West Virginia KIRK Family of Coal River and Winifrede Area

West Virginia KIRK Family

of the Coal River and Winifrede Area

From a couple settlers descend many of the numerous Kirks of the area around Boone and Kanawha County WVa. My research effort started with my ancestor William Kirk who was born about 1794 in Montgomery County, Virginia. The area he came from within Montgomery County became part of Giles County in 1806 when it was formed.

In my search I found these other Kirks in the same area. Isaac Kirk is a contemporary to William who also moved to this area Ė they are possibly brothers or cousins. As a result, to sort out the Coal River Kirks I also had to compile Isaacís descendents. These people moved to Coal River when the area was still very sparsely settled, a journey of several days over the mountains from Giles County. I discovered people were making this journey in part because of abundant salt deposits along the Kanawha Rivers Ė and salt was a vital material in those days for preserving meat and for making gunpowder.

Many of the Coal River West Virginia area Kirks descend from William Kirk. Williamís family lived there in a place today called Clover Hollow for at least a couple generations. The ancestors of William Kirk were among the early settlers this area. Williamís grandfather Thomas Kirk moved from Fauquier County to Clover Hollow by not long after the Revolutionary War.

William appears to have served in the war of 1812. After the war he relocated to Bedford County, Virginia where he married Nancy Asbury on April 3, 1820. This is the only Kirk marriage in Bedford Co. before 1850. A marriage record of his son John confirms his birth in Bedford County, clarifying this is the same William Kirk who traveled from Giles to Bedford and then to West Virginia. By the time of the 1830 census he had moved his family to the Coal River area. William bought 325 acres on Toney's Branch on August 6, 1830 from Francis and Rhoda Meadows.

The 1830 census conveys Williamís household then. His first wife Nancy had likely died prior to this census as no one her age bracket is listed. Possibly Nancy died in Kanawha County since it seems unlikely that William would move this far without a wife with children in his household Ė well depending upon how many children there are of his in this group. Among these children presumably is John Eli Kirk who was born in Bedford County around 1824.

At first glance I assumed all the children listed were Williamís Ė but based upon the next generation of Kirks that live in this area I now think most belong to the second man. Perhaps this second man could be Isaac as 5 of the 6 children appear to be a perfect fit for Isaacís children Ė with the remaining one accounted for with Williamís known son. If this is Isaac, and if we can trust this record and my pure speculation - then his wife has also died. Later in 1850 Isaac is living next door to William, but that is 20 years later. It does appear that Isaac did not have additional children after his wifeís death, while in contrast Williamís family would expand greatly after 1830.

Based upon available records this is my attempt to list the children of both Isaac and William Kirk.

Family of Isaac Kirk

Isaac Kirk was born in Montgomery County around 1788 and lived at least into the 1870ís. He was married to Sarah Hunter. I do not have proof that all these people descend from Isaac and Sarah, but the information seems to convey that they do.

1. Clarissa Kirk b. 1814 married Henry Williams in 1835.
2. Isaac Kirk, Jr born about 1819 married Cynthia Williams.
3. Sarah Jane Kirk born about 1820 married Robert Workman in 1837.
4. Adaline Kirk born about 1824 married unknown in 1842 (A hand scripted record by a minister seems to leave out the groom as 2 women and 1 man is listed). She could alternately be a daughter of William.
5. Elizabeth Kirk board about 1825.
6. William Absolom Kirk born about 1826 (listed as Absolom in census records)She could alternately be a daughter of William.

Note the majority of these are older than Williamís children Ė so they begin to establish their households and have their own children before Williamís.

Family of William Kirk

William Kirk was born around 1794 and first married Nancy Asbury in Bedford County, where he appears to have settled after his service in the war of 1812.

William remarries to Sarah Webb around 1830. Her younger age tends to indicate William may have become remarried on the WV frontier versus the more populated Giles County, where their marriage would have more likely been recorded and survived.

In 1847 Boone County was formed and included the area where William settled. Toneyís Branch is located at the present town of Bloomingrose, WV. On August 28, 1849 he bought 525 more acres from James Webb, possibly a relative of his wife Sarah. He voted for the formation of Boone County. When the civil war came some of his sons fought on the Confederate side. During the civil war Boone Countyís courthouse was burned so there are no records from the 1847 to 1865 time period, certainly hindering our investigation of Williamís earliest children.

William and Sarah both lived to old age as recorded in the 1880 census and likely this was their last marriage. In 1850 they lived in Boone County on Big Coal River, and by 1860 they had moved to the Paint Creek area of Kanawha County. After this they moved to the Cabin Creek area and since then many of their descendents have lived at Winifrede.

Williamís death record is found in Kanawha county. He died 10 August 1888 at Lewiston, WV and his age is given as 94. I cannot find this death record in the on-line search, nor can I find that of Sarah.

A list of the children of William Kirk, as known so far, is as follows:

Born to Nancy:
A1. John Eli Kirk, born about 1824 in Bedford County. Died after 1880.

A2. William Kirk. born 1829 in Bedford County. His second marriage gives his birthplace and parents as William and Nancy Kirk. married (1) Anna Lacy around 1850. Married (2) Jane Hopkins in 1873 after Anna died.

A?.additional children of William and Nancy? Possibly Sarah Jane but that would make 2 Sarahís - so I presume she is a daughter of Isaac. Also in a marriage record there is an Adaline Kirk who might be a daugher or William or Isaac.

Census records starting in 1850 present those in Williamís household. By 1850 all of the children born to first wife Nancy have left to be on their own.

Born to Sarah:
B1. Sarah Kirk. born about 1833. Married John Harvey 6 Sept 1868 in Kanawha County. Her marriage record lists her parents as William and Sarah, and as single implying this is her first marriage. In the 1850 census listing she is the oldest child then in the household of William and Sarah.

B2. Jordan A. Kirk. born about 1834. Married Julia Miller. Was with the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. He was with the Virginia 16th. Calvary Company K. He was captured and imprisoned at Fort Delaware (Pea Patch Island) where he died. He left four known children.

B3. Martha Kirk. born about 1835. Nothing more is known.

B4. Lewis R. Kirk. born 1 January 1836. Married Mary Ann Tamplin. died after 1910.

B5. Mary (Polly) Kirk. born about 1839. Married Cornelius Bowe. died 20 August 1871 Kanawha Co.

B6. Minerva Kirk born between 1840 and 1842. Married Solomon Spradling 4 March 1857. Nothing more is known Ė maybe they moved out of state Ė but they are not found in 1880 census.

B7. Alfred Newton Kirk. born about 1843. Married (1) Jane Ann Toney (2) Lucinda Bradley. died about 1921 in Raleigh Co.

B8. Wilson Kirk. born about 1844. only person living with his parents in 1880 Kanawha Co. died 2 Feb 1933 Cabell Co.?

B9. James W. Kirk. born 24 Dec 1846. married Clarinda Pettry at Peytona, Boone Co. died 14 June 1927 Kanawha Co.

B10. George Kirk born about 1846. Nothing more is known.

B11. Emeline Kirk. born about 1847. Appears to have married William Soren on 15 Jan 1863 in Kanawha Co.

B12 Calvin Kirk. born about 1848. Married Elizabeth Green and had several children. after she died he was married several times. As a minister he married several of his family members.

B13 Silas Kirk. born about 1851. Married (1) Anna Davis, (2) Martha Jane (Addie or Hattie) Perdue, (3) Betty Hodge.

B14. Frances Kirk. born about 1855. Married Marcus Toney.

Silas Kirk
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