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By Clifton W. Bush

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(0401) Horace W. Bush-- Montgomery Vt.-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume IV

(0402) Isaac Bush -- Credit Mass-- Ma Civil War Soldiers & Sailors Volume VI

(0403) John Logan Bush/Janet Mackie --History of the Colonial Gentry, Volume I, Page 365

(0404) John Churchhill /Bush Julia Wetmore --The Prominent Families of the United States, Page 438

(0405) Bush & Bushe--The General Armory: BA- A by water, Page 152

(0406) Elizabeth, John & Joseph Bush -Passenger Arrival, Port of Philadelphia, Surnames, A-B, Page 99-Immigration Records

(0407) John Bush, Peter Busch & Johan Martin Busch-Immigrants to Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, Page 276- Immigration Records

(0408) Isaac Bush - Hannah Saurman 1720-- Virginia Marriage Records 

(0409) Philip Bush-- Land Data-- Hampshire County Virginia

(0410) Jacob Bush 1794-- NGS Quarterly Volume 67 p-43

(0411) Thomas Bush Sr.-- Land Transaction 1885-- Book 22, page 377

(0412) Isaiah Bush-- Burk County Georgia --Death 1806-- NGS Quarterly Volume 54

(0413) James D. Bush & Mary Ferguson 1865-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0414) Jacob Bush-- The Soldiers of West Virginia

(0415) William Bush-- Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky, The Virginia Navy

(0416) William Bush  -- Valentine Papers VIII --Land Transaction 1778

(0417) William Bush-- Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky, The Virginia Navy

(0418) Walter D. Bush-- b1828 s/o F. T. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p348

(0419) Samuel Bush-- b 1747 s/o Charles & Rebecca Bush-- American Biographical Archive p320 & 321

(0420) Stephen Bush-- b 1818 N.Y. s/o Orry & Fanny (Goold) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p326 & 327

(0421) Samuel Stone Bush-b 1864 Louisville Ky.-s/o Samuel Stone & Cornelia (Wheat) Bush-American Biographical Archive 

(0422) Samuel Prescott Bush-- b 1863 Orange N. J. -- American Biographical Archive p322

(0423) Rufus T. Bush b 1850-- American Biographical Archive p317-318

(0324) Richard Bush-- b 1826 s/o John M. & Jane (Osterhoudt) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p301 & 302

(0425) Robert P. Bush-- b 1842 N. Y. -- American Biographical Archive p310 & p312

(0426) Rev J. D. Bush-- American Biographical Archive p202

(0427) William Bush Jr. – Springfield-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume IV

(0428) William Bush-- A Complete Index to Littell’s Laws of Kentucky

(0429) Wm. Bush & Rebecca Sharon --1792 Kentucky Marriage Records Bourbon County

(0430) Norton Bush-- b1834 Rochester N. Y. -- American Biographical Archive p292

(0431) Orlando Bush-- b 1852 s/o Henry & Maria (Stanley) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p296

(0432) Ralph Isaacs Bush-- b 1779 s/o David & Sarah (Isaacs) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p300

(0433) James Bush 1766-- Land & Property to McPherson & Minzies 

(0434) James Bush-- Augusta County Virginia 1818--100acers Grant # 67 p348-- (Taken from Library of Virginia)

(0435) James Bush -- Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky

(0436) William Bush-- 1789 purchase of land, 1796 sale of land-- Virginia Genealogies Valentine Papers

(0437) William Bush-- s/o Philip & Mary Bush marriage to Francis Burruss 1778-- Genealogy Of Virginia Families Volume III

(0438) William Bush-- of Townsend-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume IV

(0439) John H. Bush-- b 1856 Germany s/o Henry & Gretchen (Goetz) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p240-244 

(0440) John Bush-- American Biographical Archive-- p223 North Carolina-- p224 Pennsylvania -- p225 New York

(0441) John M. Bush-- b 1877, Canada-- American Biographical Archive p245

(0442) John William Bush-- b1841 s/o William & Malinda (Finch) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p258- p259

(0443) Jonathan Bush-- b1769 s/o Samuel Bush-- American Biographical Archive p260

(0444) Joseph Henry Bush-- b 1794 s/o Philip & Elizabeth Bush-- American Biographical Archive p264

(0445) Thomas Bush-- Virginia Vital Records #1-- Illinois Regiment & Western Army Under General George Rogers Clark

(0446) Thomas Bush-- Marriage to Liddy Breedwell 1802-- Virginia Vital Records #1-- Orange County Virginia

(0447) William Bush-- Transported out of England 1672-- NGS Quarterly Volume 83

(0448) Japheth Bush s/o Samuel Bush & Mary – Dorothy w/o Daniel Bush NGS Quarterly Volume 27

(0449) John S. Bush s/o George & Isabella (James) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p246

(0450) Joseph Merrick Bush b 1822 s/o Daniel B. & Maria (Merrick) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p265

(0451) Tabitha Bush & Abraham Spencer 1812--Kentucky Marriage Records

(0452) Thomas J. Bush 1797/1865 -- Blue Ridge Cemetery data, Taken from Library of Virginia

(0453) John Standish Foster Bush s/o Solon Wanton & Theoda (Foster) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p250

(0454) Lee Marshall Bush b 1888 s/o Charles W. & Eva P. (Buchanan) Bush-- American Biographical Archive p262

(0455) Matthew Bush b 1853-- American Biographical Archive p281- p285

(0456) Middleton S. Bush b 1856 s/o Christopher Columbus & Mary Elizabeth (Bush) Bush-American Biographical Archive

(0457) Lewis Potter Bush b 1812-- American Biographical Archive p 272

(0458) Lincoln Bush b 1861 Cook County Illinois-- American Biographical Archive p277

(0459) Loraine Bedsole-- Bush b 1881 w/o Dr. Charles Fletcher Bush-- American Biographical Archive p279

(0460) Col. Louis Bush-- b 1820, Louisiana s/o Reuben & Ludivine Bush-- American Biographical Archive p280

(0461) Andrew, Levi & Sanders Bush-- Jefferson County Ga. Jury List-- National Genealogy Society Quarterly

(0462) Jeremiah Bush & Polly Scorggins 1819-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0463) Susanna Bush & James Auxier 1815-- Kentucky Marriage Records Floyd County

(0464) Stephen F. Bush of Hinsdale-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume IV

(0465) Sophia E.  Bush & William Terry 1861-- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0466) Sary Bush Marriage to John Dunken 1797-- Kentucky Church & Probate Records Volume I Clark Co.

(0467) Sarah Bush Thomas Kincaid 1839-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0468) Sarah A. Bush & James Wine-- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0469) Sarah Bush w/o Major William R. Goff-- Roane County West Virginia Families

(0470) Sarah Bush & Daniel Johnston 1806-- Kentucky Marriage Records Hardin County

(0471) Sarah Bush-- Niece of Izard Bacon 1815-- Valentine Papers

(0472) Mr. Samuel Bush (Boush)-- Virginia Vital Records #1-- Virginia Quite Rent Roll 1704 Princess Anne County

(0473) Samuel Bush & Susannah Burks-- 1819 Kentucky Marriage Records Christian County

(0474) David, George, John, & Samuel Bush--1790 Census of Delaware-- NGS Quarterly Supplement III

(0475) Samuel Bush 1782-- Colonel Lee’s Legion State of Maryland-- Virginia Vital Records #1

(0476) Samantha Bush & James H. Gaskins 1859-- West Virginia Marriages Mason County

(0477) Richard Bush-- Guardian of Sarah Mitchell 1715/16-- Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume II

(0478) Robert W. Bush & Lucy Webb 1853-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0479) Richard Bush-- Essex County 1715-- Virginia Vital Records

(0480) Richard Bush of South Danvers-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume I

(0481) John Bush & wife Frances 1805-- NGS Quarterly Volume 63

(0482) John Bush, of Boston Mass.-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume V

(0483) Abraham Bush Peter Elmor 1654 Land grant-- Library of Virginia

(0484) Jeremiah Bush & Nancy Gentry 1811-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0485) Rebeckah Bush & John Creek 1800-- Kentucky Marriage Records Barren County

(0486) Renold Bush - Jno. Bush -- English Families- Volume I Series 2

(0487) Pleasant Bush & Hiram Bush-- Kentucky Soldiers of the War 1812

(0488) Rachael Bush & Samuel Smallwood 1807-- Kentucky Marriage Records Hardin County

(0489) Philip Bush-- A Complete list of Littell’s Law of Kentucky

(0490) Philip Bush & Elizabeth Palmer-- Kentucky Marriage Records

(0491) Philip & Catherine (Slough) Bush-- Cemetery data Winchester Virginia

(0492) Philip Bush-- Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812

(0493) Philip Bush-- Kentucky Church and Probate Records Volume II

(0494) Peter Bush & Alice Rivers 1794-- Virginia Marriage Records

(0495) Dr. Owen W. Bush 1833- Kentucky Obituaries 1787 1854

(0496) Patsy Bush & Thomas Akers 1801-- Kentucky Marriage Records Barren County

(0497) Otto Bush of New York City-- MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 1861-1865 Volume I

(0498) Orander Bush & Thomas Horton 1802-- Kentucky Marriage Records Madison County

(0499) Austin Jr. & Mary Bush-- Census Wise County Virginia 1860

(0500) Sylvester Bush, Nancy (Boyd) & Family-- Census Wise County Virginia 1900









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