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(0201) CENSUS- West Virginia 1870- Census Index for Surname Bush

(0202) WILLS- Virginia 1632-1800- Will Index for Surname Bush

(0203) CENSUS- Virginia 1870- Census Index for Surname Bush

(0204) John & Sarah Bush & family -Jacob Bush, & Family-- Census Gilmer County Virginia 1850

(0205) CENSUS- Georgia 1870- Census Index for Surname Bush

(0206) William & George Bush s/o Peter Bush & Lucinda Butcher (m) 1854--Roane County West Virginia Families

(0207) CENSUS- South Carolina 1870- Census Index for Surname Bush

(0208) CENSUS- Florida 1885- Census Index for Surname Bush

(0209) Philip & Lidia Bush & Family --Census Gilmer County Virginia 1850

(0210) John Bush-- English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records-- James City Rent Roll 1704

(0211) John Bush-- Civil War Pension Application Franklin County Virginia-- (Taken from Library of Virginia)

(0212) Henrietta Bush & Edward Casey 1899-- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0213) Richard & Mary Bush & Family --Census Mason County Virginia 1850

(0214) Richard Bush--Census Henrico County Virginia 1850

(0215) Valentine White Bush b 1879-- American Biographical Archive p 344 & 345

(0216) Robert Bush --Census Henrico County Virginia 1850

(0217) Samuel Bush --Census Nicholas County Virginia 1850

(0218) William Douglass Bush b1827 Missouri s/o Green Berry & Sally (Cundiff) Bush--

            American Biographical Archive (pages 373 thru 375)

(0219) Albert Peyton Bush b1876 s/o Thomas Greene & Alberta (Williams) Bush--American Biographical Archive p28

(0220) Samuel Bush --Census Rockingham County Virginia 1850

(0221) Elizabeth Bush w/o David Heysham-- West Virginians in the American Revolution

(0222) Floya Bush & Thomas McGuffin 1906-- Madge Bush & Thomas V. McGuffin 1910--

               West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0223) Thomas Bush --Census Fredrick County Virginia 1850

(0224) Sarah, Nancy & Henry Bush --Census Greenbrier County Virginia 1850

(0225) Stephen Bush & Family --Census Loudoun County Virginia 1850

(0226) Thomas Bush-- Salem Company 1850 California Gold Seekers-- MGS Quarterly Volume 78

(0227) William Bush s/o John Bush died 1759-- Northumberland County-- Virginia Colonial Records

(0228) William Allen Bush b 1870 s/o Jonas R. & Sally (Webber) Bush-- American Biographical Archive  (4 pages)

(0229) William & Mahala Bush & Family --Peter & Elizabeth Bush --Census Lewis County Virginia 1850

(0230) William & Mary Bush & Family --Census Betetourt County Virginia 1850

(0231) George Bush 1759-- NGS Quarterly Volume 64 -- Court Martial Abstract

(0232) Thomas & Maria Bush & Family- John Bush-- Census Gilmer County Virginia 1850

(0233) Thomas L. Bush, Mary, Nancy & Thomas L. Bush Jr.--Census Roanoke County Virginia 1850

(0234) Drury Bush Breathitt County --Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky

(0235) Thomas & Sarah Bush --Census Fluvanna County Virginia 1850

(0236) Adventures of Purse and Person3rd Edition, pages 147 & 148 related to Bush

(0237) Abraham Bush 35 arcs for transporting John Moulten January1677--Cavaliers and Pioneers Volume II p180

(0238) Richard Merryman & Abraham Bush 437a, transporting 9 persons Jan. 1677--Cavaliers and Pioneers Volume II p181

(0239) William Bush & Family --Census Marshall County Virginia 1850

(0240) William & Julia Bush & Family Charles, John, & William --Census Fredrick County Virginia 1850

(0241) William Bush & Family --Census James City Virginia 1850

(0242) Thomas Bush & Family, Polly, James D., William, Austin, Hensley, Sally, & Nancy--Census Scott County Virginia 1850

(0243) Urbane & Nancy Bush & Family Robert --Census Lancaster County Virginia 1850

(0244) Bush Surname-- Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York

               Previous to 1784 - Printed 1860 - by order of Gideon J. Tucker Secretary of State

(0245) Rev Alexander Bush b 1810-- American Biographical Archive p 33

(0246) Charles Bush b 1809-- American Biographical Archive p 76

(0247) David Bush b 1763-- American Biographical Archive p100

(0248) Edward E. Bush b 1869 Alta Cal. s/o Edward & Mary Ellen (Pedlar) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p112

(0249) Henry Bush s/o Justus Bush-- American Biographical Archive p179

(0250) A. P. Bush Jr.  s/o A. P. Bush Sr.-- American Biographical Archive p20 thru 23     

(0251) Asahel Bush b 1824

-- American Biographical Archive p36 thru p 40

(0252) William Bush & Mildred Oldham 1838 - Sarah Bush & Thomas Kincaid 1839 

           Kentucky Marriage Records Madison County

(0253) Bernard J. Henley PapersIndex Cards for Bush – Library of Virginia

(0254) Rev Alva Bush b1830 s/o Seldin F. & Florinn (Blackman) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p 373

(0255) Charles Bush b1717 s/o Christoph & Elizabeth Bush-- American Biographical Archive p63 & 64

(0256) Charles Bush b 1805 s/o David & Martha Bush-- American Biographical Archive p65 & 67

(0257) Catherine (Bush) Norton-- Capon Valley Pioneers and Descendants Volume II

(0258) Charles Fletcher Bush-- American Biographical (History) Archive

(0259) John Bush- Margrett Land Transaction 1716-- Virginia Colonial Abstract Volume II

(0260) Tilman Bush-- Remember the Raisen! Kentucky &War of 1812

(0261) Tilman Bush-- Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812

(0262) Elkanah Bush & Mary Stone 1827--Kentucky Marriage Records

(0263) George Bush-- died 1863 13 Regiment-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume II

(0264) George H. Bush of South Brookfield Mass.-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume II

(0265) Henry Bush --Civil War Pension Application Botetourt County Virginia (Taken from Library of Virginia)

(0266) James & Amanda Bush-- NGS Quarterly Volume 57

(0267) Charles Bush Lieutenant --Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky

(0268) Charles Bush --Kentucky Pension Roll of 1835

(0269) George Bush b 1797 s/o Samuel & Ann Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0270) George C. Bush b1887 s/o William H. & Sabra (Crose) Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0271) Maj. George Bush-- American Biographical Archive p133

(0272) Charles P. Bush b 1808 s/o Richard Bush-- American Biographical Archive   p72 to p75

(0273) Chauncey Carroll Bush-- American Biographical Archive   p 77 to p84

(0274) Christoph Bush b 1663 Kalenberg Germany-- American Biographical Archives p85 & p86

(0275) Clarence P. Bush s/o Joel & Josephine Bush-- American Biographical Archives p87 & p88

(0276) David Bush b1707 s/o Christoph & Elizabeth Bush-- American Biographical Archive p92 to p98

(0277) Christopher Bush & Polly Goodwin Marriage1815-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0278) Col. Pleasant Bush 1853--Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854

(0279) Clarence W. Bush b1848 s/o J. P. Bush & Nancy Quick --American Biographical Archive p89 & p90

(0280) David Bush b 1776 s/o Samuel Bush --American Biographical Archive p101 to p105

(0281) Daniel Bush b 1819 s/o Peter & Phebe (Sotherland) Bush-- American Biographical Archives p91

(0282) Daisy T. Bush & Benjamin F. Schwartz 1906-- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0283) Daniel Bush & Charity Baker 1791--Kentucky Marriage Recorders Mercer County 1786-1800

(0284) Elijah Bush & Nancy Bruice (Bruce) 1806, John Bush & Peggy Glenn 1813, John Bush & Charlotte Tharp

           1811,  Sam’l Bush & Margaret Miller 1793, William Bush & Eliza Rhoads 1794,  -Kentucky Marriage Records

(0285) Dennis Bush --The Soldiers of West Virginia

(0286) Elizabeth (Stalnaker) Bush d/o Andrew Stalnaker-- West Virginia Estate Settlements Randolph County

(0287) Elizabeth Bush & Benjamin Edsall-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0288) David Bush b1810 s/o David & Martha Bush-- American Biographical Archive p106 & 107

(0289) David Bush b1855 Walworth County Wis. -- American Biographical Archive p108

(0290) Elizabeth M. Bush & John O. V. McWhorter 1880 -- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0291) Elizabeth Bush 2nd w/o James McAlester -- Early Records Hampshire County Virginia

(0292) Edward A. Bush b 1839 Montreal Canada-- s/o Edward & Catherine (Doran) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p109

(0293) Thomas Bush -- Virginia Vital Records #1 Virginia Militia in the Revolution

(0294) Samuel S. Bush marriage to Mary Ann Cornelia 1855-- Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865

(0295) William Tandy Bush 1846 s/o Colonel P. Bush-- Kentucky Obituaries 1787 1854

(0296) Evert Bush 1792-- NGS Quarterly Volume 80

(0297) Ermion Bush & Asa Ellis 1804-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0298) Eliza Bush & William Gwin 1736-- Pennsylvania Archives Volume IX

(0299) Frank W. Bush b1864 -- s/o John D. & Anna (Myers) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p130 

(0300) William Bush 1777-- Virginia Genealogies (The Valentine Papers)