Leta Currie Marshall


Leta Currie Marshall

I am a writer, musician and amateur genealogist and have lived in Washington State with my husband Stewart since 1985. We share our home with our goofy, affectionate microtiger Malcolm, whom we adopted through our local animal rescue society.

Malcolm was a holy terror when we first brought him home: constantly chasing, scratching, wanting to play--and play rough--24 hours a day. Through lots of love and a certain amount of discipline, he has mellowed into a wonderful housemate. He loves his morning cuddle and is satisfied with "hunting" a knotted string or catnip mouse in the morning and evening. Malcolm is an indoor cat because we have many birds and other wildlife in our forest that we want to protect. Also it keeps him from getting run over, picking up fleas or intestinal worms, or getting injured in fights with dogs, raccoons or feral cats.

Malcolm was lucky to find a nice home. Animal rescue workers have trouble placing even mellow, easygoing cats and adorable kittens. Cats do not necessarily survive well on their own, and dumping them is simply irresponsible and cruel.

Feral cats can take a terrible toll on wild birds and animals, and can spread cat diseases like feline AIDS. Please, PLEASE spay or neuter your cat (or dog), and keep it indoors if possible. Cats can live long, healthy, and happy lives without reproducing or eating wild prey.


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