Veterans in the family







 Lettie Admire Currie in the
Red Cross, 1940s

Albert D. Currie 


We are proud to honor our ancestors who fought in this country's wars to protect their families, homes, country, and beliefs. We may look back and wonder why they took up arms, but we should never doubt or forget their courage in doing it.

(Living family members have been omitted for privacy reasons.)



Capt. Abram Whitaker Currie

born in Mississippi, 1838

3rd Louisiana Infantry, Co. H, "Monticello Rifles"

Lawyer, planter, shopkeeper

Died in Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Brazil, 1889




Sgt. John Allen Admire - 59th Illinois Infantry, Co. G. Died at home in 1915, Carrollton, Illinois

Pvt. William P. Admire - 59th Illinois Infantry, Co. G

Master Sgt. Albert D. Currie - 8th Army HQ, South Pacific and Japan. Died May, 1984 in Port Arthur, Texas. Two children, four grandchildren.

John A. Currie

Pvt. Adam Damm - 4th Texas Infantry, Co. H, "Porter Guards." Died in hospital at Richmond, Virginia, 1863. No descendants.

Pvt. Frank Damm - 4th Texas Infantry, Co. G, "Grimes County Greys." Lost a leg at Chickamauga. Died in LaGrange, Texas, March 4, 1889. No descendants.

Pvt. Burrell Johnson - 3rd LA Cavalry, Co. K, Harrison's Regiment. Served from 1861 until surrendered on May 26, 1865; paroled on June 14, 1865, at Alexandria, Louisiana. Died September 16, 1904.

Pvt. George Washington Mayo, Sr. - 2nd Florida Infantry, Co. K

Daniel Duncan Norris, Sr. - 59th AL Infantry, Co. G (later the 61st). Wounded in the hip.

Pvt. Earl B. Schell, Sr.
129th Infantry, Co. F. Served in France and Luxembourg; hospitalized in France during influenza epidemic of 1918.