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Bedford County Virginia

Linked below are records from my research. My particular family (Josiah Milton b. 1818) first shows up in the Bedford Co. census in 1850. He is the son of Mary Milton who is a head of household in 1840, the only Milton listing. The only other Milton listing in 1850 is Samuel Milton, who married a sister of Josiah’s wife. I now know this family moved to Bedford from Fluvanna County. During this era, I find the names Milton and Melton used interchangeably - with both being rather rare. It seems to be most commonly rendered Milton in the Roanoke area, as Melton in central Virginia and perhaps spelled either way in the colonial era.  

My current thinking is that Josiah, Samuel and possibly Pleasant Milton (the latter of Botetourt and later Craig County Va.) are sons of Joseph and Mary Milton who came from Fluvanna County. The only shread of clear evidence is what appears to be a marriage record for Samuel Milton late in his life; this record lists his parents as Joseph and Mary plus it gives his place of birth as Fluvanna County. Joseph is closely associated with Pierce Wade Melton and is likely his oldest son.  From here other rearchers have the line traced to tidewater Virginia with the picture being blurry at the first two generations in America.  Nonetheless this Milton line has clear connection to 17th century Virginia settlement. 

My other Bedford County surnames are Wilson (three lines), Hogan, Perdue, Gross, Haynes, Wilkerson, and Vealey.

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