(0001)Adventures of Purse and Person-- 1st edition, pages related to Bush

(0002)The Bush Family-- Five pages from Elizabeth DeHuff’s book, pages 9-13

(0003)James Bush-- Son of Josiah Bush DAR Application #333151 dated 1942  

 Page 1                 Page 2                Page 3            Page 4

(0003)Cavaliers and Pioneers-- List all Bush surnames in five-volume set.

(0004)James Bush-- Revolutionary War Bounty Warrant- April 30, 1785 taken from Library of Virginia.

(0005)John Bush-- Bible Record 1733/1863 taken from Library of Virginia.

(0006) James & William Bush-- Dunmore War Records, taken from Library of Virginia.

(0007)Russell County Virginia- --Pages from store ledger of Osborne Ford 1855-1858.

(0008)Bush / Dehart / Sanders- --Bible Record taken from Library of Virginia 1733/1863.

(0009)James Bush- --Son of Philip Bush Arnhime Papers taken from Library of Virginia

(0010)John, George and Abraham Bush --Land Grant 1695/96   p 221-222, 253 Acres, formerly granted to Abraham & Peter Elmor

(0011)Thomas Bush --1695/96 Land Grant Library of Virginia p220, 73 Acers

(0012)John Bush --1695/96 Library of Virginia p222-223 73 Acers next to his brothers George and Abraham

(0013)Rufus Joyce --Civil War Pension Application

(0014)Elizabeth DeHuff --Genealogy Report of Bush Family based on her book.

(0015)John C. Joyce & Louisa Weddle --Marriage bond 1839 Stokes County North Carolina

(0016)James Bush --Land Transaction 7/13/1766 Amherst Co., VA Deed Book 2 p 122

(0017)Austin Bush  --Library of Virginia Arnhime papers.

(0018)Drury Bush  --Library of Virginia Arnhime papers.

(0019)Orange & Spotsylvania County Records --Pages from records relating to Bush surname.

(0020)Genealogies Kentucky Families VI-- Thomas Burris genealogy notes (page 107-111) including comments relating to Bush

(0021)Bush & Armine Family -- Taken from Genealogies of Kentucky families

(0022)John Bush – Taken from The History of Virginia Book IV, relating to the objections of taken John Bush land

(0023)Thomas BushConfederate War Aid Application Bedford County Virginia 1886, Taken from Library of Virginia

(0024)Richard Bush Land Transactions    29th May 1706     9th February 1716/17   11th February 1705/06

(0025)History of ChurchesTwenty-one pages of subj. book with pictures regarding Bush migration to Kentucky.

(0026)George, Adham, Jacob, & John Bush--  NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY-- Petition to form Monogalia               County 1779 George, Adham, Jacob, & John Bush some of Petitioners

(0027) William Bush & John Bush-- Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Northumberland County Records Volume I

William Bush s/o John & Susannah Bush b 175_ & John Bush s/o Rubin Bush 1772

(0028)William Bush -- William Bush son of John Bush died Nov. 1759 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume I - Northumberland County

(0029)William, Martha, Wm. Jr., Sarah, & Elloner Bush-- NGS QUARTERLY Volume 25- Emigrants to Bath County N. C. 1685-17 

(0030)Bush Of Cowan NC--  Historical Southern Families Volume VI.

(0031)Joshua Danforth Bush -- The Compendium of American Genealogy Volume VII - Lineage Records


 Bush, Jn Bush, Jn Bush Jr. & Rich Bush

-- Virginia Tax Record - True and exact Poll of the Election of Burgesses, Essex  County Virginia, November 20 1741.

(0033) William & John Bush-- Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776

(0034)Betsey Bush Daughter of Rubin Bush ,born Dec.1774 -- Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume I Northumberland County

(0035)William Perry Bush & Emma Longmire & Children-- Colonial Families Volume IV

(0036)William Bush m Elizabeth 1795-- Josiah Bush m Eady 1801--  Historical Southern Families Volume VII

(0037)William Bush s/o Hardy Bush Marriage to Penelope Bryan-- Notable Southern Families Volume II

(0038)Susan Bush & The Spence Family-- Genealogies of Virginia Families Volume III

(0039) Lilly Thomas Bush, Stephen Hayes Bush, Mary Adedlaide Bush-- Compendium of American Genealogy Volume VI

(0040)Bush & Williams Family-- Historical Southern Families Volume I

(0041)Philip Bush Marriage to Mary Bryan-- Notable Southern Families Volume II

(0042) Andrew Bush Marriage to Elizabeth Sparklin December 21 1781-- NGS Quarterly Volume XXIII

(0043)Aaron Bush Marriage to Mary Meadows-- Virginia Marriage Records, Albemarle County Marriages

(0044) Josiah Bush —  Gordon Aronhime papers from Library of Virginia

(0045)Thomas Bush & Margaret Woodward, Marriage 1617-- Historical Southern Families Volume I

(0046)Wm Bush transported to Virginia 1666 by Francis Willis-- Cavilers and Pioneers Volume 5

(0047) John (Neptune) Bush -Notations relating to land (Salters & Cealeys) taken from John -- Genealogy of Virginia Families Volume V

(0048)Samuel Bush Marriage to Susan Belle Harned 1870-- Genealogy of Kentucky Families Volume I

(0049) R. T. Bush-- New England Family History

(0050)Rose Bush d/o William & Martha Bush-- Historical Southern Families Volume II

(0051) William Bush Marriage to Polly Stonciffer-- NGS Quarterly Volume 56

(0052) Zelpha Elizabeth Bush d/o William Bush  & Martha Ann Bush d/o Samuel J. Bush-- Wilkinson County Name Changes 1836/37 NGS Quarterly Volume55

(0053)William Bush Marriage to Ann Barbara Fordney-- NGS Quarterly Volume 25     

(0054)William Bush 1837 Tax list Washington County Texas-- NGS Quarterly Volume 32

(0055)Samuel & Rhode Bush Marriage 1761-- NGS Quarterly Volume 27

(0056)Ambrose Bush-- Library of Virginia Aronhime papers

(0057) Bebey Bush death April 1812-- NGS Quarterly Volume 51

(0058)James Norris Bush Marriage to Katherine Black-- Historical Southern Families Volume I

(0059) Bush & Williams Family-- Historical Southern Families Volume VI

(0060)John D. Bush s/o T. Bush died 1874 Lewis Bush died 1887-- NGS Quarterly Volume 58

(0061) Joshua Bush & Frances Blakey-- The Compendium of American Genealogy Volume VII Lineage Records

(0062)Levi Bush & Lewis Bush  Chadwick Family-- NGS Quarterly Volume 27

(0063)John (Neptune) Bush-- Virginia Land Records, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents

(0064)John Bush Marriage to Sallie Ann Watson 1851-- NGS quarterly Volume 54

(0065)John Bush & Susanna Bryan-- Notable Southern Families Volume II

(0066) Jinny, Saunders, Richard & William Bush-- Historical Southern Families Volume XXVII

(0067) John G. Bush Marriage to Ann Sweeney-- NGS Quarterly Volume 54

(0068)Abraham Bush Land sell from Rich Merryman-- Son Daniel’s benefit- Virginia Colonial Abstract Volume 1

(0069)Abraham Bush & Peter Elmor-- Land Grand for transport of 6 people- 1664 Cavaliers and Pioneers Volume 5

(0070)John Bush s/o Phillip Bush-- Aronhime papers from Library of Virginia

(0071) Ann Bennitt Bush born 1779 d/o Bennitt and wife Ann-- Virginia Colonial Abstract Volume 1

(0072) Abraham Bush sells land to Hubert Patey 150a 1665-- Virginia colonial Abstract Volume 1

(0073) Dennis & Jacob Bush-- West Virginians in the Revolution

(0074) John Bush 1798 (William, Wiatt & Mary Bush)-- William Bush 1815 - Philip Bush 1814 - Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventory Clark County Book A

(0075) Charles Bush & wife Hephribah-- Passengers to America Emigrants from England Port of London April 1774

(0076) Elisa Bush d/o John & Susannah Bush born 175-- Virginia Colonial Abstract Volume 1

(0077) Marriage Elizabeth Bush to Richard Moseley 1648-- Genealogies of Virginia Families IV

(0078) Drewry & John Bush-- Virginia Military Records

(0079) Fred W. Bush m Elizabeth Reynolds 1912-- Other Bush Names shown, Milton Reynolds Bush, Mary Elizabeth Bush -- Historical Southern Families Volume XXI

(0080) William 1840 & Francis Bush 1795--Virginia Will Records--Index to Wills Gooseland County

(0081) Eliz Bush Marriage to James Gregory 1774-- NGS Quarterly Volume 23

(0082) Charity Bush--  Helen Gray Bush David Bush, Daniel Bush, William Carol Bush & Winthorp Bush-- The Compendium of American Genealogy

(0083) George Bush Senior, Inventory 1826 Will Book 2 p441—Other Bush Names-Walton, George Jr. William, Archibald & Joseph Bush—Kentucky Church & probate records Volume 1

(0084) Adam & Mary BushWest Virginia Estate Settlements Harrison County

(0085) Isaac Bush Marriage to Hanna Sammon-- 1720 Virginia Marriage Records Lancaster County

(0086) Isaac Bush-- Passport issued thru the Creek Nation   NGS Quarterly Volume 44

(0087) Isaac Bush-- Issue of Passport 1804   NGS Quarterly Volume 41

(0088) Charity Bush-- Death notice 1788 NGS Quarterly Volume III

(0089) Bush Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications-- NGS Quarterly Supplement 1   p149-150

(0090) Ann Smyth w/o George Bush-- NGS Quarterly Supplement 1







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