December 14, Bapt James of Michael Nolan & Mary Maher
Sp John Commins & Catherine Carty

1845, January 3, Bapt Patt of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp George & Mary Commins

1845, Feby 9, Bapt Peter of James Doyle & Bridget Nowlan
Sp Patrick Nolan & Eliza Commins

1845, Feby 14, Bapt Eliza of John Nourse & Mary Kenny
Sp Patt Commins & Bridget Reily

1845, July 15, Bapt Mary of John Toodd & Eliza Commins
Sp William Quinn and Ellen Carty

1845, June 29, Eliza, John Commins, Anne Nolan
Patt Byrne & Eliza Lyvey

1845, July 6, Michael, James Commins, Mary Kelly
Sp Thomas Kenny & Nessy Laler

1845, July 12, James of John Nolan & Mary Kelly
Sp John Danily & Mary Commins

1845, July 20, B Ellen of John Commins & Eliza Lennon
Sp Martin Murphy & Mary Doyle

1845, Augt 3, Bapt Mary of Patt Kinsella & Anne Byrne
Sp Thomas Mulhall & Bridget Commins

1845, September 10, Bapt Philip of James Kealy & Anne Fitzpatrick
Sp John Kealy and Anne Commins

1845, October 19, Bapt Eliza of Michael Commins and Bridget Hologan
Sp Michael and Mary Byrne

1845, Nov 30, Bapt Joanna of William OBrian & Margaret Ennis
Sp Owen Commins & Anne Coughlan

1845, December 9, Bapt Edward of William McCain and Catherine Eustace
Sp Lary Commins and Mary Ryan

1845, December 21, Bapt Catherine of Patt Doyle & Catherine Chute
Sp Owen & Ann Commins
Byrne Side

1845, December 31, Bapt Patt of Thomas Eustace & Mary Commins
Sp Patt Eustace and Ellen Commins

1846, Jany 18, Bapt Ellen of James Whelan and Anne Onohon
Sp Richard Kelly and Ellen Commins

1846, Jany 20, Bapt Timothy of Murt Lawler & Mary Hart
Sp Patt Nowlan and Joanna Commins

1846, Jany 22, Bapt James & Patrick the Twins of John Eustace & Eliza Garrett
Sp to John, Michael Ryan & Joanna Commins
Sp to Patt, Lary Commins & Catherine Leary

1846, March 25, Bapt Jane of Murt Kepple & Ellen Commins
Sp Edward Maher & Catherine Thumpkin
Ballon Hill

1846, May 6, Bapt John of John Kavana & Anne Commins
Sp Catherine Dwyer

1846, June 16, Bapt James of James McCain & Jane Kelly
Sp John McCain & Jony Commins

1846, September 30, Bapt Patt the natural Child of Peter Murphy & Winifred Nolan
Sp John Murphy & Ellen Commins

1847, Jany 24, Bapt Daniel of William Maher and Eliza Maher
Sp Owen & Ellen Commins
Byrne Side

1847, Feby 3, Bapt William of Terence Hologan and Mary Commins
Sp Michael Byrne and Jony Power

1847, March 12, Bapt Patt of Michael Hedon and Ellen Gainer
Sp Patt Commins and Bridget Kelly

1847, April 11, Bapt Jane of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp Patt Commins & Anne Finne

1848, May 21, Bapt Michael of Michael Corigan & Catherine McCain
Sp William McCain & Joanna Commins

1848, June 9, Bapt James of James Commins & Mary Kelly
Sp Michael Kelly & Mary Lawler

1848, July 26, Bapt Michael of Thomas Eustace & Mary Commins
Sp Richard Commins & Eliza Eustace

1848, August 22, Bapt William & Patt of Samual Finn & Ellen Finn
Sp to William, Patt Commins & Eliza Dwyer
Sp to Patt, Michael Dwyer & Julia Kehoe

1848, August 27, Bapt Peter of Peter Fitzpatrick and Catherine Keating
Sp Michael Commins & Catherine Kelly

1848, November 13, Bapt James of John Nourse and Mary Kenny
Sp George Commins & Eliza Nourse

1849, Jany 24, Bapt Bridget of Michael Commins & Bridget Hologan
Sp Paul Brian & Mary Hill

1849, April 7, Bapt James of John Commins and Anne Nolan
Sp Patt Byrne and Nessy Commins

1849, April 15, Bapt William of William Pinner & Mary Farrell
Sp Patt Commins and Mary Finn

1849, May 6, Bapt Patt of Patt Nolan & Mary A. McGra
Sp Thomas Commins & Anne Lay

1849, July 22, Bapt Bridget of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp John Aughny & Bridget Commins

1849, July 22, Bapt Ellen of Timothy Connors & Mary Doyle
Sp John Brenen & Anne Commins

1849, Septmeber 16, Bapt Mary Anne of John Nolan & Catherine Hosey
Sp Thomas Commins and Anne Kelly

1849, October 21, Bapt Patt of John Doyle & Anne Commins
Sp Timothy Hicky & Margaret Dwyer

1850, March 10, Bapt Catherine of Terence Hologon & Mary Commins
Sp Thomas and Mary Commins

1850, May 31, Bapt Thomas of Pierce Byrne & Joanna Commins
Sp Revd John Kehoe and Mary Crow
Byrne Side

1851, February 10, Bapt Terence of John Carney & Anne Commins
Sp Owen & Ally Commins

1851, July 13, Bapt Patt of Michael Commins and Bridget Hologan
SP John Hologan ad Mary Tallon

1851, August 8, Bapt Anne of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp Ellen Dwyer

1851, Decr 21, Bapt Ellen of Thomas Eustace & Mary Commins
Sp James Fitzpatrick & Mary Kinsella

1852, February 4, Bapt Alicia of Pierce Byrne & Joanna Commins
Sp Peter and Bridget Nolan

1852, May 23, Bapt John of Terence Hologan and Mary Commins
Sp Thomas Kerrigan & Mary Crow

1852, Augt 22, Bapt Mary of Thomas Sly & Ellen Bulger
Sp Michael Nolan & Anne Commins

1853, April 10, Bapt John of Thomas Bulger and Eliza Aughney
Sp George and Mary Commins

1853, April 11, Bapt Michael of John Doyle and Anne Commins
Sp James Redmon & Catherine Healy

1853, May 29, Bapt Mary of Edward Gorman and Bridget Harroll
Sp Lawrence Commins & Mary Mallone

1853, December 22, Bapt Joanna of William Maher & Elizabeth Doyle
Sp Edward Kinsella & Margaret Commins
Byrne Side

1854, January 1, Bapt Alicia of John Karney & Anne Commins
Sp John Nolan & Bridget Karney

1854, April 23, Bapt James of Thomas Eustace and Mary Commins
Sp Rose Donohoe

1854, April 30, Bapt Michael of Owen Commins and Ellen Green
Sp Edward Eustace and Anne Cahill

1854, May 7, Bapt Alicia of William Walker and Anne Murphy
Sp James Fleming and Joney Commins

1854, June 7, Bapt Daniel of Richard Murphy & Ellen Finlon
Sp Andrew Murphy & Anne Commins

1854, July 23, Bapt Anne of John Nourse & Mary Kenny
Sp George & Mary Commins

1854, Nov 5, Bapt Martin of Mark Felton and Mary Gormon
Sp Joseph Gormon & Catherine Commons

1855, July 29, Bapt Joney of Terence Holligan & Mary Commins
Sp Patt Quinn & Bridget Browne

1855, October 28, Bapt John of Michael Commins and Bridget Hologan
Sp Thomas Connors & Bridget Hologan

1855, Dec 9, Bapt Eliza of John Karney and Anne Commins
Sp Revd John Kehoe & Martha Commons

1856, January 7, Bapt Elizabeth of Thomas Eustace and Mary Commons
Sp John Henecy and Rosanna Donoho

1856, March 8, Bapt James of Pierce Byrne and Johanna Commins
Sp William Commins and Anne Summers

1856, June 22, Bapt Bridget of Michael Conally & Mary Collons
Sp Thomas Kerigan & Bridget Commins

1856, Aug 10, Bapt Laurence of Owen Commins and Ellen Green
Sp Michael & Mary Anne Aughney

1856, September 28, Bapt Bridget of John Nource & Mary Kenny
Sp John Carroll & Bridget Commins

1857, Feby 15, Bapt James of John Ryan & Ann Farrell
Sp George Cummins & Mary Poor

1857, March 1, Bapt Miles of James Sweeny & Jane Deegan
Sp Patt Commins & Catherine Maher

1857, July 31, Bapt Mary Anne of Laurence Commins & Esther Doyle
Sp Edward & Fanny Coughlan

1858, April 17, Bapt Terry of John Karney & Anne Commins
Sp James & Bridget Kelly

1858, May 30, Bapt Mary Anne of Pierce Byrne & Joanna Commins
Sp Pierce Byrne & Anne Nolan

1858, July 25, Bapt James of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp Michael Murphy & Eliza Bulger

1858, August 15, Bapt William of Michael Keeth & Mary Commins
Sp William Keeth & Ellen Whelan

1858, Sept 12, Bapt Mary the natural Child of Michael Brian of Tuck Mill Parish of Baltinglass and Bridget Byrne
Sp Bridget Commins

1858, December 20, Bapt Thomas of Michael Kealy and Margaret Commins
Sp John Commins and Anne Maher

1858, December 27, Bapt Julia of Peter Murphy & Winiford Nolan
Sp Maurice Kealy & Janey Commins

1859, Feby 6, Bapt Arthur of Thomas Eustace and Mary Commins
Sp Thomas King and Elizabeth Gahan

1859, April 17, Bapt Catherine of Laurence Commins and Esther McCain
Sp William Dwyer and Mary Doolan

1859, June 19, Bapt Edward of Patt Murphy and Margaret Kinsella
Sp Patt Donaho & Eliza Commins

1859, August 21, Bapt Terence of James Sweeny & Jane Deegan
Sp Thomas Carroll & Anne Commins

1859, September 4, Bapt James of Terence Hollogan and Mary Commins
Sp Patt Hologan and Bridget Kenedy

1860, February 5, Bapt John of James Commins & Bridget Brenan
Sp John Commins & Joanna Brenan

1860, April 18, Bapt John of Michael Fenlon & Elizabeth Coughlan
Sp Laurence Commons & Mary Wonohon

1860, June 24, Bapt Johanna of Pierce Byrne & Johanna Commins
Sp Thomas Nolan & Mary Simmons

1861, February 24, Bapt John of Michael Keeth & Mary Commins
Sp Patt Neill & Ann Quinn
Ballon Hill

1861, April 7, Bapt Elizabeth of James Nolan & Ellen Commins
Sp John Geehan & Mira Murphy
Ballon Hill

1861, April 21, Bapt Ellen of Owen Commins & Ellen Green
Sp John and Elizabeth Nource

1861, May 19, Bapt Patt of Laurence Commins & Esther McCain
Sp John [___?] & Maria M[cley?]

1861, June 27, Bapt Catherine of Thomas Eustace & Mary Commins
Sp Michael Doyle and Anne Nolan

1861, July 7, Bapt John of Thomas Sly & Ellen Bulger
Sp Thomas Commins & Ellen Doyle

1861, November 20, Bapt Terence of Owen Commins & Catherine Lennon
Sp Patt Commins & Catherine Lennon
Mun More

1862, March 16, Bapt Patrick of Thomas Nolan & Catherine Conroy
Sp James Commins & Anne Conroy

1862, April 6, Bpt Patt of Michael Kealy & Margaret Commins
Sp Edward Hicky & Bridget Kealy

1862, September 16, Bapt Elizabeth of James Nolan and Ellen Commins
Sp Patt & Ellen Walsh
Ballon Hill

1862, December 27, Bapt Alicia of Owen Commins & Catherine Lennon
Sp Terence & Mary Commins

1863, April 3d, Bapt John of John Lyons & Eliza Mansfield
Sp Bridget Cummins
Stated to be from Minckalea Co. Kilkenny

1863, June 16th, Bp Mary of Patrick Cummins & Mary Walsh
SS Mick Aughney & Bridget Cumins

1863, July 18th, Bap Thos of Thos Brennan & Joney Cummins
SS Edwd Brien & Lizzy Dorden

1863, July 26th, Bap Jas of Laurence Cummins & Hetty Doyle
SS Patt Hollogan & Margt Coogan

1863, September 12th, Bap Maria of Patt Cummins & Mary Conners
SS Michael Nolan & Margt Nolan

1863, Nov 1, Bap Bridget of Michl Keith & Mary Commins
SS Jas Quinn & Ellen Cummins
Ballon Hill

1864, Feby 27, Bap Catherine of Owen Cumins & Cath Lennon
SS Michl Eustace & Mary Eustace

1864, July 14th, Bap John of Michl Kealy & Margt Cummins
SS Maurice Neill & Kate Brophy
[no residence given]

1864, Nov 17th, Bap Bridget of John Kelly & Johanna Clear
SS Jas Nolan & Mary Cummins

1865, Feby 12th, Bap John of Patt Neill & Bridget Cummins
Sp Mathw Neill & Alicia Murphy

1865, August 15th, Bap Willm the illegitimate child of Wm Nolan & Mary Brien
SS Michl Cimmins & Margt Brien

1865, Sept 8th, Bap Laurence of Laurence Cummins & Hetty McCain
SS John Jenkinson & Ann Fenlon

1865, Nov 18th, Bap Patt of Owen Cummins & Kate Lennon
SS Robert Lennon & Johanna Byrne
Burren Side

1866, April 1st, Bap Jas of Wm Nolan & Mary Cummins alias Conners
SS Joseph Nolan & Kate Nolan

1866, April 22nd, Bap Catherine of Michael Keate & Mary Cummins
SS John Dargan & Mary Dargan
Ballon Hill

1866, Augt 12th, Bap Elizabeth of [__?] Connor Pender & [___?] Dempsey
SS John Cummins & Ann Finlon

1866, September 2d, Bapt Michael of Wm Nolan & Mary Cummins
SS Patt Doyle & Bridgt Whelan

1866, September 2d, Bapt Elizabeth of Patt Cummins & Mary Walsh
SS George Cummins & Lizzy Nourse

1867, October 13th, Bap Mary of Peter Murphy & Eliza Cowman
SS John Byrne & Mary Fenlon

1867, November 14th, Bap Michael of Lawrence Cummins & Esther MacKane
SS John Jenkison & Ellen Jenkinson

1868, January 31st, Bap Miles of Willm Nolan & Mary Cummins
Sp Thos Walshe & Bessie Nolan

1868, March 8th, Bap George of Patt Cummins & Mary Walsh
SS Thos Bolger & Teresa Bolger

1868, March 13th, Bap Johanna of Own Cummins & Catherine Lennon
SS Pierce Byrne & Catherine Cummins

1868, March 29th, Bap Michael of Michael Kealy & Margt Cummins
SS Michael Brophy & Eliza Neill
[no residence given]

1868, Sept 20, Mary Keith of Michael Keith & Mary Cummins
Sp James Kavanagh & Anne Dargan
Ballon Hill

1868, Sept 27th, Bap Patrick of Patrick Quinn & Betty Kavanagh
SS John Cummins & Eliza Tierny
Ballon Hill

1868, Decbr 12th, Bap Owen of Terence Cummins & Kate Brophy
SS Peter Brophy & Alicia Byrne
Married in Clonegal Feb 23rd 1911