Cummins Families of County Carlow, Ireland
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Catholic Parish Registers of Myshall, 1822-1880
Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin

LDS British Family History Library Film #926123

The parish register was apparently not in good condition when it was microfilmed. Many of the pages are faded, stained or torn so that all or parts of some records are unreadable, and the pages were apparently loose and do not line up properly in some places. Initial abstracts were made during a trip to Salt Lake City a couple years ago. The register has now been re-read and completed. (Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible in these transcriptions. However, these are our interpretations of the original handwritten entries, and, since we are not perfect, there may be errors. We recommend that you check the microfilm yourself to verify the information.)

31 July 2004 - Note: I now have this film on permanent loan at my local LDS Family History Center, so I am in the process of studying it again more carefully and will be making corrections as I find them.

Baptisms, February 11, 1822 - May 3, 1846
[Note on film: "Several pages are missing and all the pages are mutilated."]

1823 [___ __], [?place], Michael, parents Edwd & Ann Cummins
Sp James & Mary Linch

1823 [?June] 15, Ullard, James Keys, parents Robt & Mary Cummins
Sp Mary Brien

1823 [?Nov] 6, Coolernaghtan, Patt Cummins, parents John & Mary Dillon
Sp Priest & Mr James Fenlan

1824 [___ __], [?place], Mary Keys, parents Robt & Mary Cummins
Sp Michael Moore & Anne Barker

1824 [?May __], Rahean[___], Thomas, parents Michl & Mary Troy
Sp Thos Cummins & Elizabeth Nolan

1824 [?May] 12, Clonran, [?Brt] Smyth, parents John & Kitty Nolan
Sp James Cummins & Mary Smyth

1825 Nov 15, Ullard, Law Cummins, parents John & Mary Dillon
Sp Mich Nolan & [____]

1826 Jan [?19], Oldtown, Anne Doyle of Philip & Anty Doyle
Sp John Doyle & Cath Commings

1826 Mar [_], [___]ush, Thos Commins of Jno & Cath Doyle
Sp John Neile & Jane Commins

1826 April 13, Knockalinagad, Ellen Young of Dan & Jane Cummins
Sp Denis Brennan & Mary McDonald

1827 Apr [__], Ballinorea, Jas Keys, parents Robt & Mary Cummins
Sp Michl Keys & Ann Banford[?]

1828 Jan [__], [___]egar, Thos Murphy, parents Jas & Mary Cummins
Sp John Haughney & Ann Cummins

1828 [___ __], [___]ans, Mary Ann Cummins, parents Pat & Bridget Dunn
Sp Wm Dunn & Cath Cummins

1828 August 21, Thurtane, Bernard Cummins, [___] & Honor Doyle
Sp Mary [Hays or Keys] (Bastard)

1828 August 25, [?Colisnocka], Michl Connor, [___] & Magt Donahoe
Sp Thos Cummins & Essy McDonald

1828 October 8, Kilmaglush, Alicia Clancy, parents Martin & Cath Dunn
Sp Pat Cummins & Marianna Clancy

1829 Feb 17, Knocklingad, Lawrence Young, parents [____] & [___]n Cummins
Sp Luke Holiran & Mary Doy[__]

1830 Mar 25, Knockclonagad, Ann Donally, parents Patrick & Easther Hogan
Sp Thomas Cummins & Easter Nowlan

1830 July 11, Kilmaglish, Bridgt Ellen Shiel, parents Henry & Mary Cummins
Sp Revd T. Nowlan & Ann Harris[?]

1831 Jan 24, Knoclonagad, Bridget Murphy, parents [___] & Mary Cummins
Sp Dennis Fenlon & Margt Byrne

1831 March 4, Turtane, Ellen Cummins, parents Patt & Bridget Dunn
Sp Michl Fenlon & Wife

1831 May 15, Knockclonagad, Bridget [___], parents Danl & Jane Cummins
Sp Denis Fenlon & Ann [___]

1832 July 18, Knockclonagad, Ann Cummins, parents [___] & Mary Murphy
Sp John Gaul & Ann Murphy

1832 Nov 17, Raheenwood, Eliza Treacy, parents Michl & Mary Lawler
Sp Oliver Eustace & Mary Cummins

1832 Dec 16, Turtane, William Cummins, parents Patt & Bridget Dunn
Sp Maurice Nolan & Johanah Cummins

1833 June 6, Kilmaglish, Ann Shiel, parents [___]ry & Mary Cummins
Sp James Donahoe & Hanora Maher

1836 Jan 30, Knockclonagad, John Young, parents Danl & Jane Cummins
Sp David McDonald & Mary Cummins

1837 Feb 21, Knockclonagad, Mary Cummins, parents Jas & Mary Murphy
Sp Lawrence Byrne & Margt Murphy
[note: In this entry the sponsors names were originally recorded in the place for the parents' names. The parents' names were written over, and I believe that the above is correct.]

1837 May 23, Turtane, Bridget Cummins, parents Patt & Bridget Dunn
Sp Jas & Ellen Clowry

1837 Sept 5, Knockclonagad, Mary Hogan, parents Henry & Mary [___]
Sp Jas Cummins & Ann McDonald

Revd L. Cummins died 26th day of December 1838 and was succeeded by the Revd Eugene O'Reily on the 7th day of February 1839.

1839 September 15th, Jane of James Cummins and Mary Murphy
Sp Darby Halloran and Mary MacDonell, Knocklinegad

1843 Feb 2, Judy of [?Tom or Jas] Cummins and Mary Murphy
Sp James Keys & Anne Morrisy, Raheenw[__]

1843 April 8, Ellin of James Cummins & Mary Murphy
Sp Luke Collins & Mary Young, Knocklongad

1844 August 9th, Winny, Pts Pat Cummins & Bridy Dunn
Sp Edwd Murphy & Mary Murphy, Tur[___]

1846 March 22, Patk, Pts Christopher Metcalf & Mar[_] [___]
Sp John Cummins & Hanora Cum[___], [____]

Marriages, September 17, 1822 - January 30, 1845
1822 [date torn and missing], Michael Doyle to Mary Kinsela
Wit: Mathew Kavanagh & Ann Cummins, Drumphea

1823 July 16, James Nolan to Bridget Colfold
Wit: Denis Fenlon, James Curran & Ann Cummins, [Raheen?]high

1827 [April?] 17, William Byrne to Ann Cummins
Wit: Jno Fenlon & Biddy Cummins, Myshall

1827 June 28, Patt Cummins to Biddy Dunn
Wit: Michl Fenlon and Wife, Myshall

1832 March 4, [Tho?] Kavanagh to Mary Cummins
Wit: Wm Fitzgerald & Mary Connors, [res, torn & missing]

1837 Feby 11, Andy Nolan to Mary Dugan
Wit: Patt Cummins & Eliza Nolan

1845 [___], [ ___?] Gorman to Winny Nolan
W. Lawrence & Honor Cummins, Balla[__?]
[Note: There is an ink blot on the page. From other records it appears that the groom's name is Edward Gorman]

Baptisms, October 25, 1846 - December 25, 1880 [the last entry on the last page is July 10, 1881]
1847 March 17, Johanna, Pts James Cummins & Margaret Murphy
Sp: John Murphy, [____ ____] & Mary Nowlan, Knockclonegad

1849 April 2, Catherine of Henry [Cummon?] & Mary Headen
Sp: Patrick Headen & Mary Headen, Myshall

1849 May 27th, Bridget of Pat Deverix & Ellen Fenlon
Sp: Patt Fenlon & Mariann Cummins, Shingarey

1849 July 8th, John of Thos Date & Anne Murphy
Sp: John Murphy & Margt Cummins, Knockindraw

1849 July 15th, Catherine of John Nolan & Mary Finlon
Sp: John Cummins & Betty Brian, Myshall

1851 April 2 Patrick of James Cummins and Mary Murphy
Sp: John Murphy & Margt Murphy, Knoclonegad

1852 Dec 5th, Bp Patrick of John Byrne & Ellen Fenlon
Sp: James Murphy & Honora Cummins, Ullard

1854 Sept 10, Neil, Marianne & Catharine of Charley & Catharine [Cummin?]
Sp: for Mariane Denis Brien & Anne Fenlon
Sp: for Catharine John Fenlon & Catherine Brien
Res. [___]order

1858 Feby 7, Doolan, Patrick of Thos. & Margaret Byrne
Sp Thos Commons & Bridget Ryan

1858 October 10, [Cox?], Jno of Jno & Bridget Nolan
Sp Laurence Rourke & Anne Cummins

1859 January 30, Nolan, Bridget of Danl Nolan & Mary Tool
Sp Thos Mack & Ellen Cummins, Ballaghmore

1859 August 30, Pender, John of Patt & Elizabeth Dempsey
Sp Andrew Kearney & Mary Cummins, Turtain

1862 June 1, Morris, Bridget of Redmond & Anne Murphy
Sp: Arthur Murphy and Ellen Cummins, Shangarey

1862 June 13, Wall, Michael of Michael & Bridget Shea
Sp: Timothy Commins [or Conners] & Biddy Eustace, Myshall

1863 February 15, Byrne, John of John and Anne Kavanagh
Sp: Thomas Byrne and Bridget Cummins [no res. noted]

1863 July 5, Hogan, William of Thomas & Margaret Cummins
Sp: John Murphy & Dora Fleming, Knocklinegad

1863 Nov 29, Pender, Margaret of Pat and Besse Dempsey
Sp: Edward Kearney & Ellen Cummins, Kilmaglish

1864 June 27, Murphy, John of Jno Murphy & Margt Cummins
Sp: Michl Murphy & Anne Cummins, Knocklinegad

1867 March 7, Morris, Margaret of Redmond & Anne Murphy
Sp: John Nolan and Bridget Cummins, Shangarry

1868 July 26, Murphy, Maria of John & Margaret Cummins
Sp: Pat Murphy & Bridget Young, Knockclonigad

1869 Jany 17, Doyle, James of James and Bridget Doyle
Sp: Michael Keegans and Winifred Cummins, Shingary

1869 Jany 21, Redmond, Patrick of John & Bessie Sly
Sp: William Cummins & Margaret Sly, Turtane

1871 March 5, Butler, Mary of Patrick and Mary Askins
Sp: Simon Kearney and Eliza Kearney, Kilmaglush
1871 March 5, Butler, Elizabeth of Patrick and Mary Askins
Sp: James Cummins and Winifred Cummins, Kilmaglush

1871 Nov 19th, Maher, Michael of John & Catherine Kavanagh
Sp: John Cummins and Bridget Cummins, Kilmaglush

1874 October 25th, White, Johanna of James White & Bridget Commons
Sp: Thomas McGuire & Mary Commons, Balinrea

1876 Dec 5, Butler, John of Patrick Butler and Mary Askin
Sp: John Cummins & Mary Kearney, Kylemaglush

1879 Feb 9, Keating, Mary of Joseph Keating & Mary Commons
Sp: Michael Nolan & Ann Connor, Belalaw

Marriages, February 17, 1846 - November 27, 1880
1859 [Jan or Feb] 25, Carty, Jno to Mary Anne Cummins, Turthane
Wit: Darby Carty & Cathr Finlan

1861 Oct 8, Malone, Edward to Bridget Cummins, Ullard
Wit: Willm Fenlon & Margt [Fenner?]

1878 Oct 4, [___ ____] to Ellen Cummins, Turtane
Wit: [___?] Reilly & Bridget Coogan

[1880?] July 19th, James Cummins to Margaret Fenlon, Myshall
Wit: Patrick Murphy & Margaret Conway