My Milton Ancestry

Josiah Milton (ca. 1818-1880)

Bedford County Virginia

First Generation

Josiah MILTON born ca. 1817/18 in Fluvanna County Va. died ca. 1880 married Susan WILSON on 16 Nov 1840 in Bedford Co VA daughter of James WILSON and Judith WILKERSON; another daughter Mariah married Samuel Milton also of Bedford Co.  While Samuel's vital records link him to Joseph and Mary Milton there is less clear evidence for Josiah - but with very high probability Josiah is also the son of Joseph and Mary Milton. 


William Samuel Harrison MILTON (born 26 Aug 1841) Judy Ann MILTON (born 1842/43) Elizabeth MILTON (born 1844/45) Lenoir Rosser MILTON (born 10 Sep 1849) M. MILTON (female, born 1851/52) Susan Agress MILTON (born 1855)

Second Generation

Lenoir Rosser MILTON born 10 Sep 1849 in Bedford Co VA died 31 Jan 1922 in Thaxton, Bedford Co. VA married Susan WILSON on 6 Oct 1872 in Bedford Co VA (daughter of James M. WILSON and Emaline WILSON)


James William Lee MILTON (born 29 Sep 1873) Peter Joseph MILTON (born 13 Nov 1875) Leonard Richard S. MILTON (born 25 Jul 1878) Robert Bane MILTON (born 19 Apr 1881) Ernest H. MILTON (born 20 Mar 1883) Lelia MILTON (born 9 Sep 1885) Gilbert C. MILTON (born 8 Oct 1888) Claudie L. MILTON (born 14 Feb 1890) Cordie L. MILTON (born Jan 1892) Wiley H. MILTON (born Dec 1893) Esse May MILTON (born Apr 1895)

Third Generation

Robert Bane MILTON born 19 Apr 1881 in Bedford Co VA died 5 Jul 1923 in Bedford Co VA married Mary (“Molly”) Priscilla HOGAN on 22 Oct 1902 (daughter of George W. HOGAN and Ailie PERDUE


Dillie May MILTON (born 6 Aug 1903) children of Robert and Mary MILTON (continued) Clyde Griffith MILTON (born 6 Sep 1906) Robert Bernard MILTON (born 3 Feb 1905) Cornelious MILTON (born 8 Apr 1908) Stewart Lee MILTON (born 29 Dec 1909) -- my grandfather Lois Virginia MILTON (born 19 Jan 1912) Rosie Bell MILTON (born 25 Jan 1914) Helen Marie MILTON (born 9 Dec 1915) Edith Rachel MILTON (born 29 Nov 1917)

Bedford Co. Census Summary:

1810 Absolam Melton (moved to Grayson Co. Va....)

1820 no Milton/Melton

1830 no Milton/Melton

1840 Mary W. Milton

1850 Josiah Melton, Samuel Melton

1860 Josiah, Samuel Milton 1870 Josiah, Samuel Milton

Neighboring Counties: In the 1850 Census, a few Milton households were living in neighboring counties. In Botetourt County was the household of Pleasant H. Milton (b. ca. 1822). Among those living in the same household was Mary Milton (b. ca. 1790) who may have been his mother, and Hazy (b. ca. 1830) and Catherine (b. ca. 1832) who were presumably his sisters. The household of Jubal Milton (b. ca. 1821) lived in Roanoke County as early as the 1840 census. Another household in Roanoke Co. in 1840 was that of Margaret Milton, perhaps the mother of Jubal. The final nearby Milton listing in 1850 was that of William Milton (b. ca. 1828) who was living alone in Franklin County. . Back to Milton Genealogy Page
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