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(0301) Elizabeth R. Bush & John E. Perego 1884-- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0302) Dr A. R. Bush b 1852 s/o Dr. James S. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p25

(0303) Edward G. Bush b 1832 Illinois -- American Biographical Archive p113 & 114

(0304) James Clark Bush b 1851-- American Biographical Archive p207 

(0305) Frances Bush d/o Col. J. V. Bush 1849--Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854

(0306) Edward P. Bush b 1812 Essex County s/o William Bush-- American Biographical Archive p116 & p117

(0307) Sarah Bush d/o Fielding Bush marriage to John P. Sullivan 1844-- Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865

(0308) Samuel Bush-- Virginia Vital Records #1-- Virginia Military Records - American Revolution

(0309) John T. Bush b1811 Fort Ann N. Y. -- American Biographical Archive p254

(0310) George Bush b 1796 Norwich Vermont-- American Biographical Archive p146, 148 & 149

(0311) Death Certificate of Jessie Bush-- s/o Thomas & Polly (Ramey) Bush

(0312) Judge Edwin Rice Bush-- b1846 Copiah Mississippi s/o Dr. J. P. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p118, 119 & 120

(0313) Austin Bush s/o Austin Bush Sr. & wife Mary Bush-- Wise County Virginia Census 1860

(0314) Francis A. J. Bush & Angeline Gibbs Marriage 1841 -- Sally F. Bush & Lucien J. Harris Marriage 1832

            Kentucky Marriage Records Madison County

(0315) Frederick Bush & Maria McNitt 1846-- Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865

(0316) Franky Bush & John Hooten 1794-- Kentucky Church & Probate Records Volume I

(0317) Jn. Bush & Jn. Bush Jr.-- Virginia Tax Records-- Essex County 1741

(0318) John Bush-- Virginia Tax Records 1696-1702

(0319) E. F. Bush s/o Charles D. & Emily (Dodge) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p109 & 110

(0320) William Bush b 1823 s/o Christopher Bush-- American Biographical Archive p 362 & 363

(0321) Frederick & Stephen Bush 1798-- NGS Quarterly Volume 73

(0322) Moses Bush 1760 Conn.-- NGS Quarterly Volume 63

(0323) Joseph Bush Marriage to Sary Dunkin 1797-- Kentucky Church & Probate Records Volume I

(0324) George Bush 1770-- NGS Quarterly Volume 73 p109-110

(0325) Thomas Greene Bush b 1847 s/o Albert P. & Sarah A. (Williams) Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0326) Willard K. Bush b 1867 Michigan s/o H.F. Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0327) William Dennis Bush b1836 Missouri s/o Caleb & Elizabeth (Lockwood) Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0328) Harold M. Bush b1871 Dansville N. Y. -- American Biographical Archive p172

(0329) Enoch Robinson Bush b1880 s/o Jonas R. & Sally (Webber) Bush-- Clark County Kentucky—American Biographical

               Archive p122, p124 & p125

(0330) George Bush-- American Biographical Archive p134

(0331) Richard J. Bush of Great Barrington-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume III

(0332) Susannah former widow of John Bush-- NGS Quarterly Supplement I

(0333) F. W. Bush s/o John & Mahala (Wayland) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p126 p127& p128

(0334) James Richard Bush b 1877 s/o Harrison T. & Catherine (Cobb) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p216

(0335) George W. Bush b1824 s/o David & Martha Bush-- American Biographical Archive p164 & 164

(0336) George H. Bush b 1857 Ulster County-- American Biographical Archive p161

(0337) John W. Bush, - & Wife Sarah A Bush- Revolutionary Pension- 31st session of Congress H.R. 150, 1850

(0338) Philip Bush, - Settlement of Revolutionary Claim issued in 1780 -22nd session of Congress H.R. 229, 1832

(0339) George Bush - Washington Territory, Thruston County--33rd session of Congress H.R. 707, 1855

(0340) Charles Bush- Age 18, November 14, 1774, Indenture to work for 5 years on plantation in Maryland for Frederick Baker

(0341) Henry F. Bush b 1837 s/o Peter & Sallie (Earle) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p180

(0342) Harry D. Bush b1857 s/o Austin B. & Susan E. (Millard) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p173 p175 p176

(0343) Vannevar Bush b 1800 s/o Rev. R. Perry & Emma L. (Paine) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p336

(0344) Abraham Bush Photo Copy of Actual Will-- Lancaster County Virginia Probate Office Will Bk. 5, Pg.115 & 116

(0345) Ann (Alexander) Bush, Photo Copy of Actual Will--  Lancaster County Virginia Probate Office, Will Bk. 8 1690-1709 

(0346) John Bush , Photo Copy of Actual Will-- 07 Sept. 1745 Orange County Virginia Probate Office will Bk, 2 pg. 94

(0347) Philip Bush Photo Copy of Actual Will-- 04 May 1771 Orange County Virginia Will Bk. 2 pg. 453 ,454 & 455

(0348) Virginia Neace d/o Henry & Ann Bush Neace-- Photo of Noble Grave Site marker

(0349) Photo of Thacker V. Bush s/o Phillip Bush Jr.Provided by Don & Shirley Head

(0350) Henry T. Bush b 1880 s/o Walter D. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p184

(0351) James Miles Bush b1808 s/o Philip & Eliza Bush-- American Biographical Archive p212

(0352) Mary Jane Bush Marriage to Dr. J. F. Warren 1846-- Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865

(0353) Blaine Henry Bush --Birth Certificate 1918--Russell County Virginia

(0354) James Bush-- Revolutionary war pension application    NGS Quarterly Volume 32

(0355) Nannie (Isaacs) Bush 1893/1977-- Death Certificate Oklahoma City Ok

(0356) Jesse Marion Bush s/o Madison P. & Mary E. (Harrington) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p219

(0357) Ira Benton Bush b 1876 s/o Gary Baily & Virginia (Woodford) Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0358) Isaac W. Bush b 1835 s/o Charles P. Bush-- American Biographical Archive

(0359) Thomas Bush Sr.--Marriage License Scott County Virginia 1885

(0360) Thomas M. Bush Jr.--Scott County Virginia Marriage License1876

(0361) James A. Bush-- b 1832 Knoxville Tenn.-- American Biographical Archive p204 -206

(0362) Richard Nelson Bush --b 1850 s/o Richard & Maria (Pettit) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p303-307

(0363) George & John Adam Bush-- Bounty Land Grants-- NGS Quarterly Volume 64

(0364) James Bush Land Grant 1771 Amhurst County Virginia Grant #40 p468

(0365) James Bush Land Grant 18 p165 80 Acres 23 July 1788 Washington County

(0366) James Bush Land Grant 36 p 17. 7 June 1796    80a Russell County

(0367) James Bush Land Grant 46 p309 18 September 1800 Washington County

(0368) James Bush Land Grant Amherst Co. book C, P 488 1772

(0369) William Bush 1779-- Caroline County- Vital Records #1 Virginia Military Records Colonial & Revolutionary Soldiers

(0370) Henry H. Bush of New Braintree-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865

(0371) James Bush-- Will Notations Virginia Will Records, Abstracts of Wills of Russell County Virginia 1803-1860

(0372) William Bush b 1821 s/o David & Martha Bush--American Biographical Archive p 359-361

(0373) Philip Bush 1772/73-- Early Records Hampshire County Virginia

(0374) John Bush & Sally Craig 1792-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0375) Wm. T. Bush & Sally Matthews 1806-- Kentucky Marriage Records Barren County

(0376) John E. Bush b 1858 Moscow Tenn.-- American Biographical Archive p233

(0377) Sumner O. Bush b 1847-- American Biographical Archive p328-332

(0378) Ira J Bush b1865-- s/o Thomas D. & Emily (Price) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p189-191        

(0379) Charles H. Bush & Nannie Isaacs-- Marriage License 1914-- Scott County Virginia

(0380) Charles Bush & Eva Richardson-- Marriage 1910-- Wise County Virginia

(0381) Blaine H. Bush-- Military Discharge 1953

(0382) Blaine H. Bush-- Military Separation Papers 1953

(0383) George W. Bush-- of Carthagena, Ohio MA civil War soldiers & sailors 1861-1865 Volume IV

(0384) Bush Family - Section from Quisenberry book-Genealogical Memoranda of the Quisenberry Family and other Families

(0385) James Bush -- Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. I, Augusta County Court Records, Page 355

(0386) Thomas Bush-- Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 1. General Correspondence. 1651-1827

(0387) James Bush–Polly Stillwell-- Elizabeth Bush–John Shelburne-- Kay Bush–Frances Harlow Kentucky Marriage Records 1792-1830

(0388) John Adriance Bush b 1850 s/o William L. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p226 p228

(0389) John Tandy Bush b 1879-- American Biographical Archive p256-257

(0390) Glory Bush--Douglas Mass.-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume III

(0391) Burkes Colonial Gentry -- History of the Colonial Gentry, Volume II, Page 590-591

(0392) Babington-Bushe --Family History: Notable British Families-- Family Records Page 130-133

(0393) Henry Bush--Uniontown Penna.-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865

(0394) Hanna Bush & Ichabod Radley 1794-- Kentucky Marriage Records Hardin County

(0395) Austin Bush --Land Grant Wise County Virginia 1860

(0396) John Curtis Bush b 1845-- s/o Albert Peyton & Sarah (Williams) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p229-231

(0397) J. Leighton Bush-- s/o John & Laura M. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p203

(0398) Isidor Bush b 1822-- s/o Jacob & Frederica (Von Hoenigsberg) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p194-195

(0399) John Hoyes Bush --Immigration Records:  Record of Indentures in Philadelphia, 1771-1773 p320

(0400) John Bush--Immigration Records: German and Swiss Settlers in America, Naturalizations in the American Colonies, p140