Schell family of Louisiana



THE SCHELL FAMILY: Michigan to Louisiana


Melvin E. Schell was born in Lexington, Michigan, to David Schell and his first wife, Margaret Harris. David and Margaret were both Canadian. Apparently Melvin was their only surviving child; David then married Lucy Patrick Westbrook, also of Ontario, and they had four sons and a daughter.

Melvin was a sailor on the Great Lakes. He married the Captain's sister, Eliza Augusta Johnston of Fremont, Michigan. Their first child, William Edward, was born in Michigan, then the family moved to Louisiana. Four more children were born there: Earl Buford Sr., Frances Ella, Austin Johnston, and Herbert Melvin.


Clockwise from top right:
William Edward Schell, about 14 1/2;
Frances Schell, age 5;
Herbert Melvin Schell, about 1 year old;
Austin Johnston Schell, age 3;
and Earl Buford Schell, 9 1/2.
Photo was taken about 1897.



Melvin owned a grocery store in Elton, Louisiana, along with several other properties. His first wife Augusta died in 1900 and Melvin married a widow, Mary Ella Jesse Cavert, who had three children by a previous marriage.

Melvin died in Port Arthur, Texas in 1924. He had scribbled out his will on a grocery receipt from his store.

Melvin and Augusta's second son Earl Buford Schell was a machinist and a preacher in the Assembly of God Church. He served in the U.S. army in the First World War in France and Luxembourg. He worked for Ernest Edward Norris at his sawmill in Forest Hill and married the boss' daughter,Thelma Miriam Norris. They settled in Elton and had five children.




 1 Melvin E. Schell , b. 20 September 1855, Sanilac Co., MI; m. (1) Eliza Augusta Johnston , 10 May 1880, Fremont, MI; m. (2) Mary Ella Jesse Cavert; d. 3 October 1924

      1 William Edward Schell, b. 19 January 1883, m. Anna DeMott, 23 December 1905, d. 31 May 1967 ...

      2 Earl Buford Schell, Sr., b. 4 December 1887, m. Thelma Miriam Norris, 7 February 1920, d. 4 June 1971 ...

      3 Frances Ella Schell , b. 3 March 1892, m. Fulton Cavert ...

      4 Austin Johnston Schell, Sr., b. 24 February 1894, m. Daisy May Norris, d. 29 June 1978 ...

      5 Herbert Melvin Schell, b. 2 July 1896, d. 13 January 1937 ...