Hester Pauline Carolina Damm


Catharina "Pauline" Hester Damm


Pauline was the youngest child of Dietmar and Anna Damm, born in Texas and orphaned as an infant. She was taken in by neighbor Tany Ann Hanes* of Anderson, Texas, who shared her household with Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Harrison, Cecilia Runnels, age 12, and B.S. Whiting, a male age 24.

*Possibly Tiney Hines, b. 1804 in Hampshire, VA to John Hines and Mary Roderick.

In March of 1857, Pauline's brother-in-law Hermann Huettel appealed to the courts to become the 9-year-old girl's guardian, but two years later pled to be released from guardianship because her share of her parents' estate had run out.

On March 6, 1866 Pauline married August Willenberg, another German immigrant. They raised five children in LaGrange, Texas. August died in 1888, Pauline in 1931. Today August and Pauline have many fine descendants that offer a testament to their perseverance, hard work and high standards.